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  1. Seeing as absolutely nothing of importance has happened over the last week whatsoever, I decided to write some words on Nathan Redmond, and why we''re going to miss him now he''s gone. If you like, you can read them here
  2. I do agree, Ricardo, that you have to adapt a gameplan against stronger opponents. It can be foolish not to. But the changing of style also left the players unsure of themselves and unsure of the system - Russell Martin has said so (while also admitting the tinkering was often enforced because they kept losing). Being attack-minded also suited the strengths of the players. I don''t agree with your point that AN wouldn''t settle for a stalemate post-New Year - against the likes of Villa, Palace, Swansea and Bournemouth we set up very deep with the hope of playing on the break. They were defensive performances. Failure to turn losses into draws was often down to individual errors, no matter what system they were playing. And that, ultimately, is what cost us.
  3. Hello! If anyone''s interested, here''s my article for The Little Yellow Bird Project on the moment everything changed: the 6-2 loss to Newcastle, how that happened and how it went wrong afterwards. Plus some positive stuff as well, too. And why Alex Neil must stay. Cheers!
  4. Ha, cheers. O''Neil did a pretty decent impression of a sh*tfaced horse against Stoke to be fair
  5. Hello. So here''s a piece I wrote on Wembley, and how Norwich have to channel the emotionless assassins from that day if they''re to beat Sunderland on Saturday. Also contains gratuitous plug for a piece I wrote for the Pink''Un a couple of years ago. It''s all right here
  6. I also like coleslaw. I LIED cos the line sounded right in my head. Sorry. Wooster - as I say, nothing against him personally. Just am beyond tired of his football
  7. Hello all. Ahead of Norwich''s game with West Brom I wrote a bit of a rant about Tony Pulis for The Little Yellow Bird Project. It may read as if I''d taken a drink or two, but I almost certainly hadn''t.Anyway, some of you may like it, so here it is
  8. [quote user="OldRobert"]Excellent interview.  Congratulations to LYBP, super podcast.[:D][/quote]Cheers! Glad you enjoyed it
  9. Yeh, it must be ad-block as Firefox works fine without it for me. Interesting to see how Acast (and the entire media industry) react to that... there''s one mobile phone network (3 I think) who are adding ad-block automatically to all of their phones.
  10. Sorry to hear a couple of you can''t play it. It may be because you had ad-block set up (although that shouldn''t really apply to audio). Which browsers are you using?
  11. 93Vintage: Silly question, but do you still not get audio when you''ve pressed the play button? Had a few people not notice the button before?If you have no luck there then try this link. Let me know if you still don''t have any luck.
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