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  1. Grant Holts Moustache

    Players - Take A Pay Cut

    Because you have literally no idea what they are doing behind the scenes. Put your pitchfork away until you have a clue what decisions they come to. Fifpro have recommended players do not agree individually because the talks are about a collective agreement across the league.
  2. Grant Holts Moustache

    Players - Take A Pay Cut

    PFA and Premier League were meeting about this yesterday. Fifpro have recommended that players wait until the outcome of these talks. Let's not judge players just yet.
  3. Grant Holts Moustache

    First Time to Norwich/Carrow Road

    Gutted the game is off but hope you still have a great time in the fine city. A pub I have not seen mentioned is The Artichoke. Great beer selection that is ever changing. They also sell some good wines and have a selection of natural wines in amongst them if your wife enjoys that type of thing. Good food too if looking for something a little different. Whilst that way you can also then visit the Fat Cat Brewery Tap that someone has mentioned.
  4. Grant Holts Moustache

    FA Cup or premier League football

    FA Cup. We will get back to the premier league (as we frequently do) and winning the FA Cup would be a one off, something special, a moment of real celebration.
  5. Grant Holts Moustache

    Nobody likes a bully !

    I think McLean is preferred as he is one of the only central players we have who has some all round game and no glaring weaknesses. Most of the CMs in the squad excel in one area but are lacking in many others which you can't get away with in the premier league in the same way as the championship. You could easily look and say Vrancic is a better creator, Leitner a superior passer/dictator, Trybull is better at breaking up play and Steipermann at taking it down from the air and winning headers. McLean does a little of all of that without standing out but can contribute in all those situations which would mean he can offer a little more to the team as a whole.
  6. Grant Holts Moustache

    Daniel Sinani

    I believe he is a winger so no need to compare to Srbeny/Drmic.
  7. Grant Holts Moustache


    Me too. He was the one who could see what happened better than anyone else because his TV was so big.
  8. Grant Holts Moustache

    One team makes tactical subs

    Good player when we have the ball as he has a touch of class. When we don't he leaves acres of space to be exploited as he goes chasing it. I wouldn't put him on against Liverpool.
  9. Grant Holts Moustache

    Tonight's games

    PR Paul will buy them all a pint, glad hand them for a bit talking about their glorious history before trotting out another legend and they will be fine until the end of the season. Then they will realise he not only relegated them but wasted their best chance of coming straight back up. Next season is no more transition season for the League One FFP. They will have to cut wages to be 60% of turnover and I imagine there will be plenty of season tickets given up.
  10. Grant Holts Moustache

    Tonight's games

    A year ago almost to the day Lambert was getting red carded at Carrow Road and they were singing about him being a blue. Wonder how many think he's the messiah now!
  11. Grant Holts Moustache

    Best brass band you’ve heard live

    These are good. I like the New Orleans style marching bands. Young Blood Brass Band are also good. The Broken Brass Ensemble from Holland were a lot of fun at the Arts Centre when I first saw them.
  12. Grant Holts Moustache

    Onel Hernandez Instagram... er?

    Am sure they do. They are from the James Kent school of marketing where you spam links on a forum.
  13. Grant Holts Moustache

    Maddison not going to Man U

  14. Grant Holts Moustache

    Maddison not going to Man U

    You misread my post. I said we would have a few million in reserve. That could be for infrastructure, covering shortfalls etc. Also did you miss us spending a few million on a player not a few days ago? We can and do spend a few million. Whilst Webber has been here there is a list of players that cost a few million.
  15. Grant Holts Moustache

    Maddison not going to Man U