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  1. I work with a Rangers fan and his biggest criticism of Warburton was that he could never use subs effectively, and didn''t seem to have a plan B. Sound familiar?
  2. Agreed swindon, I doubt very much they would recruit the manager first, excluding the new DOF from the process.
  3. People are basing their opinion on our current form. That''s about it really.
  4. That''s how I see it too woodman, based on what was basically a denial that Pardew already had the job.
  5. Yes I am well aware of the BBC story. Doesn''t mean to say they are right though.
  6. Which is akin to doing your qualifications in school or college, they mean very little until you actually gain experience to go alongside them.
  7. Has the "Roy Hodgson for Norwich DOF" actually been speculated upon by any independent press or sources? Or is it just, literally, about that he is a friend of Delias?
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