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  1. well i got on with it and went into the ticket office with my ID. and yeah i still fall under U21 so im all good until march next year. jammy bugger i am haha
  2. i havnt as i need to go into the ticket office and give them photographic evidence of my age!!!
  3. obviously they are directing themselves to the younger market and making prices good enough and affordable for them, i dont mind paying adult but not till im 21
  4. well if thats what they want they can have it. well that means my dad will have a nice trek down the the police station to use the photocopier x
  5. good job im going to norwich tomorrow with mates. i didnt think i would have to trek down to carrow road tomorrow. ah well it will do me good, but i wont be impressed if it rains
  6. emm yeah cant believe you forgot jackson!! and korey is a year younger then me x
  7. who received a letter talking about the ticket office wanting to see our proof of age. we aint receiving our season tickets until they see a passport or sumit. God this is stupid!!!! im actually getting really annoyed by it!!!!
  8. [quote user="Smudger"][quote user="Team Totty"][quote user="Smudger"][quote user="paul moy"] Season-ticket holders were not paying anything like 28 quid a game in League 1 and didn''t either in the Championship.  To do that, season-tickets would have been almost 650 quid. [:D] [/quote] Well said Paul. Half of Carrow Road is full of Senior Citizens and those under 21 years of age who pay peanuts for their tickets in comparison with those paying the full whack.  Then we have those who have two or three tickets for the approximate price of one in the family enclosure. A large proportion of the crowd at Carrow Road pays less than £300 per season to see every home game. Some people will not be happy until the working classes are forced out of football entirely and going to see a football match is more like going to the theatre or visiting a morgue. [/quote] At which point did you mention 18-21 year old''s Smudge? From what i am reading it just say''s under 21''s so that counts as anyone under 21! Also i happen to send my son to Carrow Park training every week and also have a monthly direct debit to the Norwich City Football Academy so i think i compensate for the small price i pay for my son''s season ticket. Now try stealing one of his wedges in the Nelson when he next see''s you ;-) [/quote] Before Daddy (Lapps) responded to me and started getting personal. I suggest that you and him take a read of the whole thread and what I wrote again before apologising. This is what I wrote... Some of them may contribute to the atmosphere, but not very many I would suggest. The majority of those over 65 and under 21 contribute less in the way of finance for the opportunity to watch football at Carrow Road though.  Even those over 65 who are still working full time and earning a considerable amount (as well as possibly receiving a pension and having paid off their mortgage), plus 18 to 21 year olds living at home and spending every night of the week shovelling alco pops down their knecks are included in these cheapo tickets that mugs like you and me are expected to subsidise for them. Just saying that there are many things that people don''t consider and that the club will be walking a thin line by putting prices up much further in the future - especially if they continue to subsidise young supporters, or others that would refuse to pay anywhere near what the club is expecting a single male/or female between the ages of 21 and 65 to pay currently. [/quote] Excuse me!!! im Under 21 and i certainly do not do that!!!! i have two jobs, work all week, and go out drinking once a week. am i allowed to have fun at my age!! oh sorry its just someone being stereotypical!! Think before you bloody speak!!!! so no not all Under 21s are like what youre saying!! you need to get out more if thats what you are saying about us
  9. if you were really passionate about your club you wouldnt care what the prices are. we are in the Premiership!!!! deal with it or dont go and watch it on tv instead!!!!! cant believe some people are still moaning about it!!! im a season ticket holder but this is the first time ive been one in the Premiership. And im bloody looking forward to visiting some of the big grounds WHATEVER THE PRICES ARE!!!   our club has their reasons on why they have increased the prices, umm maybe funding to buy more good players to stable our position in the premiership, i dont mind paying for that. Deal with it!!!
  10. i took my rebate cause i wasnt happy about what was happening with my club, i was really pissed off that we had got into league 1. our previous managers didnt help my cause either. and no i dont regret my decision.
  11. From the signings i have seen come in the past few weeks, i have never felt so positive about us staying in this division. we learnt alot of lessons 6 years ago, and they have certainly been learnt. lambert is going about it the right way. I am soo excited for the season to start now, and i can see us beating wigan and stoke and getting 6pts on the board!! OTBC!!!!!
  12. i definitely agree the staff in the mall shop give poor customer service. went in yesterday to look at the norwich shirts my size and they would be like £30 fair enough, but then the assistant pointed to these other shirts and they were ladies and they were £10 more. stupid idiot!!! i was hoping he would show me cheaper shirts!!!
  13. before we get ahead of ourselves, ive been researching the swansea and qpr situation and theres nothing in it. its just stupid people making up rumours. good luck to both teams, they are on equal status as us. we just want our team to feel like we are in the best situation. conjure up better newsfeeds please
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