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  1. Hi all! Unfortunately I cannot make the game, so if anyone would like my season ticket you can have it for £5 less than face value. If anyone''s interested drop me an email at ian_gabelli@hotmail.com
  2. Howson is a better player anyway, and he is still to come back
  3. Oh was that it? Ah well...
  4. On TalkSport tonight, apparently he will mention us in some transfer talk. Will probably be nothing to exciting
  5. Experience doesn''t always mean he will do any good for us, why do people always think that it will. Remember Sibierski?
  6. Delia and co are not happy unless we are little old Norwich and seen as a very nice club. Adams (and now Martin) talks a very good game, going on about pride/passion/displine etc, but to be honest anyone of us could do an interview and come up with those media friendly responses.
  7. Every player leaving a club says the same thing. Means nothing at all
  8. From a reliable source? Where did I say he''s been linked? All I said was I liked the player. Moron
  9. Oh really? I didn''t even know that ha. Is it a reliable paper?
  10. If/when Snodgrass does go, I''d like this guy signed as a replacement. Bosnian international who can play on either wing
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