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  1. "...the defence is all quiet but it probably needs the least work. Lambert will have some up his sleeve" I would argue the defence probably needs most work.
  2. Still reckon it''ll be 8 or 9 in the end.
  3. Don''t be daft! Anyway they were told to go away unless they had £8 million.
  4. Have to say I think we could do with 8 or 9. 1 keeper 3 defenders 2 midfield 3 strikers PS I''d definitely keep Chris Martin too.
  5. I love Stephen Fry. Think your dog looks cool too!
  6. It''s the nausea and chest pains for me!
  7. [quote user="iwansnorwich"]If at the end of the season people generally consider Pacheco to have been a good signing for us I will give everyone in this thread £50. Bookmark it.[/quote] Bookmarked indeed - binner or deluded loon, doesn''t really matter. My £50 to The NSS please.
  8. They seem to think they''ll get away with it... http://www.fulhamchronicle.co.uk/london-sport/london-qpr/2011/03/18/qpr-set-to-escape-with-fine-over-faurlin-saga-82029-28359740/
  9. Hope you had fun - and that the Medical Centre still dishes out free sun cream!! Actually pretty sure we saw 2 NCFC flags on TV at the same time.
  10. Surely not. That would be absolutely mental!
  11. [quote user="I am a Banana"]Peter Cullum?![/quote] Don''t be daft!
  12. 901,000........ but why the fuck has Ann Widdecombe only got 1502..... and I did several hundred yesterday!?
  13. Jafski sums it up nicely on wotb.... Yesterday was ruined for me by some twats insistence on playing ''Rocking All Over the World'' about three times after the game. Why, on a happy occasion, play that dirgy shite, then ''Simply The Best'' FFS? We''re not all 52 year old divorcees called Carol from Mile Cross, doing the Quo elbow dance at a ''Fabulous Rockin'' 70''s Disco Nite'' at ''The Talk'' in an ultimately futile, but enthusiastic, attempt to relive our 1970''s heyday before our tit''s had gone south and the cumulative effect of smoking 40 Regal a day all our adult life had made our skin wrinkled and rough with a yellowed hue. I can just about forgive We are the Champions though. Why not a bit of dubstep or get a grime crew droppin some audio bombs on us. I shall be writing to McNally asking that the person responsible be rooted out and shot in the face. I don''t know why I bother, cuh, this country. Posted By: jafski on April 25th 2010 at 10:34:34
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