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  1. Sell Ozil , who never plays and is on 350k a week
  2. I think thats how The Clarence Harbour and Harbour Road got their names.
  3. Such a fitting tribute to the player who made 41 appearances and scored 4 goals. He's gone abroad to play football.
  4. Bournemouth have to win and rely on Villa and Watford both losing to stay up on goal difference. Watford have to better Villa's result to stay up. West Ham would have to lose both their games very heavily and Watford would have to thrash Arsenal for the hammers to go. I think that's about right!
  5. Don't mind Villa really. Its Grealish and Mings that I can't stick.
  6. Loved the late 80s early 90s era. Shame Walker didn't stay longer
  7. European football could have been a distraction for them next season, so I think they'll be fine. Keep Wilder and spend a bit of cash.
  8. They appointed him to keep them up when they were winless and bottom so I would say he's done a good job. They could lose their next 2 and still survive.
  9. Keeping hold of Krul would be massive. Especially if he is in line for a Dutch call up
  10. Generally, the teams relegated are considered among the favourites for promotion. Doesn't mean they should be, Huddersfield for example.
  11. Also there was very little expectation on us going up last season. Next season there will be. Will be interesting how we adapt to the pressure of being one of the favourites for promotion.
  12. May have a cheeky 50p on us to win at 16/1!
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