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  1. If we get 3 points against a very resilient and in form Rotherham then i will be very pleased. This is a potential banana skin fixture and i would take a 1-0, though we may need to score more than 1 as Rotherham have shown an ability to score
  2. Rotherhams recent form is very much better than their league position suggests and if we are not 100% then they are easily capable of taking points off us. To be honest unless we have injuries or someone desperately needs a rest then i would play my best side. I can see the argument about including Sorenson, though Mc Clean has done nothing wrong and its only when he is not playing that you notice what he gives. Is Hugill fit there was some suggestion he may be in which case i would like to see him with Pukki against a physical Rotherham outfit rather than Dowell or Vrancic. The latter has disappointed whilst the former has offered very little indeed when he has played.
  3. We love our club but we have to be realistic without significant outside investment our glass ceiling is being a top championship club, getting promoted every now and again and having short stays in the PL. If we have a successful manager they will be pinched like Lambert was and the same goes for the players. We have a lot of players at this club that will need to be moved on even if we are in the championship let alone the PL. We have a hard core of 3 or 4 players that can justly count themselves as being PL quality. No younger players have broken through unfortunately this season in sharp contrast to 2 to 3 seasons ago when Maddison, Lewis, Godfrey, Aarons ,Buendia and Cantwell arrived on the scene, which is both a worry and disappointment. Of the more mature players Krul is still at the top of his game so is Gibson and Hanley, but then we are pretty thin on the ground, Vrancic, Steipermann, Hernandez and Tettey are way past their best, Pukki is still good but past his best, Hugill looks a decent championship striker, Dowell just looks off the pace as does Platecha
  4. To me its all about if we go up or not. He may be a local lad but he will have his career aspirations which probably are a lot higher than a club like Norwich can offer. With a year left after this season if we are still in the championship and he does not sign an extension then he has all the aces and we need to sell as soon as we can for as much that we can get in the summer. If we go up then we can offer him a lucrative contract with no doubt a sell on figure included. This would suit all parties, he has a decent wedge guaranteed, he could show his talents in the PL and probably invite a bid from a bigger and richer club that would satisfy the management here. In many ways we are a similar size club to Leicester but without that financial investment we have a glass ceiling of getting promoted and relegated again on a regular basis. Leicester can offer top half PL football and without that top young players will not want to hang around here too long
  5. Well Skipp is a great prospect imo and regardless of which Division we are in if Spurs do not want him then i would bite their hands off assuming we could afford him
  6. Could do a lot worse regardless of which division we are in and it looks that Spurs are fully intending having Skipp in their first team squad next season which the lad full deserves and a very good advert for the loans policy whereby both clubs and player benefit
  7. Great watching the lads play some great stuff against a pretty robust Stoke side who many pundits thought we may drop points against. It really underlines the importance to us of Buendia, made one, scored one and won the penalty and no coincidence that we dropped 7 points in 3 fixtures in which he played a total of about 60 minutes. No player is irreplaceable i know but he is as close to being one for us. Then to smash it all and fully expecting Brentford to smash a Barnsley side without a win in 2021 then that happens with old boy Carlton Morris getting on the scoresheet. Many twists and turns to come but nice to have that post game buzz return again this weekend albeit i know we did our best to give Stoke a couple of goals, we need to learn from those errors pretty quickly, it did not hurt us this time it could on another day
  8. We have been a good Championship side for the past decade with brief appearances in the PL. The squad of 10 years ago looks easily as good as the one we have today
  9. This lad looks the real deal. credit to Brentford time and time again they sell players for very good money and then make very astute purchases. This lad scored heavily in league 1 and Brentford took a punt on him we could have done so too, If he stays fit he will power them to the PL and possibly keep them there. I bet Newcastle are kicking themselves they sold him for £600000 to Peterborough
  10. This is a strange one. I like him he has done very well but his games have been out of position at LB. It does not automatically mean he would be far better in his more natural midfield position. He may be but we have not seen him i rate Skipp too but it may be worth giving him the odd rest and trying Sorensonn
  11. One hell of a gap between league 1 and championship. He was a decent player in his time and i am not surprised that he is doing well in league 1 even at his age, but no good for us now
  12. My wife is from Carlisle and i often took in a game when we used to visit her parents. Alas they passed away a few years ago so we no longer go up there very often. I recall watching them beat Farnborough Town in the Conference 7 nil and also a game against Torquay who had Neveille Southall in goal for them about 4 stone heavier than in his prime and he got sent off
  13. He has played very little football since he was on loan to us. Wrong side of 30 and in his last season of his owls contract, someone will pick up a half decent player for free soon and he will have to accept much reduced wages. If we do not go up then we could do a lot worse having him as a squad player
  14. When he left us to go to Villa it was a crossroads for him and our club. Had he stayed i am sure we would have kicked on . His career has gone back wards and though we have had 2 further seasons in the Pl which is no mean fete we never looked like staying there and i think the same could be said next season if we managed to go up
  15. He has done a pretty decent job but lets not get too carried away. If we go up then he will have done a very good job indeed 2 PL seasons out of 4, if not then 3 championship seasons in 4 and a PL season the worst that we have ever had would be an ok performance but not much more
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