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  1. I just bought a pass two minutes ago without a problem.
  2. Just too many players with very few matches under their belts for weeks. Can't expect them to perform at top levels. Dowell was good pre-season, but will need games to get up to speed, and that clearly shows. Likewise Rupp was awesome before his injury, but looked rusty today. Hopefully this game will sharpen him up, as presumably he will be partnering Skipp in midfield next Saturday.
  3. Howsons volley for me - superb technique. Fashanu's goal was amazing though, and still one of the best games of football I have ever seen - even though we lost!
  4. Apologies if this has been discussed before, but these wage cap proposals, potentially commencing next season, appear to affect NCFC, without the Club (or Bournemouth or Watford) being able to have any say in what happens! The proposed £18M wage cap will surely make it even more difficult gear up to compete, if promoted to the Premier League, and also to compete if relegated back to the Championship. The link to the Sky article is below (hope it is clickable - if not could someone please make it?) I didn't know about these proposals, but I am probably behind everyone else! Championship clubs to discuss £18m salary cap for next season | Football News | Sky Sports
  5. Didn't he have one of the highest successful pass rates last season, if you look, when he played?
  6. I can't ever recall having four CB's out injured since 1976 - no doubt someone will correct me! But it is a highly unusual situation if it happens. With a permitted squad of 25 few teams would have more then four CB's so it's not a case of not a case of lack of investment, just a case of extremely bad luck! Truly scary though facing the in form Champions with an extremely makeshift defence, and potentially a bit of a makeshift midfield. Hope they go easy on us!
  7. Kane never scored for us - a bit tongue in cheek! I should have chosen Mike Sheron maybe in hindsight. Elliot Ward made some huge howlers - to be fair it's hard to choose bad CB's, as did Bassong & Docherty at time, but they both won player of the season once each so hard to pick them! Some people chose Fleming who was awesome with Malky - so not an easy choice. Had a nice chat with Ward at Whittlingham Country Park where he was walking his dog - nice bloke - very honest about NCFC questions - maybe too honest!
  8. Theoklitos Hughes Ward Omozuzi Louis-Jean Muzinic Fotheringham Brellier De-Waard Kane Coney
  9. Glad he''s found somewhere to continue his career - I would think he will be pleased with a first role like this - good luck to him - top bloke and pro.
  10. Unless we are a regular top 6 Prem Club we could never have kept him Surfer. To be a regular top 6 Prem Club is so unlikely to happen as there have only ever been 6 ever present teams in the Prem since it started! He will be Champions League/England standard. Hardly any clubs are therefore likely to have the money, and potential to hold on to Maddison so his leaving really does have nothing to do with the ownership of our Club
  11. A top player for them in his day, and no age RIP
  12. Will be at home with a load of family and friends sundhine, bbq, beer and a World Cup semi-final - does it get any better than that - apart from the same for a World Cup final and winning!
  13. So realistically if we sell Maddison for 20M and Josh for £10M how much do you think will be made available to lessen our weakened squad? We so need some proven attacking options - can we afford any? We need some proven uk players in my opinion - but not sure we can afford them! Thoughts?
  14. We may get transfer fees in stage payments- but that''s a cr@p and stupid excuse from someone supposedly in the know! So do we pay everyone the full price up front, and everyone else pays us in instalments - if we do we are complete mugs! I don''t think even we lack that much business sense!
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