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  1. shaunieboy77

    Lack of defenders

    With our current limited availability of defenders can we not recall Raggett from his loan?
  2. shaunieboy77

    Team Vs Wednesday

    Vrancic in for Cantwell. Hernandez and Steipi will up their games with Vrancic in the side.
  3. shaunieboy77

    Dean Ashton

    It's called emotion Dean. Hardly embarrassing. Remember the 4-4 with Middlesbrough
  4. shaunieboy77

    Time to shake it up at Wigan

    Every great team has disappointing results now and then.. as do every disappointing team pick up great results. Thats football
  5. Has described the support at his current club as not normal. Nothing compares apparently to anywhere he has ever been.
  6. shaunieboy77

    EFL - BBC summary of the weekend

    Not surprised at all. BBC analysis of anything outside Premier League is embarrassing. Robbie Savage's comments about who he would rather see promoted based on history and club stature are also laughable.
  7. shaunieboy77

    Manager of the month

    Farke should get it as we are top of the form table but I can see them giving it Wilder
  8. shaunieboy77

    So whos play off medal was it?

    Not Kyle Laffertys apparantly.
  9. shaunieboy77

    Villa sack Steve Bruce

    Had they scored that penalty and been in the top 6 because of it , he probably would still be in charge.
  10. shaunieboy77

    Score prediction v Derby

    2-2. Frank Lampard to be mentioned every 2 minutes.
  11. shaunieboy77

    Minor dilemna tonight then.

    Too early to worry about Boro. More than happy to see them win. On the other hand if it late in the season and we needed Boro to lose to gain promotion or play off spot I would have to make an exception.
  12. shaunieboy77

    Here's a novel suggestion

    Expecting improvement yet anticipating mediocrity.
  13. shaunieboy77

    Sounds Familiar.

    Should have kept Bob Bradley in charge
  14. shaunieboy77


    Are we still in transition?
  15. shaunieboy77

    Message to Daniel

    Perhaps sending this to the club would be the more "sensible" approach.