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  1. FCC

    Membership Consultation

    I would imagine the seats were “sold on” by members. I guess they will do it all season unless the club can identify the seats, link it back to the purchasers, and revoke the membership. Thankfully didn’t have any Reds around me. Once identified, shouldn’t they be ejected immediately. The segregation is there for a reason.
  2. FCC

    The best 1-4 loss we'll ever play

    Good post. The support was great, and we knew at times we would struggle this season. Gutted for Hanley, gave everything but the ball didn’t break for him all night, and it was the worst possible start. Some of our football was really good, but defensively we need to sort out defending dead ball situations. Krul was outstanding. It was very brave to try and take the game to the European Champions, but I like that. As a late convert to the plan, I’ll stick with it. One downside to the trip - Anfield is now just another ground. It used to be a proper football trip, to a club with knowledgeable fans. Now they have one song, only sing when they score, have lots of tourist fans, and are incredibly arrogant. On a practical level, it’s still a nightmare to get to, and I can’t see where anyone will be able to park when Everton leave Goodson.
  3. FCC


    I don’t mind Rhodes taking another - but he has to work on them and change his technique. He is a goal scorer, just needs a rethink of what he is doing.
  4. FCC

    A word for Tim...

    I slagged him and Leitner off big time earlier in the season.

    They’re making me look a proper Muppet now!

    Long may it continue. A happy Kermit!
  5. FCC

    Lambert’s a binner

    Disappointed at how he left for Villa. Couldn’t care less after that.

    He isn’t inheriting a Wes or Big Grant this time either.
  6. FCC

    New contract for Farke?

    I’m not convinced by him yet - but am enjoying the football again at the moment.

    On a personal level I think he is a very dignified and professional individual who comes across really well. Pleased he can have enjoyed his last few weekends after what must have been a stressful start to the season.

  7. FCC

    Agent Hurst

    I actually thought Hurst was a good appointment by them - I thought he would wait for a better offer. I think a lot of their players wanted out after the way the fans treated MM.
  8. FCC

    Great performance today

    Needed a result, and I thought team selection and performances were spot on.

    Slated him in the past, but I thought Krul was excellent today.

    First time in a while I felt team and fans uniting, and the atmosphere going up a notch.
  9. Given Klose didn’t try for a season after relegation, I find this hypocritical by Farke.

  10. Always put Norwich first, respected by his team mates, great Skipper, did a lot of community work, and lovely bloke.

    They don’t come much better.

    Good luck!
  11. First Norwich player to score for us at Wembley.

    Top class bloke, and never gave less than 100%. Hall of Fame beckons.
  12. FCC

    Tim Krul

    “but the footage shows a player through on goal with just the goalkeeper to beat - and that usually means the goalkeeper is going to get beaten, unless he makes a very good save.”

    Or the player is Leitner.
  13. I think Webber and his philosophy are worth an honourable mention.
  14. The BBC has”Leeds thrash Norwich”.

    I don’t think they thought it was close.
  15. FCC

    Loans ?

    Leitner on loan to a German non league club?