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  1. That new wage cap isn't going ahead but Leagues 1 and 2 did have a 60-70% of turnover can be spent on wages in place already. They had a grace period when they got relegated so if that remains in place then will become an issue next season. Read they have almost 20 players put of contract this year too.
  2. I think he's probably playing a similar amount to the last promotion. He only really got starts when we had injuries, would be surprised if he started more than 10/15 games in 2018/19. He still has the same limitations which saw him behind McLean, Steipermann, Trybull and Leitner and we have added more quality since then. He scores important goals and is a fantastic passer when there is a little space to work with but he's never been first choice and wouldn't expect him to be offered a contract, especially if we go up.
  3. Do you know of the 2019/20 accounts include paying back any of that money? If so it would be distorting those numbers.
  4. He was a very good player at this level. Not as clinical as Pukki but a good all round player who moved defenders about and provided some neat link up play. I think people never really took to him because he seemed a bit distant. The minute he was accused of the Johnson stuff that was it because Bradley was well loved.
  5. He also signed Jerome for 1.5m and Grabban in that same window. Both went onto score goals and contributed massively to going up and replacing Holt. We even sold Grabban for double what we paid the next season. It wasn't a disaster (signing of Vadis Ofoe was!) but it wasn't right for us long term either. He changed the mentality of the squad and got us attacking again which can't be underestimated considering how much we struggled there the season before. I am sure this laid the ground work for Alex Neil to then really drive it forward the rest of the season.
  6. He might get one at half time. At the end he kicked the ball away and looked like it hit the lino.
  7. Preston have been a decent team for the last few years. Will be in and around the play offs.
  8. Leitner is good at moving the ball around players when it's tight. I agree we don't look like we have a player of that type who can dictate tempo and control the ball.
  9. A few of our breaks/ chances came from some quick passes on the turn from him. He worked pretty hard pressing too and am always a little surprised at the negative reactions he gets. There's no doubt we need a player like him or Buendia in this league. Ideally both as they are the two that can unpick a packed defense when teams sit in.
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