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  1. We''ve probably had more shots already this season than in Hughton''s last one, with mostly the same squad.
  2. Am I the only one who would prefer to keep RVW rather than Hooper (who couldn''t score against Shrewsbury by the way)?
  3. We could be 6 points clear by the end of October
  4. Having read my post above a can see it could be easily misunderstood. Ricardo''s first paragraph said "the Canaries as they ran out with just one change from Tuesday nights draw at Huddersfield." I was making the point that Hooper was also a change, thankfully.
  5. Hooper was also missing from Tuesday night''s starting 11, thankfully.
  6. What''s the alternative; lose in the play-offs every year or be a team like Leeds that are pretty much guaranteed mid-table every year?
  7. As long as we win or we won''t hear the end of it from the Lennon fans... Imagine!
  8. "The shambolic way the club is run means that we won''t walk the league as we ought to" - heard it all now. Can you tell me a team that has "walked the league" in recent years after being relegated from the prem? The only ones I can think of that went straight back up were QPR and West Ham and both of those were via the play-offs (if I remember right).
  9. We could be top of the league (again) before November so no need to panic! I can''t believe fans are saying Adams is worse than Hughton; how many games under Hughton did we NOT even have a shot on goal? We don''t have a given right to win every game. There are some well established teams in this league that have been slowly progressing over recent years (Derby, Forest and dare I say even Ipswich) whereas we have had to regroup. And yes we have an inexperienced manager that isn''t sure of his best starting 11 or formation yet, but we are still challenging for the top spot so imagine when he gets it right!
  10. jas the barclay king wrote the following post at 25/10/2014 6:42 PM: the only people who have said We have the best team in the championship is our fans... where have the media or any pundits said it? Exactly! The same fans that moan about most of the players.
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