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  1. John Polston's against Villa. Not the prettiest goal you will ever see but a huge goal at the time which gave us hope of winning the title.
  2. Looks like Blackpool could be taking them over league wise. Almost bottom half now
  3. Did he mention that he played in the Champions League by any chance?
  4. I'm sure this won't affect his Talksport radio commitments too much.
  5. Brentford do look the real deal. 20 games unbeaten proves that and they're scoring for fun. If they run away with the league then fair play but we are more than good enough for 2nd.
  6. Amazing standard.. 5 centuries in a row
  7. What is the point in fining millionaires? He did well to stay on his feet with one shoe on.
  8. Also , fans may be holding back on which game to go to, ie if you go tomorrow then the next opportunity could be a long way off if its still 2k fans at a time.
  9. Sometimes we need to play ugly. Our pen was a long ball over the top
  10. Pretty sure he was commentating on England v Argentina 86 for ITV. He's had a good run.
  11. Wish he would apologise for the endless drivel he comes out with.
  12. 'Winning' penalties has become a skill. The skill used to be staying on your feet and getting a cross or shot in.
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