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  1. A few weeks back the board said if we were still in the play offs in the new year, the quality of our signings in the transfer window would be class and that we''d effectively be ''going for promotion''. After todays fantastic result, i think that leaves us six points clear with two games of 2010 remaining... surely that''s that then?!
  2. I met a fairy today who granted me one wish. "I want to live forever," I said. "Sorry," said the fairy, "I''m not allowed to grant wishes like that." "Fine," I said, "I want to die when Ipswich win the premier league." "You crafty c*nt!" said the fairy.
  3. Does anyone remember what game this was from?http://www.datm.info/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/trevor-kette.jpg
  4. [quote user="CDMullins"]I have to confess, I copied the Brennan blonde stripe, in my hair![/quote]LOL Me too and swiftly got sent home from school :)
  5. [quote user="Bird Table"]I''ll be at the Coach and Horses. So don''t go there because I want to get a seat.[/quote]I''ll also be going here but on crutches! I do hope if you manage to get a seat before me you''ll happily give it up =]
  6. [quote user="Ziggurat"][quote user="singing canary"]well the bookies are fairly confident city will win the first division ,but one bookies coment made me chuckle ........ It would take a Devon Loch moment to deprive them of a return to the Championship,” said Ladbrokes spokesman Nick Weinberg. “They can even afford to give Delia a game.” Coral confirmed they were offering no more bets. i think we should give delia a game .....but what position do you think she could play at ..? !!!![/quote]I had to google Devon Loch(thought it was that devon is a LONG way from lochs eg scotland)now I know betterwho says this isnt an educational board![:D][/quote]Snap!
  7. [quote user="Gus"]Coming to think of it Swindon are only a point off 2nd. Do they still have millwall ? I see they have Leeds saturday..[/quote]Last game of the season. What a cracker that will be if things stay as they are...
  8. [quote user="Evil Monkey"]A lot will depend on keeping hold of both McNally and Lambo.If we can keep them around for at least 2 years, then promotion would be more likely to come first...Lose one and we could be looking at another 9 years of mid-table obscurity...Lose both............................................[/quote]Pretty hard to disagree with this.
  9. [quote user="Sports Desk Pete"]The Sun....... [/quote]Then it must be true! Anybody got 50 Cent''s number?
  10. Also i think we only did this because Colchester done the same after the 7-1 and loads of people on here were wanting the same after the 5-0...
  11. Can''t see the link cos'' i''m at work but if it''s the same DVD of the game i got from the club shop last month (both £10 and shouldn''t think they''d produce two different)  then unfortunately it''s not the full game no. Still pretty good viewing mind!
  12. [quote user="National express super guard "]is henderson coming to to reform the H bomb?note to younger posters, hendo and hayes were super youth team strikers who were sh*t in 1st team!![/quote]I might be wrong but i''m pretty sure Hayes never played a first team game for us?!
  13. Or we could just leave him alone now he''s left us (which most of you wanted)? The whole green hair thing and the hat-trick against Col Who are the only things that will stick in my mind...
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