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  1. Cross after cross creating problems for Chelsea. Unlucky not to get something from the game.
  2. Maybe Talksport should have a clear out of the dross they employ. Jamie O hara is your typical example of a very ordinary footballer who's been given some sort of platform.
  3. The second goal against Everton was largely down to a midfielder unable to control the ball and getting outmuscled by Dacoure.
  4. That depends on how long the project is projected for. Are we at the start , in the middle or near completion?
  5. Farke clearly rates him, continually overlooking Sorensen who was deemed good enough to play out of position but not it would seem in his natural position. Not saying he's the answer but he's an alternative.
  6. Had it been Liverpool i could have probably gone along with that theory
  7. Fairly strong Everton team beaten by QPR on pens. They'll be wanting to put that right Saturday
  8. Are there limits on how much we should celebrate and enjoy a win?
  9. Is it right and justified to applaud and cheer when things are going well?
  10. The applauding at the end was a little too much to bear..its not sinful to voice displeasure at an awful performance.
  11. Judging by the applause at fulltime I would say no its not enough
  12. Would take ages but would love it if there was a live fixture list draw.
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