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  1. Saw something about them still owing £81m in transfer fees and before Ake only having £5m due to them. They need to sell to get their wage bill down too so expect a few more before they can really start to spend.
  2. That's not how it happened at all. Fulham was first game of the season. He went on to play another 35 games under Farke and finish second top scorer behind Maddison that season.
  3. He's got 4 years worth of admin experience as the director of a top 26 club...
  4. I don't think they have gone full tilt at any point in this game. There's been no need to.
  5. Was coming on to post just that. Can forgive a lack of quality but set pieces is something where we can be a lot better through good coaching. It's not just defending them either. We never look likely to score them at the other end. Even on throw ins we may as well just give it to the opposition. This must be somewhere we look to bring in some specialised coaching as even a marginal improvement would make a lot of difference.
  6. Unless Rangers sold someone am not sure they could afford him. His wages will be decent here and we won't let him go easily as he is our best all round cm.
  7. Not really. Hernandez could play for months and not find an end product. We need goals.
  8. I think Aarons. Krul has been steady and consistent but never really put in the type of performances we needed if we were to stay up. Not that many others have.
  9. I don't think Cantwell was stopped by a violent challenge. Looked like a collision when they showed the replays. Free kick yes but red never.
  10. It was a red. He prevented a goal scoring chance. You also see players booked for similar tactics most games when they do the same in the middle third to prevent teams breaking.
  11. December we were told they couldn't change rules on VAR midseason (despite them being implemented incorrectly) because of the integrity of the game. Fast forward a few months and every hair brained idea possible is being explored because the integrity of the game no longer matters apparently. Can't say I see how 5 subs benefits anyone other than the wealthiest clubs in a league that is already massively skewed because of the finances of those same clubs. Teams were already playing games every 3 or 4 days so I don't buy the injuries reason.
  12. Rumours on the Ipswich forum that it was at Evan's request...
  13. Isn't the club just responding to supply and demand. Demand is high and tickets are hard to come by so if they can sell out at £35 a ticket why charge £25 and reduce the budget you have to spend on new signings, wages and infrastructure?
  14. Sure it was poorly timed to say the least! However the player had said in an interview that he signed a contract with us before we announced it.
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