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  1. Ha! Better stick with the same team from Shrews then!
  2. Ruddy Martin. Hoiveld. Turner. Olsson Johnson Tettey Redmond. Hoolahan. Murphy Jerome So many players I''d like to fit in!
  3. Really impressed me last night. Looked composed (but hit ''row z'' when he had to) read the game well and made some good interceptions, covered the full back position well, won his fair share of headers. But what impressed me the most was how vocal he was, he was constantly talking to Martin next to him, telling him where he wants him and organising the midfield infront of him.
  4. Why wouldn''t it be? Couldn''t think of a formation that would suit the personnel if we rest a lot of the players that have played recently, but if you have a better suggestion...?
  5. What do you think? Will obviously try and rest a lot of players as the games have been coming thick and fast: Rudd E. Bennett. Cuellar Bassong. Whittaker Murphy O''Neil Surman. Murphy Loza. Jerome
  6. If I was picking the team (not knowing what''s going on behind closed doors): Ruddy Martin. Turner. Bassong. Garrido Fer. Tettey Grabban. Hoolahan. Redmond Lafferty
  7. Yeah. I think he has the energy and work Rate that we are going to need. Also I don''t think that you will argue that we need to be more defensive than last week? So I think we Should go with Tettey and Johnson. Also don''t think that Howson has been the Same player he was since coming back from injury so don''t see the harm in leaving him out.
  8. I think the team needs freshening up a bit from the team that''s been picked over the last few games. I''d go 4231 Ruddy Martin Turner. Yobo. Olsson Johnson. Tettey Snoddy. Fer. Redmond Elmander
  9. Exactly, I think there''s a lot of talk about a CAM supplying him, but I think that the main supply should be coming from the wings.
  10. I don''t post on here often, but I have been reading a lot of posts regarding RVW not getting enough service. Hearts on on MOTD2 made a good point that strikers get much better service if right footers are on right wing and left footers on left wings. Surely this way we can deliver a lot more balls into the box. A lot of wingers now seem to swap around during games, and I think that snoddy and Redmond have the quality to be able to do this, giving us a nice mixture of delivering crosses to RVW and letting the wingers cut inside to shoot as per Redmond yesterday.
  11. don''t read it then! muppet! i agree. if he was getting regular prem football with us he would progress alot better than he is at the moment with lack of football at arsenal!
  12. if i was lansbury i would be slighlty disapointed not to have been on the bench on saturday for arsenal. with them having 4 midfielders missing from their team you would think he would have got a place on the bench. especially as we couldnt sign him because he was in their plans for this season. or am i being biased cos i really want us to sign him?
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