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  1. My brother in law is a Newcastle ST holder and said the confidence drained out of him after a few games, the dilemma for a lot of players that big money move, it has made him financially secure but the jump was far to big for him and has been said before 50% of sporting success is in the head.
  2. I see we are linked with a loan move for him in todays press. I am sad the lads career seems to have hit the buffers since he left here but they have in a big way having made no impression at Newcastle and then a series of championship loans when he has hardly ripped up the form books. We hit the jack pot when we sold him and his wages must be upwards of £40000 a week. An emotional one given his local connections but coming back rarely works. Given he is now 25 i see no merit in signing him on a permanent basis as he is not worth half the fee we got. Even on loan given our wage structure even if Newcastle agreed a 50% reduction it would still put him up with some of the higher earners. Could he bounce back with home comforts possibly but i feel that boat has left and we need to be signing players in form not ones that are surplus to requirements
  3. Yes they need to be fair and consistent or else they make a rod for their own back. Why should point deductions be suspended ?, its not fair on the other clubs. The Charlton/Sheffield Wednesday saga has yet to be resolved how can you fine a club 12 points but suspend it to the following season thereby relegating a different club
  4. To be fair this must be a nightmare for all clubs to progress, the more season ticket holders the more complicated. I accept all fans will have a different perspective on this. I have two tickets an adults and and under 12 for my granddaughter. Clearly no point the latter having a ticket if i cannot go. I am early 60s fit and no underlying conditions so in principle would be willing to attend when the Government sanction it. I would say from the outset that i paid for my ticket in full in February and if not allowed in want my money back i have no interest whatsoever in a streaming package if i had wanted one of those i would have bought one. Live football or nothing for me. The televised games since resumption have been soulless affairs with no atmosphere, i know it cannot be helped but i really am not inclined to watch many more games like that. Given that schools are starting in September and the scientists have intimated that things may have to be stopped to mitigate a rise in infections i honestly feel we are living in cuckoo land if we think crowds will be allowed in any time quick, i think live sport will be well down the pecking order behind retail and pubs. The experience of Scotland shows that the Governing bodies need to come down on clubs like a ton of bricks if they cannot keep their players in order, Celtic one going off to Spain on the quiet and 8 Aberdeen players in the pub and that is all we know about. For what its worth our clubs attempt to let every ST holder see one game a month initially and pay back the money for the other missed games does seem as fair as you can get it
  5. A very good guide to where we are great bit of work, most of it is very positive but a couple of players that we probably no longer want make be difficult to move on but that is always the case. We hold most of the aces for the main assets
  6. In theory Gibson is the type of player we want, there are some big buts. As others have said why has he gone for a big fee and not featured at all ?? Burnley will want him off their books in terms of wages and no way will they get more than a fraction of their transfer fee. There is so much risk in there that i would not want to sign him for other than a nominal fee, probably a loan with a view to buy provided he makes X number of appearances
  7. A long list of players here many of whom gave great service to the club. The majority have now their best days behind them and i think there are few if any i would look to sign now. The Murphy twins shows the dilemma of young talent and potential. Neither have kicked on and with hindsight the fees we got for them were at the top of the curve and the resale of either would be a fraction of what we got. I wonder how many will join the long list of players returning to Norfolk when their playing days are over
  8. Yes i can certainly see where you are coming from. I accept that no player is irreplaceable but to Norwich certainly in the championship he is probably as close as you get. I have no idea as to if he is disruptive or not, i suspect he may not be adverse to a tantrum, but that really is what you pay coaches for to manage egos. If Managers and coaches shipped out the talented Pre Madonnas all the time then they will never hit the heights of success. I accept he will have aspirations at a higher level and it would be unrealistic to keep him beyond another season if we did not go back up. I am not sure about the two clubs mentioned, Villa he would be in another relegation battle and Palace they are so defensive he may get very frustrated. I am confident the management team will get the best possible fees for any of our players that go. I would just love him to give us another season, with him in the right frame of mind he will be the heartbeat of the team in the championship, without him it will take a very astute signing or two to make up for the shortfall in championship goals and assists
  9. Yes regarding Lewis i suspect we may well regret not squeezing a bit more out of Liverpool if possible and letting him go. It is not nailed on that he will be a first choice throughout the season then what would his value be. I know it is not all about money and that is what makes players sales and purchases such a minefield and shapes if managers come and go and go and the success or otherwise of clubs. If RVW had scored the goals Pukki did we would most probably have stayed up that season
  10. I see in todays press both Crystal Palace and Aston Villa are being linked with Buendia with a supposed price tag of £13m ish. This player means so much to our club if we have serious aspirations of being promoted. He ripped up the championship and means so much to us going forward. I know he is not the finished article and can be a tad temperamental on occasions but his loss would be the biggest single disappointment to me, and if he were to go he is worth in excess of £25m to us and how we play, regardless of what other clubs think. For goodness sake £13m is in the same ball park as both of the Murphy boys and there is no comparison on ability. In a better side Buendia would have done far better last season, it would have been interesting to see what difference Madison playing in our squad last season would have made, he probably would not have been able to replicate his form for Leicester. Of all the players people talk about leaving our club, Buendia is the one we have to keep IMO
  11. Yes he was much sought after when at Spurs and being loaned out to championship clubs. I thought he was great when he was here and the money we got at the time was decent, it does show the dangers of holding on to players for too long sometimes, that is the difficult call for those in charge of these decisions, of course like much in sport half is fitness and ability the other half is in the head, those of us on the outside do not know what is happening to a player in that regard
  12. It will be interesting to see if there are many clubs interested in Lewis at the prices that some people are talking about. Liverpool saw something in him, but as a back up rather than first choice and obviously their valuation was well short of ours.To be fair i was very impressed with Lewis in the Championship, far less so last season in the PL. It was a big jump and he has youth on his side, if he stays he will be an asset to us in the championship, difficult to say if his value will go up or down from here depends on form , injuries and a bit of lady luck. If i had to make a judgement though i could see his career going more in the direction of "the twins" rather than Madison. It is always going to be a very difficult call as to the optimum time for a club the size of ours to cash in on young talent
  13. A lot of the lads career has been at championship level with the exception of last season. It does show what fees are required for top championship players though. The jury is out on if he will make it at PL level, clearly Liverpool are not confident hence them cashing in, he could become the new Alex Pritchard. we could not afford him but he would add a lot to our squad next season
  14. Interesting point i had not considered that, no doubt the football lawyers will be rubbing their hands on the topic. I suppose we cannot have our cake and eat it eg get someone on a Bosman form Europe but then say that a British player is not entitled to a Bosman, or would it result in a surge of dual nationality applications among players
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