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  1. Yorkshire  Canary

    Brentford Match Thread

    Need different penalty taker but good result against a very dangerous Brentford team. Our defence is the best I remember in a very long time and krul has settled. Nice to win when not at our best our improvement since early September has been outstanding and coincides with Zimmerman,steipermann,Aarons being regular starters
  2. Yorkshire  Canary


    A magnificent player for our club. I am optimistic he will stay though will have to be reduced terms
  3. Yorkshire  Canary

    No goals no top six

    Our style of play makes us now a difficult side to beat but we have very few players with an eye for goal and we do not get the ball in the box often enough. Work in progress but still very much mid table for me
  4. Yorkshire  Canary

    Lack Of Goals

    Lots to be pleased about recently but my observation on the goals front is even when the man in possession is in front of goal we prefer to pass it out wide again rather than goal for goal. Plus very few players in the squad are natural goalscorers. Our successful recent game plan is based on keeping it tight and getting the first goal. We struggle when we go behind
  5. Yorkshire  Canary

    Today will tell us a lot.

    We played some nice football and were the better side. The OG was very unfortunate. We struggle when we fall behind though and there are not too many goals in the side. The youngsters are coming on leaps and bounds, Cantwell for the first time for me looked very good indeed and Zimmerman was immense. Still a top half rather than a top 6 side for me though, but that''s not bad. We lack a big battering ram type striker to allow us to go direct
  6. The upside of the new model is that we will always have a club to support unlike the Rushdon and diamonds and scarboroughs of this world. The downside is a slow but gradual deterioration in status and expectations. Funny how things go full circle for decades prior to the 1970s we were a club that bounced between in effect league 1 and the championship, we may be heading that way again. The the level of support stays high and we manage to produce and sell good young players then championship will be more probable. The consequence of a significant drop in support and failure to generate transfer surplus is obvious. The caveat also is by chance we may occasionally hit on a managerial gem for short term success
  7. Yorkshire  Canary


    Godfrey seems to have built his reputation ob loan as an energetic midfielder. I feel this is the type of player our midfield is missing at the moment a direct attacking physical presence. This being the case I am bemused Farke seems intent on playing him as a CB especially when we have Zimmerman who is competent in that role. What are peoples thoughts on the lads best position
  8. I am no doom monger and suspect we will finish lower mid table. That said for some to totally discount the potential of relegation is being complacent. Last season 42 would have been safe which is about where we are 6 games in. The previous season Blackburn went down with 51 and we are not hitting those levels yet. Regardless of the model Farke needs a stonking run the stand any chance of a new contract
  9. Yorkshire  Canary


    In isolation a draw away in a derby game has to be acceptable even though they probably had the best of the game. More worrying after 6 games we already have early evidence that has to be concerning and less than a point a game is relegation form. We will just have to see but the early season optimism of some has been blown away and looks like being a long hard season. Even if farke does not get the pre Christmas chop I cannot see even this board extending his contract which runs out in the summer
  10. Yorkshire  Canary


    Lets see what happens at full time
  11. Yorkshire  Canary

    Worse Possible Result For Fark

    I have my doubts about farke but the worst result would have been a hammering. Our second team was better than theirs which must give some rise to optimism.
  12. Yorkshire  Canary


    Great result and performance. I know it is only the cup but a win is a win
  13. Yorkshire  Canary


    Well I am talking about Rhodes he didn''t have a sniff of a chance against Preston or Leeds. He is feeding off scraps. Pukki has the ability to make things happen himself. Rhodes did ok in the WBA game and had other chances and the penalty miss was a shame for him and the team. At home since then he has looked somewhat out if sorts
  14. Yorkshire  Canary

    There's three main problems at Norwich City

    I don''t mind that the current owners have no meaningful money in footballing terms. I do mind the many many poor managerial ,boardroom and transfer decisions they have made over the years. They are fans but lack footballing house. Occasionally they have stumbled on a decent mix law of averages I suppose. No confidence in Balls or any of the others and we are in a downward drift that can be arrested with astute appointments