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  1. Their fans must be reeling at not being able to have their annual final day relegation survival pitch invasion.
  2. It's fairly normal to have 1 2 or 3 if your lucky premier games on a Saturday at 3pm. Only a matter of time before Prem2 becomes the same.
  3. Paid the price for giving these far too much respect. Now we are behind, we aren't scared of them anymore
  4. It's not very often the media brigade use the term cheat to define the blatant cheating and unprofessionalism that happens in every game and I can't see Match of the Day introducing a cheat of the month competition anytime soon.
  5. She's running the place. Has had Delia and co in her pocket for a long while.
  6. The same reason why Birmingham and Boro didn't want to buy him
  7. I would expect those kind of changes if we were 2 or 3 down. Not 1-1 and looking fairly comfortable.
  8. Skysports, Talksport ,BBC. Pundit journeyman
  9. Russell Martin continues to grind Southampton down.. Howson with the winning goal
  10. Is this an air raid shelter near the tower bottom left area?
  11. For someone moving forward and a fresh start, he needs to stop talking about his ex so much. Obviously very bitter emotions towards the club/fans. Wait until you've retired and put it all in the autobiography.
  12. Players who get ' pretend injured ' should be made to leave the pitch for 10 minutes.
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