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  1. No connection to NCFC but spare a thought this could happen to anyone including us. My flat mates a Hereford fan and he''s gutted
  2. Won the championship in my first season with Grabban netting 24 goals and Elliot Bennett winning championship player of the season. Halfway through my second season in the prem and not doing so well, went 12 games without a win in all competitions then beat stoke and Man city hopefully on the up to a mid table finish
  3. [quote user="Darth Catbeard"]40% win ratio at Bournemouth and Wigan which is decent. But he''s had pretty decent sides to work with in both divisions and hasn''t done anything extraordinary yet. For me all he''s proven so far is that he''s competent, but he''d definitely be an option if we were looking for someone and he stands above the likes of Zola/Sherwood/Mackay/Clark etc I wouldn''t sack Adams because Rosler became available but if we needed a new manager I''d take him if we couldn''t get Pulis. But you never know what you''ll get with managers. If we replaced Lambert with Mackay and found ourselves in this same situation I''d be screaming for Hughton right now with his record if he was available. The trouble is there''s so few Wigan fans posting online that it''s extremely difficult to find out what kind of job he did there and why it went wrong[/quote] That''s because Wigan don''t have many fans to post!
  4. I didn''t see the game last night but have watched a lot of U21 games recently due to Nathan being in the team and it seems he saves his best performances for them, the games at pride park and the liberty are 2 that jump out at me. Guys who sit around me all of the same opinion and ask why he can''t deliver goals, assists that he does for them, for us?
  5. Cameron Jerome on £17k a week?! Just beat the scum away 5-1 Murphy, E.Bennett x2, Hoolahan and Bassong top of the league at Portman road!
  6. I''ve played the beta version for about 2 hours last night kept stalling whilst trying to load. Laffs, hoops, Grabban and Jerome all got injured so started with Loza and Murphy up top. Beat wolves 3-0 smashed Watford 5-1 but then drew 1-1 with Blackburn having rested a few players. Signed Sako from wolves and Blackett from United on loan. Play a 4-4-2: Ruddy, Martin, Turner, Bassong, Ollson, Bennett, Howson, VOO, Redmond, Murphy, Loza. Murphy been banging them in got 4 in 3 I can''t believe how good we are on it!
  7. I appreciate that sir and i didn''t want it to seem like I was having a go at you either. I''m gonna get shot down for this but I don''t feel that Grabben has done enough in recent weeks. I feel Jerome puts in a better work rate week in week out, has a better touch, can hold ball up better and has a better finish but that''s just one mans opinion.
  8. Couldn''t agree more zipper. I think at this moment in time Jerome has the better form so I would go with him. If it isn''t working after an hour we then have a bench of Rudd, Whits, Grabben, Murphy, Jonno, VOO and even Hooper who I thought put himself about on Tuesday. Starting to look at lot stronger for me. Will Adams feel the same?
  9. GJP I''m not dismissing Grabben I just feel that if he drops to the bench it might give him a little kick up the backside to get his scoring boots on again. It may be harsh criticism but may also be a victim of his own success for scoring so many at the start of the season.
  10. Nice to know someone agrees with me I don''t get that often on here haha. Let''s hope my away run of wins continues tomorrow
  11. I thought of this Nigel but I know josh took a knock which ruled him out if England U19s so was unsure how fit he''d be to start plus wes was quality for ROI this week
  12. Ruddy Martin Turner Hooiveld Olsson Tettey Howson Redmond Hoolahan Lafferty Jerome Personally I think bradders as well as he started the season and this goes for grabben to have both had a dip in form of late (I still can''t get johnsons performance at brentford for the first 45 out of my head) so put them on the bench. Wes and Laffs have had excellent international weeks so will come in full of confidence. With this formation I''m confident of a 2-1 win. Thoughts? (Dare I ask)!? Lol
  13. I was gonna start a thread about drinking around Fulham but saw this so thought I''d hop on. Never been to the cottage, the pub you refer to til do you know if it will be showing bt? Would like to find a pub in the area to watch Man City v Spurs
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