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  1. Has he been injured since last week? I haven't seen it mentioned.
  2. Reminds me of Away Days by Kevin Sampson. Had a chapter called Norwich Away and made it into the film adaptation too.
  3. First half was a tactical plan to contain them and make it hard for them to break on us. That was certainly no disaster and the game was finely balanced. We got undone by firstly a strange decision to penalise Gibson, a foul not given then Stacey getting sucked forward leaving his man exposed which meant Fassnacht had to get back and cover causing a clumsy foul. Whilst the first half wad short on chances by both sides it was actually a decent game all in all.
  4. No he wasn't jogging from my view in the ground. Ran around a lot trying to close things down but only had maybe two touches.
  5. Seems like an interesting rumour, like Webber has a strong affinity for developing young players. https://www.manutd.com/en/news/detail/introducing-man-utd-head-of-academy-nick-cox https://elitescholars.co.uk/2023/02/05/nick-cox-manchester-united-academy-director/
  6. Sounds like a good quiz question. Only know of Danny Mills.
  7. How could I forget about Gibbs! But yes, Norfolk isn't known for producing many footballers. The Murphys were from London originally and I think that's the case with Rowe too.
  8. Add Kellen Fisher to that list too. I don't think it's an unusual amount but up on last season. It's just only few make it so the rest get forgotten about. The season we signed Omabamadele there was also Barden, Soto, Mumba and Josh Martin. I can also remember Melvin Sitti, McCallum was 20 when we signed him, Rocky Bushuri, Simon Power, the lad from Peterborough who's now out on loan but the name escapes me. Daniel Adshead was another.
  9. That doesn't sound like a fun experience. Have been a couple of times but only after the fence went up. Was never into the main stage stuff and found most fun was to be had in wandering round the smaller stages and discovering new bands. As a festival it is still very different to any others in the UK which are always separate arenas where you're forced to drink whatever terrible overpriced alcohol is sold and can't even take water or food into it. With Glastonbury, once you're in you're in and it makes for a much more relaxed experience.
  10. Obviously not heard the stories of him going out at night and raising the fence with his tractor to let people in for free! He was quoted as saying that he's happy as long as he breaks even. However, the local council was going to take away the licence to hold it so had to install the massive fence. As a result they now use Mean Fiddler to put on the festival who will be the ones deciding on costs for vendors.
  11. He also wasn't paying much attention if he preferred PAOKs 433 to our 442. We started more than half our games in 433 last season, think we started with a 442 once or twice. Maybe someone should also tell him Akpom was playing as a 10 and that's not a position you'll see in a 433.
  12. Thanks for sharing, nice to see him with a smile on his face! Before the tiredness caught up with him last season he looked to have real quality. Have high hopes for him next season but at the same time if we are offered £18-20m it would be very difficult to turn down such a profit on someone we paid a couple of million for a year ago.
  13. Going to see Wu Tang in London next week with Nas. Would love to see them at Carrow Road but can't see that happening. Kings of Leon would be good as would the White Stripes if they ever made a comeback.
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