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  1. reminds me of a young David Strihavka
  2. with only a few days left to tinker the squad....who is playing fantasy premier league this year? is there a pinkun league? or any other Norwich leagues to join?
  3. http://www.dissexpress.co.uk/sport/debenham-lc/norwich_city_fan_craig_daniels_wants_to_see_a_new_defensive_midfielder_in_yellow_and_green_1_3401765
  4. the clue is in the title of the thread Brendan ON WEDNESDAY
  5. nobody other than paul lambert and his staff can answer that question.
  6. Id try and sell your ticket asap! my friend who is a spurs fan also got tickets for the final as he was hoping spurs made it ... he''s just sold the pair for £4k
  7. [quote user="Barclaybred"]Norwich house..and so far no one has been evicted" There is a returning housemate,cody,who used to be camara shy and didnt really get involved when he was here,but in the gills BB House,he was the main attraction... Perhaps he will now get involved in the forthcoming tasks and do a Freddie Halfwit,who was the outsider in BB09 and came through to steal the show...Who knows... you decide Nah not missing BB in the slightest :)[/quote] FAIL
  8. [quote user="Give Peas a Chance "]Sorry can i just say how happy I am that ''Bristol Canary'' started this thread to wind people up and it hasn''t worked and has actually turned into a very decent discussion. It''s a massive ''finger up'' those who want to destroy this message board with their stupid behaviour[/quote] whats your problem? douschbag
  9. The New Kit looks great!!! can''t wait to hear what people think of it when it is officially launched!
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