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  1. Anyone can beat anyone - we cannot afford to be complacent, there are no easy games. We have to win the next game, the rest takes care of itself.
  2. Spoke very well, plays even better. Nice to find out a bit more about the youngsters.
  3. I always think the most passionate are those who follow a club with virtually no chance of glory, or are the massively smaller second team in a city. Think Bury, Tranmere, Barrow, - or Espanyol, 1860 Munich.
  4. I think Cantwell has to play 10. He is the only other player with an eye for goal.
  5. I think Brentford and Swansea are better than us this season. Brentford probably lack strength in depth if hit by injuries. I can’t see us beating Brentford, Bournemouth, or Watford, and that for me means playoffs. Given I don’t see us beating teams close to us, my gut feeling is we won’t go up this year. Hope I’m wrong, but we are to slow in possession, and other than Ben I don’t think the new signings are up to it.
  6. I liked the lad and wish him all the best. He did well for us, and didn’t let us down. He took an opportunity to stay in the Premier and we aren’t guaranteed to return. Not sure he is better than those who have replaced him, so all good.
  7. I think Skipp deserves a lot of credit. Settled in, does the unglamorous work tirelessly, and has great vision on the ball. A real team player who has a great attitude.
  8. Give the guy a break. It is just going to take time for him to get in tune with the way we play. At times he doesn’t anticipate the balls being played, but that will come.
  9. Not in tune with his new teammates yet, but the more he plays the more intuitive it will become. The team know where Pukki will want the pass, or play the ball - to early for Jordan yet. I think he will come good.
  10. The reaction reminds me of when Hux was at his best. Well played Todd.
  11. Needing a bit more creativity, and with limited time before the window shuts to get involved in silly bidding games, I wonder if we will go back in with a late take it or leave it bid? Don’t know the player at all, so would guess it would only happen if he would be a first team option immediately.
  12. Our formation required an attacking midfielder scoring regularly. Perhaps Pukki needs to drop to the No. 10 role, and someone else play as the main striker.
  13. Whatever are problems are, Eddie Howe is not the answer.
  14. I feel sorry for the lad. Needs to take his time coming back and then no reason he will get another injury. Time for Mumba to step up, and make the most of the chance.
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