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  1. [quote user="Yellows"][quote user="Scooby"][quote user="lappinitup". Very happy with that line-up. Very strong in defence. Are you sure Lapps?[/quote] Well Jos Hooiveld is playing so were not very strong in defence.[/quote] He''s not looking too good is he.
  2. [quote user="lappinitup". Very happy with that line-up. Very strong in defence. Are you sure Lapps?
  3. [quote user="Mello Yello"]He looks the part, although young Redmond can be frustrating at times, hopefully he will improve on the weaker aspects of his game......Then we''ll flog him for an underrated sum and replace him with Douglas Bader....[/quote] Hey!! Watch your mouth Mello. We could do with some of his fighting spirit around this club.
  4. I''m going to have to agree with the OP here. For all the pace and effort his end product is woefully inadequate. It was great to see him on the right wing for a change, which I thought may curtail his need to cut back in, but no. He insisted on doing the exact same thing only with his weaker left foot! I will say though that, as poor as his crosses were, he wasn''t helped by the fact that for the vast majority of the game we were only getting one player in the box !! Against 10 men, for 88 minutes! I mean come on Neil, really??!!
  5. [quote user="TCCANARY"] I think that someone is you. [/quote] No it''s not. He actually has a very good point, considering that we seem to be back to being a "selling club".
  6. I went to every home match last season and I have to agree with the OP. RvW is far too lightweight for the English game. He had more than enough chances to prove everyone wrong and I sincerely wish he had, but the fact remains that he didn''t. Seen enough, move along now please.
  7. [quote user="Cheap Cheap Canaries"][quote user="Highland Canary"]The damage has already been done. Lennon was available, we took the cheap, unthreatening to the board, option.[/quote]How true , and the Norwich Board knew Lennon was the firm favourite with the fans that they appointed the clubs yes man within hours of him leaving Celtic . If a Board ever deserved failure then this one does .[/quote] Firm favourite with you, you mean. Not one if my Norwich supporting friends or aquaintances wanted him anywhere near our club. Adams will be doing fine after 7 games.
  8. I''m fine, thank you for asking Nutty. Busy moving and no Internet, plus, I completely forgot, DOH !!
  9. Unfortunately there is only going to be one dead cert this weekend. Chelsea to win for me please.
  10. Pathetic. Just let him run and give him time to pick his spot. Floodgates will now open and heads will drop ........ as will we.
  11. Ok, observations at half time. Redmond should be off if Adams has any sense. Same woeful display as last week. Can''t cross and keeps giving the ball away. Why are we not playing with any width. 2 or 3 times Fer has picked the ball up and has had no one out wide to pass to. Tha defence was looking pretty solid until everyone missed that one. Oh and why oh why is RvW playing instead of Hooper??? For me, RvW and Redmond off, Guttierez and Hooper on.
  12. [quote user="he likes paella "]You watch this space - he will be working with an ex manager of a previous club by next season[/quote] I seriously hope you''re wrong.
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