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  1. And Klopp will only pay a fine if he knows it is going to a good cause. That’s how to deal with someone not respecting the game’s officials - let him tell you he can choose if to pay the fine. Spineless FA.
  2. I’m never sure about the infrastructure spending. The academy doesn’t appear to provide many players, even for a mid-table Championship side. If the idea is to sell on talent to fund the club, I’m not sure expanding Carrow Road wouldn’t have been a better investment. I think Chelsea just took one of our academy players, so not sure we can even hang onto any exceptional talent in the academy. Training ground improvements don’t appear to equate to professionalism and determination - just reinforcing the pampered, soft, undetermined character of the players we seem to specialise in recruiting.
  3. To think he is responsible and has not communicated with us fans on any of these disasters is appalling.
  4. Driving to that Blackpool game I could see massive storm clouds coming in from the sea. Heavens opened and ran to the away turnstile with my mate at the last minute. The turnstile operator said he thought it may get called off, so we waited outside chatting to him. When it was called off, he gave us both a voucher for the rescheduled game anyway so we got to see that for free. Happy days indeed.
  5. Left footed, have a cultured free kick and not as swift as I once was… I think you may be hearing from Stu very soon. If you could just confirm your lack of fitness and backbone, you could be looking at a five year £30k a week contract
  6. She didn’t say what we were searching for a competent coach though.
  7. Webber’s cocky quotes were always more than likely to come back and haunt him. It looks like he did well appointing Farke, who brought the magic. To then remove Farke, and not “ignore the noise”, is proving Webber to be out of his depth. Player and Coach recruitment has been horrendous, and the club has no unity or identifiable playing style. Incredibly Wagner is less suited to Norwich, and less capable than Smith. I very much doubt either Webber or Wagner will be part of any solution to unite the club now.
  8. The timing was poor, but fair play for not hiding. Wagner said it was because he cares. I don’t doubt that, but it doesn’t make any of them good at their jobs. Carrying no good will into next season, and starting with a divided club, is a recipe for disaster.
  9. Does anyone really care anymore? (Other than Stu)
  10. If they sacked Smith because of the fans - where does that leave them now? Farke had no chance in the Premier in either season with the players he had. The board should have had the courage to stand by him. To lose a good coach because they couldn’t recognise they had recruited second rate players was the biggest mistake. Let’s not forget how bad this squad is though - well short of second rate. Absolutely shocking group, and no link with the fans. Wagner is hopeless as well.
  11. I care about the club - but it doesn’t mean I should be Sporting Director. It’s his lack of ability that is the issue.
  12. We are shocking - pace, skill, physicality, mentality - the squad is light years away from the Premier League. Not a hope of winning the playoffs, let alone staying in the Premier. Since Farke left both, Smith and Wagner have tried different playing styles. We have recruited badly and the team and club have no identity. I couldn’t care less about any of our recent recruits - and without an identity we just sign random mercenaries we hope we can sell on. Farke’s successor need to build on that style of play. Klopp is finding it hard to get players to play his style of football, so Weber and Wagner have virtually no chance.
  13. I thought it was clear we needed the fans during project restart. Player for player weaker squads need something to even it up. Home advantage could have helped provide us with that. As a better team in the Championship, no fans may have then worked for us. Farke had plenty of credit in the bank. I think we can all accept Wagner has a difficult job on his hands. I’m not convinced by the quality at his disposal, so he is going to have a job on creating a playing style.
  14. Watching the tactics video - players need to be hard working and intelligent. I can see a couple of problems there with our lightweights. Hopefully he gets them fitter than Smith managed. No big fan of Wilder, but thought he would tell it as it is - honest appraisal of the squad, get a team with more battling qualities, and challenge Weber on the recruitment. Here’s hoping for the best.
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