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  1. I know that's where the money went and have not denied it. But the interview he did at the time referenced having all that money and never improving the club and thats where the quote came from. Yes Webber has had transfers that haven't worked, but as we can all see, under him there has been money spent on improving the infrastructure that was previously neglected.
  2. This quote was about having lots of premier league money and never investing in the infrastructure behind the scenes, such as the training facilities. It's constantly taken out of context and used to bash Webbers transfers but isn't really relevant.
  3. I'm with Lakey and Ken. 5 subs just ruins the flow of the game. Became very open as players figure out who's playing where before the next lot of changes.
  4. Wasn't sure at first but seeing it on the new shirts and various bits the club sent out, it looks really good. Possibly like it more because the shirts are so nice this season.
  5. Had the same thing. Quoted £15k to replace windows whilst others were all around £5k.
  6. I don't read every tweet and article about the club so I didn't see it. Doesn't mean they didn't do it. The article itself is from the start of the year. So the moment they released it is them promoting them. Here's the club tweeting about the partnership in January. I bet a quick Google or check of the Scallop site would also find them using the club for credibility since then too.
  7. The club effectively started promoting them at the beginning of this year as soon as they announced the partnership.
  8. Conforming to the required laws. In this case they are claiming to be a bank as well as an exchange and cannot see anywhere that they have an actual banking licence which would protect depositors for is or when it all goes wrong. Like the company Celius someone mentioned here who are now holding everyones money.
  9. Surely being poor but honest is even more reason that the club should be fussy about where they take their money from? We can't be both the self funding club trying to do things different to the rest and then take gambling/crypto currency because others are?
  10. I looked at the licenses and they have one in Estonia to trade cryptocurrency and the other is a Canadian one that allows them to transfer currency from one to another. Nothing for banking which is what they are promoting as their USP. Have seen some of the bits other clubs and players are doing. Nearly all of it just feels like another way to fleece fans.
  11. Thanks for this. Personally don't think their reasoning is great but did they mention anything about how they looked into it to ensure they are legit?
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