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  1. Im not sure i would refer to the oldest recorded football song as **** and its original because it was written by a board member in 1905! I cant understand embarassment or cringing at OTBC, we should be proud of it. [quote user="ManchesterCanary"]Am I the only person who cringes at OTBC...its unique because its shite and nobody else wants it. I also hate the choice of music before the game and after each goal...there, said it! [/quote]
  2. I love that directly after the video you can chose to watch a selection of NORWICH videos including the 5-1 and our rise from league one! I wonder how many of the blue persuasion have been enjoying those videos!
  3. Oh and i will use the excuse that some away fans boarded the Playpen shuttle bus!
  4. Whaaaaast goown on!? We can here it here! We love our Rodeo Norfolk with Roy Waller we do!!
  5. Im not sure if there is a need for suingThem, but at least their credibilty is damaged now, after a second lot of fans make it up to Walsall. (In most cases) only to turn away again!
  6. Its quite obvious from todays postponement, along with ours last week, that parts of their pitch are unplayable when it gets cold. Therefore, why are bellends like "Troy Deeney" (a striker for said team) coming out with statements such as - "everyone knows the circumstances of the Norwich game. They travelled all that way,and just didnt fancy it." Surely there is a case for the FA to stop Bull like this being leaked from their club website?! http://www.saddlers.co.uk/page/News/0,,10428~1919722,00.html
  7. [quote user="kilroyslefteyebrow"]Im considering making the drive from Burnley. If I can pay on the gates.[/quote]   Doubt it mate, book it now and get the club to send them up on the supporters coach!
  8. It is past 12 is it not?! and CoveIt is still showing it as an upcoming event  
  9. Exactly what i was thinking, but then again thats what i have no come to expect from the piss-poor reporting from pink''un nowadays!
  10. [quote user="Lord Horn"] [quote user="hogesar"][quote user="Victor Segura"]Did anyone see that little chav get taken out last night,that area was full of them more interested in taunting the Brentford fans than watching the game,i''ve got nothing against good banter but these were just idiots,i ''m sure there''s plenty of you on here.[/quote] I was in block E, but front row, and i was in front of all the chavs you referred too. I think him getting taken out was ridiculous, some politically correct twat getting onto his high horse. They were exchanging banter with some of the brentford fans, no more than that. I swear some people come to football expecting foot rests, a cup of tea and a bloody television remote sometimes! [/quote] Have been coming to Carrow Road for nearly 45 years and know what to expect (and can give as good as I get in the banter and witty repartee stakes) but even I thought that there were some real t*ssers there last night. [/quote]   There definatly were. I was in Block C last row, (the Guy who caught the ball twice while brentford were warming up!) and there were some right numpties in the front few rows. Personally i would prefer to pay the normal ticket prices..... or at least be able to take up my normal seat in the upper barclay -  Rather then being surrounded by morons.
  11. That message ment to say that Bit about Adminsitration is his signature and not aimed at west ham but what first wizard had apparently said about Norwich not west ham!
  12. [quote user="Happyhammer/Andy"]Where have you been told from? Nobody seems to have told the £6m Italian that we brought today. It will come as quite a nasty shock for him. He''s only been in England for a couple of days and now he''s going to find himself out of a job and on the scrap heap. Await to hear where you heard it, I might be able to claim some of my season ticket back. Andy. [quote/] Andy that is his signature not what he was replying to your message.
  13. [quote user="Brendan"]When people mentioned the pitch invasion the other day after the West ham match. It got me thinking, has it happened to Norwich? I remember we did it at Crewe away, but i only listened to it. I dont remember much about it, so anyone please tell me details about it, eg when and how many people involved. Thanks Also any other pitch invasions or memerable (wrong spelling) matches Norwich were involved in? Oh and before you say, Colchester at home. Thanks, and please no comments having a go at me. I dont really see the point. I''m just giving my opinion on stuff, same as all of you![/quote]   Difference is, all of those pitch invasions mentioned by others were good natured. The West ham ones were pretty vile  there was one man who was pictured in the sun Pointing his naked backside at the Millwall fans. These invasions occurredDuring the game. Very disappointing scenes at Upton Park but it is what we have come to expect of mindless idiots who probably wont go to another game until the next time Millwall and West Ham comes out of the Hat!!!!    
  14. How many of us actually live in or around chelmsford!? I live in Braintree, work in Chelmsford.
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