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  1. shaunieboy77

    Not much to be positive about...

    She's been replaced by a full church choir and a a brass band, with extra speakers put up at the back just in case.
  2. Ok so they're 22 points clear, European Champions , World Champions, on course to smash all kinds of records and have dropped 2 points all season.. but... there must be a weakness somewhere!
  3. What is it with commentators who cant help mentioning that a player has a wand of a left foot but not a player who has a wand of a right foot.
  4. shaunieboy77

    Klopp being a tw*t

    Dont see a problem with fielding the youngsters. That's what the squad is for but I do think he should be in the dugout because he is the manager of Liverpool fc.
  5. Holding their own in the premier league for a few seasons and a cup final is what I would guess most clubs apart from the big 6 would see as successful, Stoke and Wigan spring to mind.Eventually relegation will come calling so make the most it.
  6. shaunieboy77

    Still on a learning curve.....so get a grip....again

    Any more curve and it will be a circle
  7. shaunieboy77

    VAR less on Sat

    Agree it has to be a rule. Not an option.
  8. shaunieboy77

    Draw for 4th round of the FA Cup

    I hope we get a VAR free away tie
  9. shaunieboy77

    VAR less on Sat

    VAR should be at every football ground or none.
  10. shaunieboy77

    We need a song for Adam Idah

    To the tune of Delilah .. My my my my idah Why why why my idah Give him the ball, it looks like hes going to score Forgive them my idah they just couldn't take anymore Or something like that?
  11. shaunieboy77

    Lack of defenders

    With our current limited availability of defenders can we not recall Raggett from his loan?
  12. shaunieboy77

    Team Vs Wednesday

    Vrancic in for Cantwell. Hernandez and Steipi will up their games with Vrancic in the side.
  13. shaunieboy77

    Dean Ashton

    It's called emotion Dean. Hardly embarrassing. Remember the 4-4 with Middlesbrough
  14. shaunieboy77

    Time to shake it up at Wigan

    Every great team has disappointing results now and then.. as do every disappointing team pick up great results. Thats football