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  1. [quote user="westcoastcanary"]Tettey''s Jig wrote: "The irony there is that the arsenal match was one of the few the defence wasn''t completely hopeless in!"I imagine Ozil was referring to Ryan Bennett''s camera pit defending and Santi Cazorla ending up with a serious knee injury after what might euphemistically be called "an unfortunate coming together". Wenger was less forthright and confined himself to sarcasm in his post-match interview.[/quote] Possibly, but I''d still rather our defenders were hurting the oppositions forwards rather than, as now, observing them and the ball from a safe distance like mistrustful kittens who''ve just seen a rottweiler for the first time. Batting the ball away from them as quickly as possible in abject terror when it happens to roll near them by sheer chance.
  2. [quote user="Bradwell canary"]Read that they have made the least changes in the team line up this season. Clearly their new manager soon got to know his best starting 11 and stood by them. I don''t think any of us truly even now know our best 11, and for sure AN does not. But there must be a moral there somewhere.[/quote] I think you may have just found a correlation between playing well & winning and keeping your place in the team. Following the Spurs game I really felt only Howson and Klose had put in performances good enough to warrant being guaranteed a start next week, and everyone has now complained about Howson being played "out of position" against Aston Villa. Quite simply if your on a six game winning run everything you do as a manager shows your wily progressive management techniques, if you lose six games everything you do from the type of biscuit you have with your afternoon cuppa becomes the "reason your failing." Trust me, if he makes 9 changes on Saturday and we tonk West Ham 7-0 everyone will be calling him a messiah, tinkering or not.
  3. [quote user="lake district canary"][quote user="Holtcantshoot"]That''s why we play badly and get bad results...we don''t have very good players.[/quote] So when we beat Southampton and Man Utd and drew with Arsenal, we got good results because we have bad players? [:^)] [/quote] Well now I said we play badly because we don''t have very good players. I didn''t say they were bad as such, they''re just not very good. So yes, we win a few games, but then also lose a lot as well.
  4. [quote user="reg"]As soon as I see the team today I knew we would lose. Square pegs round holes that''s it, howson is not a right midfielder and hoops can''t play on the left. Play people in their correct positions or don''t play them.[/quote] "As soon as I see the team today I knew we would lose." You''ve hit the nail on the head there. Every other week I go to the ground excited to see my local team wearing their colours with pride, see Russell Martin a Peterborough united reject slump out followed by a couple of players released from their contracts by QPR and West Brom and think... ahhh knickers. (I actually think rather saucier words than this but one must be courteous). That''s why we play badly and get bad results...we don''t have very good players.
  5. [quote user="alartz"]You talk some s**t! How in anyway does Neil Adams contribute to Alex Neils match day plans and training? He doesn''t. I certainly don''t think anyone takes any tips from Neil Adams either. Like having a neighbour you don''t like. Just don''t speak and get on with your daily business.[/quote] I hear they''re actually quite good friends. As Alex''s family is still based in Hamilton Adams pops round for a movie night every Wednesday and they have snuggle up with a extra large box of salty popcorn.
  6. Rudd Martin - Bennett - Klose - Olsson Howson - O''Neil-Mulumbu-Brady Naismith Mbokani Personally I thought Howson was our best player last week showing quite a lot of grit and battle in midfield. Mulumbu and Rudd were poor once again but the manager decided to bring in a new reserve striker and a 4th right back (who''s somehow worse than Whittaker despite costing £2.5m) rather than upgrade these two areas so I would stick with them. I think Naismith and Mbokani showed glimpses of forming a good partnership against Liverpool as well so I think that may be a potent threat against weaker opposition. I would like Hoolahan and Jarvis in the side too but think we will need need the defensive steel that O''Neil and Mulumbu can provide as well.
  7. [quote user="nu_matik"]Lose a ridiculous freak of a match to Liverpool (still score 4 at home)... bed new players in and have a virus though our training camp... lose 3 nil again to a top four team who are on fire. Norwich fans in the majority lose their brown stuff and start calling for the head of everyone. Let''s all start individual threads scapegoating our new guys who put in generally OK performances despite mid season breaks and having never played in this league. How about we rip into the home crowd? 24 MILLION! WHY DIDN''T WE WIN 10-0??? Oh... We haven''t slagged off Delias nephew yet! Hang on, isn''t Ed Balls still useless something or other? Jeez. It''s pathetic reading this forum sometimes.[/quote] Sorry to take the bait on this but all I can say is if you watched that game yesterday and didn''t find anything to complain about your must be a Spurs fan. Ivo Pinto showed a total lack of spacial awareness and the overall disorganised, lackluster performance yesterday from a team of players who, Howson aside, looked like they didn''t want to be there and had accepted defeat before kick-off was really quite pathetic. The loss wasn''t the issue but the concerning lack of belief and effort from our players. That was a team staring relegation in the face without immediate action. How you can watch that first 90 seconds and not start shouting obscenities is beyond me.
  8. [quote user="neongreenjon"]mental sharpness does sound like something they need, watching the highlights again, we just get shakier and shakier. Maybe a leader is needed on the pitch to relay the calm down/focus messages from the bench and lead by example, something I haven''t seen since good old Holty[/quote] Seemed to be mainly psychological to me. The players seemed to be suffering from vertigo as soon as they got their two goal lead. No idea what the technical term for this issue is but it''s one you see quite often in sports where a person or team start making needless unforced errors as soon as things start going overly well for them. Almost like they start focusing so much on not making a mistake that''s all they can picture in their minds and they then act out their own worst nightmares. Good examples of this include Nico Rosberg gifting Lewis Hamilton the F1 title last year by skidding off the track when in the lead before winning 4-5 races back to back when the title race was over, Norwich City in our ill fated 92/93 title challenge or Andy Murray in 20 of his 22 (I made that stat up but it seems like that many I''ve watched him lose) major final matches.* But yes a good captain is what''s needed, unfortunately for Norwich our captain is one of the worst culprits for this negative mindset and unforced errors. (* for future reference see also Leicester City in the 15/16 season run in).
  9. [quote user="jaemae2"]Awful is harsh, not very good there for sure. Generally leaves the flanks wide open from cutting in like 99% of the time. That and not a guy who wants to chase that much in defense (I mean he''ll put a very poor tackle in now and again, his defensive concentration esp. out wide is non existant.)[/quote] Cutting in all the time? Puts the occasional poor tackle in and lacks defensive concentration? To be honest that describes both Redmond and Howson out wide, so I can''t really see why Neil wouldn''t accommodate Naismith there to fit him in the team at times.
  10. I''m just praying the transfer window closes before the board manage to screw up their good work by doing something stupid like selling Alex Tettey for a packet of fags to Coventry City or something. Can we get transfer window deadline moved forward by 10 days?
  11. [quote user="Mr Jenkins"]morty wrote the following post at 15/01/2016 9:45 PM: Mr Jenkins wrote: Have you seen Mulumbu play recently? I was at Man City, he didn''t look too Yep saw him at the cup game and at Spurs and he didn''t look as I''d remembered him. Pretty sure it''s just a fitness issue and hopefully that''s coming back, we need him at his most influential.[/quote] Just to play devils advocate a bit here, if you think Mulumbu''s issue is fitness and we need him at his most influential wouldn''t playing him tomorrow in O''Neil''s absence be the best way to allow him to get some match fitness? I''d go with GK Rudd; DF Martin, Brady, Bennett, Bassong; MF Ofoe, Tettey, Jarvis and FW Mbokani in the starting line up; it''s probably a question of choosing two from Howson / Mulumbu / Dorrans / Hoolahan to make up the rest of the five man midfield. I''ll plump for him going with a mustn''t lose strategy and select Mulumbu to give a more combative midfield and move Howson into the attacking midfield role to allow Jarvis to come in on Left Wing.
  12. [quote user="Capt. Pants"]A bit of a kick in the teeth for our Academy?[/quote] Realistically no more than any other signing from another club. Buying Matt Jarvis was as much an indication of Alex Neil believing the Murphy''s weren''t worth risking in the premier league than buying an 18 year old is to our young midfielders. Main issue with this signing is that our hesitation to blood young players (only one 24 year old from our youth team this season a few years after winning the FA Youth Cup team is a bit disappointing) means we''ll likely just loan him out to upper league one lower championship teams for a few years and then sell him on for half the original purchase price to try his luck elsewhere. Probably better off buying experienced players we actually have a chance of using at some stage.
  13. [quote user="Crafty Canary"]Born in Manchester, began career at Oldham and apparently wants to return closer to Manchester. Burnley''s £2.5 million bid rejected and West Brom also interested according to Birmingham Mail. We can forget this as a) West Brom have better chance of staying up b) They are closer to Manchester than we are. Still this is the type of player we should go for as we have a chance of getting them.[/quote] Wait, West Brom is CLOSER to Manchester than Norwich? Thanks for that surprising fact, could you provide a link to a map as well to allow us to confirm that?
  14. [quote user="Redders Right Foot"][quote user="YorkshirePudding"]Grabban''s wife gave Bradley a BJ[/quote] RIP this thread. it was good while it lasted[/quote] No it wasn''t.
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