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  1. Hopefully some of the pundits and 'commentators ' will be surplus to requirements now the matches are thinning out. McCoist with his 'spot on' analysis and Dion Dublin saying Wow every other word.
  2. To be fair to stones and maguire they let Shaw and trippier join in !
  3. Another club that 'belongs' in the Premier League. That's about 40 now.
  4. I'm going for 4 goalkeepers , 18 defenders Phillips Rice Mount and Kane
  5. And sitting at head of the table, pulling quite a lot of strings.
  6. The debate should be whether he's in the starting 11 or not.
  7. The silence is deafining . SW rightly gets a lot of stick but ZW less so. A lot of influence between them.
  8. Pretty standard fee now for very standard Premier league players. That 10m should cover Aubameyang's wages until Xmas.
  9. He'll probably be back in the team before Hayden is available
  10. ..and those strings won't be being cut any time soon.
  11. Shame Zimmermann didn't stay as I'd have preferred him to Gibson. 8m ??
  12. Is persistent the same as permanent? With a little sit down at half time
  13. Its the 25 odd million quid we've shelled out for them that bothers me.
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