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  1. What about Martin O''neil''s " Howey-ever?
  2. Goodbye Yellow(and green) brick road
  3. I think our new mascot should be the Yellow & Green Manalishi with the two pronged crown
  4. I also cannot understand when the opposition have a corner why we don''t leave Redmond up. It just invites further pressure on our "defence" by having everyone back! He would occupy 2 or 3 of their defenders & give us a chance to counter attack. Why cannot our manager & coaches see this???
  5. Shouldn''t that be "Martin''s goal"?
  6. Perhaps we can get Kyle Naughton back in January . I believe he is available. Right back sorted!
  7. Steve Claridge said it while back on the Football League Show
  8. Correct me if I''m wrong but as we are in the Championship can we not use the loan route?
  9. Perhaps we could all take a little trip back with Father Tiresias?
  10. Fair cop guv! It was the Star! Found it in Sky''s paper talk.
  11. One of the Sundays has already linked us & Leicester with him
  12. No need for the supernatural anaesthetist then. Because where the raven flies there''s jeopardy!
  13. Must be Gabriel & Hackett .Love that guitar solo from Firth of Fifth!
  14. I remember the Pink Un headline after we beat Arsenal 3-2. "Oh Mee, oh my Andy spikes the Gunners". Classic.
  15. That should be D McNally! Damn you autocorrect
  16. Dam said no players have relegation release clauses
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