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  1. It''s completely impossible to choose. Bradders against the scum? Murphys sublime bender? Russ''s 3 miler? Can''t decide. Some fantastic goals there.
  2. Where''s the toilet paper? What does that tell us?
  3. That would put a lot of mental health experts out of business, though.
  4. [quote user="Buh"] a few of the smarter one(s) [/quote] That''s something I''ve never even thought of!
  5. Just noticed on the TWTD message board: "On the subject of beards...... Grabban = Durka durka, mohamed jihad" Disgraceful.
  6. TWTD = bunch of charity organisation thieve supporters who are happy to give it large but can''t take it. Nambies. What a great last 4 games against them. 12 goals scored, 2 conceded. Onwards and upwards NCFC. PRIDE OF ANGLIA!!!
  7. A "Barnstorming Thumping" would be fantastic and, IMO, quite possible. COYY!
  8. I like the cut of your jib, Mr Ferry. Neil Adams is a bonus to our club. Criticize his appointment, fair enough, there''s mileage In that, but to question his passion and commitment is completely out of order. Personally, I thank him for his tenure. He obviously gave it his all. And to come on here and attack the individual shows a lack of intelligence, and, more importantly, compassion.
  9. Thing is, if he had succeeded - which, let''s be honest, he wasn''t that far off achieving, we would''ve all been very happy about, coz there''s no denying the fact he''s a NCFC man. I think at this point, to bash the guy is a cheap shot. We should be thanking him for his efforts, there''s no doubt in my mind he wanted the club to succeed, pleased that there''s a place being offered to him at the club in the future, and move on. Otherwise you''re a fekkin binner IMO.
  10. I think the Bournmouth game is an interesting one now. Surely the players will be going all out to impress the new guy, their career with Norwich may depend on it. Will we see some passion and commitment? They may actually get stuck in and, if they play to their abilities, may just come away with three points. OTBC!!!
  11. Exactly Rudolph. Let''s take the 3 points and build on it. The clean sheet is a bonus, great for their confidence, and if NA and MP can get a mutually beneficial partnership going, then we should quit whining. Pretty obvious that MP is already having an impact, and glad that NA has some help. C''mon u yellows. Let''s get this thing gorn on.
  12. This is really good! Nice one. What do people think the BOD would score? ;-)
  13. And, as someone sensibly suggested back in this thread, maybe MP doesn''t want to manage. Another of the imponderables........
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