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  1. [quote user="The Butler"]So there is a chant that says a CITY in AVON ENGLAND that is several miles away from WALES with a BIG RIVER, called the Severn between them, is the smallest TOWN in Wales. I bet they get really upset at that or do they just think that Norwich is in Suffolk which would explain a lot!! [/quote]wasnt  there yesterday  but  was  at  Bristol Rovers  last season and  my  geography from  school tells  me  that Bristol is in England what are  the  schools teaching  our  kids  nowadays  lol
  2. [quote user="Bowgy"]Went to yesterdays game and what a game it was!Shut them bloody fans up..small town in wales [;)] On way home i thought  it was really good that the norwich team bus stopped at the services with all the norwich fans..spoke to most of them except chris martin who ignored everyone?Brill day out!OTBC![/quote] errr  sorry  to  tell you mate  but its  not  in  wales its  in the west country
  3. taking  it  a  bit  too  far    i think
  4. I seem to remember how  everyone apart  from Norwich fans was saying that leeds  were going to  walk the league last year  they went off like QPR are  doing  now  remember what happened ? Lightning striking in same  place comes  to mind  I am  quite  happy  the  way  things are  going  Carrow Road  needs to  be more  like  FCR though OTBC
  5. [quote user="paul moy"][quote user="canarycol"]well   thats  it   Blackpool  have  ROCKED  Liverpool    ha ha ha ha[/quote] ... and they''re now towering over Liverpool   [/quote]Like  your  style Paul,  you  could also say  that the Liverpool mean  machine has been BEACHED
  6. well   thats  it   Blackpool  have  ROCKED  Liverpool    ha ha ha ha
  7. get  in  there   boys   bristol is a   good  hunting   ground   for  the  bots   3-0 at  rovers  last  season  and  3-0  today  so far
  8. yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss   get  in  there  boys
  9. [quote user="I am a Banana"]so.[/quote]are  you  ips**t in disguise ?    are  you  ips**t in disguise ?
  10. what a   result  preston  4-1 down  at  one  point coming   back  to  win  6-4 at  elland  road  od love  to  be a fly on  the  wall in  the weeds  dressing  room   LOL
  11. [quote user="Ozbarclay"]what''s Malky feeding the Watford players???[/quote] canary  seed  ;0
  12. http://www.flashscores.co.uk/football/england/ dont  know  if  this  will help   anyone
  13. [quote user="staffs canary"]ANYONE KNOW WHO HE WAS UNDERSTUDY TO AT SHREWSBURY TOWN ??????[/quote] scott  howie  I think
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