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  1. "Kenny takes it up the nose"He deserved all the abuse he''s a pr**k.
  2. Juan VelascoTrevor BenjaminNicky SouthallThree shocking players!
  3. [quote user="barclaybabe"]im done with that iraqi war anyway, heard enough about it, im sure the club will decide what to do that day[/quote]If you''ve heard enough about the war, why bring it up? [*-)]
  4. [quote user="adycanary"]I can''t wait after missing out on Colwho tickets. Hopefully be good night out [/quote]Same cant wait! [:D]
  5. [quote user="ricardo"][quote user="ricardo"][quote user="Elvis Hammond"]Can someone please tell me what the prices are for adult and under 21s, lower tier in the barclay[:)] [/quote]£173 mate.[/quote]£389 adult£173 under 21[/quote]Thanks mate [Y]
  6. Can someone please tell me what the prices are for adult and under 21s, lower tier in the barclay[:)]
  7. Thank you very much for the link[Y] made my day there pitch was awful, but a brilliant result! [:D]
  8. I was wondering if anyone knew what the prices are of the tickets because there is nothing on the canaries website [:)]
  9. [quote user="Colu_Tristan"]Looks like you lot are about to get a lesson on loyalty Lambert style. Clearly the possibility of European football back in his native Scotland has proven too alluring, for him to throw his hat into the ring after only a few months at Carrow Road.[/quote]you sad sad child, did santa not get what you want? [:(]
  10. Didn''t know if anyone could tell me what prices the shirts went for [:)]
  11. [quote user="WeAreYellows49"]I didn''t hear any booing where we sit in the LB I have to admit.[/quote]I was sat in the LB and heard it quite loud
  12. Before kick off one of the commentators said " Ipswich still pulling in the crowds, average attendance of 20000" That made me laugh just shows how pathetic they are
  13. [quote user="NCFC-47"]donovan blake![/quote]lol! thats the best one so far :PFabian winlis
  14. [quote user="Willmeister"]In that case I''m sure another keeper would have been named on the bench, like Steer for example.[/quote]Jed Steer has an injury
  15. [quote user="Lakey"]Is this just a typo from the official site or have we really only named four subs for tonight? Is Theo really THAT bad that we can risk leaving a second keeper out all together?CITY: Forster, Francomb, Wiggins, Doherty, Askou, Adeyemi, McVeigh, Hughes, Martin, Cureton, Daley. Subs: Kelly, Stephens, Dawkin, McDonald.(http://www.canaries.co.uk/page/NewsDetails/0,,10355~1819559,00.html)[/quote]I thought that, quite risky but obviously Theo is not part of Lambo''s plans unless he is injured
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