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  1. Hahaha turn up and be the 12th man? When was the last time Portman road was sold out?!! You lot only turn up when things are going well, otherwise you''re lucky to get 16k. Talk about sing when you''re winning. No one heard a peep out of you lot when we were in the premier league. Now you''re literally scrambling out from under your rocks to stick the boot in. Football is all about peeks and troughs, we''ve had 4 pretty good years and now maybe this is our trough. We as fans are helpless when it comes to the running of our clubs, we put faith in those at the top, and unfortunately those people are letting us down with their decisions, as you must appreciate after, the Keane and Jewel years?!
  2. Ever since Dave Watson left, and he started coaching our keepers Ruddys form has gone well and truly down the toilet. He''s gone from England squad to flapper.
  3. At the end of the day any striker would''ve struggled with Hughtons set up, but from what saw RVW was not cut out for the English leagues. He''s much better suited to football somewhere in Europe may that be France, Holland where ever. As long as we can recoup as much of the transfer fee we paid for him as we can, I think all parties will be happy.
  4. I know and I''m sorry but I wanted to back my point up. I''m just a frustrated Canary who needed a rant!
  5. After relegation to league 1 necessary changes are made at board level. A ruthless streak is installed in McNally and Bowkett. We steal P Lambert from Colchester and as we all know we go on an incredible run. I really thought that with this new board in place, ruthless football minded people, that even if Lambert left which he was always likely to then with these people now running the club we''d be fine. Lambert does leave surprise surprise, what I didn''t realise is he''d take the board of directors sense with him. First they appoint Chris Hughton a polar opposite of Lambert, in both character, personality but most inportantly in the way he likes his team to play. This man settles situations down he doesn''t take you forward. He did a pretty good job at settling things down, but once this happened he then didn''t know how to move us along. Having only had months in the premier league as a manager with Newcastle this perhaps can be understood. Things are clearly going horribly wrong the board do nothing. We slide down the table, the fans are divided but most of getting restless and see the need for change. They decide to wait till the last 5 games to sack Hughton giving someone with even less experience the task of getting us the points to stay up plaing the top teams in the country. Unsurprisingly this fails and we''re relegated. They all then come out on the radio and say we made mistakes, we were going to change but no one was available, bla bla bla! There weren''t many candidates around in league 1 so we pinched someone! Given a month before those 5 games at the least I''m sure someone could''ve kept us up, but no they let us drop. I''m thinking though ok they''ve learnt their lesson, we''re debt free lets keep the squad together, get a good manager in and try and get back up. What do they do give the job to the rookie coach, the man who despite being at the club wasn''t considered good enough to take over in January! Things started ok, I thought maybe even with the rookie coach the quality at his disposal will do us ok. It seems now that isn''t the case. He insists on leaving Gary Hooper and man who tore this league up before on the bench. He plays Kyle Lafferty the man who does well for NI up front on the left wing. He fails to get the best out of Redmond and sends players out on loan who could be doing a job in our team. Things start to fail so what do the board do they sack the 1st team coach. This act is then not given any explanation leading to rumor after all sorts! It''s getting beyond a joke now. Please current norwich City board look at yourselves in the mirror and try to find your previous selves otherwise we''re just going to keep on failing and we''ll rot in this division for years.
  6. I loved Grant Holt when he was with us, so started following him on Twitter. Still follow him despite leaving, read today that he''s currently training with Wigans under 18 squad. Surely he''s better than that? I know he''s probably not as good as he once was but surely he could still do a job for a lower Championship team, or league 1/2 team. Such a shame how some players careers suddenly go down the toilet.
  7. So many on here said he was rubbish, didn''t score enough bla bla bla. He might not be the most prolific striker but,starting or coming off the bench particularly at this level he can be a real handful, and change games like he did today.
  8. With the excellent new signings we''ve made, our potential starting 11 size wise could be huge!!! With Lafferty, Turner, our new Belgian midfielder, and both our new centre backs standing 6ft 4ins with the right deliveries we could be deadly from corners etc.
  9. With them aleady signing Cresswell, might mean they don''t come back in for Olsson
  10. You cannot seriously tell me that given the chance Fer, Tettey, Ollson wouldn''t jump ship given the chance?!
  11. [quote user="itriv"]I think the view on this signing depends on how it happens. If it is replacing an out going Fer then yes this is a bad replacement. If it is to add experience, a player who has been in the premier league for the majority of his career and enjoyed promotion last season then I think its a great signing. If we are 1 nil up away at Derby with 10 mins to go, O''Neil on "for Murphy could be the difference between 3 points and 1[/quote] Couldn''t agree more!
  12. I guess the thing is, we have no idea as supporters what players are actually available to us. We say we should sign this player or that player, but finances, players desire to come to Norwich etc we just don''t know. I''d rather have GO''N than Tettey anyway. The guy seems to have been fishing for a move ever since we went down!
  13. [quote user="Joanna Grey"]Stanton Canary wrote the following post at 29/07/2014 9:46 AM: "I think an older experienced head is what''s needed. These players often bring more than just their ability on the pitch." Ridiculous statement. We have just come down from three seasons in the Premiership, we have Internationals playing for us, even the youngsters have spent time out on loan. We don''t need ''older, experienced'' cast offs![/quote] At his age he''s likely to only get a one year contract at most. He played 29 games for Qpr last season in a promotion winning campaign. We have to get real! We''re a championship club now, which means we might need to sign a free transfer every now and then. Because these internationals you speak of want out from all accounts anyway!
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