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  1. A man who knowingly played international football for a country that he wasn’t eligible to play for. How do these people get jobs spouting their opinion to the rest of us?
  2. Loved the Pony Bruce Oldfield dark blue kit, with the day glo’ yellow and green panels. Really distinctive and looked so sharp.
  3. I think Farke has a lot of dignity, and I feel for him. He defends his players despite their embarrassing lack of mental and physical strength. For all the talk, other than Cantwell and Idah, none of the young players have developed this season. They are making the same mistakes after 35 Premier League games as they were in August. I don’t expect us to bounce back next season, but for me it is the first major test of Webber’s long term plan. We have expected this all season, and the early signings show plans were in place. I would like to see some obvious first team recruits as we look to rebuild. Someone with Grant Hanleys character, in midfield would be useful. In my opinion, if Webber can buy well, and some of the young players come through, we could get ready for a promotion push in 2021/22 season.
  5. I wonder if Famewo will be ready to step into the centre of defence next season? He could be an option as he appeared to do ok for St Mirren.
  6. It’s fine - and I love the fact it has no writing on it. We’re Norwich City, we don’t have to spell it out.
  7. When Webber arrived he was dismissive of Alex Neil. Whilst this relegation is worse than that on the pitch, we don’t have to sell players and we aren’t saddled with huge salaries. The test is can we compete in the Championship. If we now have a philosophy at the club, it has to make us competitive next season, and has to include more pace, and more muscle. I think (with the exception of Alex) Bradley Johnson had more physical and mental strength than the current entire combined midfield of the club.
  8. Pukki was a lot more effective playing off Stiepermann, who had a bit of physicality. Marco didn’t score enough himself playing the no. 10 role, but then maybe that was a price worth paying. Other than Todd, nobody else looks like scoring anyway. I think Marco and Mario will be off in the summer - why slog through the Championship again when you know you won’t get a crack at the Premier if we did go up.
  9. I like Hanley and Zimbo as centre backs. Ben, Max and Jamal are great with the ball, but very average without it. I think next season I would be happy with the 2 Sams at LB and RB to make us more solid. In my view if Ben, Max and Jamal all left it wouldn’t be a disaster. They are making the same defensive mistakes they were making at the start of the season. No sign of continuing to develop as they did through last season. I don’t think they will have that many suitors so sadly won’t bring in mega money.
  10. Coupled with the cameraman clearly not knowing who Idah was as the commentators talked about him. The lack of knowledge is disgraceful and completely unprofessional. Compare that with the research Motty used to do. These bumbling idiots just roll up and watch a game with no background knowledge.
  11. Very proud of everyone tonight. So unlucky this season, but the effort was there to see. Hopefully it will give Daniel a lift as well, it can’t have been an easy season for him.
  12. To be fair to Villa, I thought they were top class when we won the title at their place last season.
  13. A bit left field this, but if we had plans to increase capacity would now be a good time to get the bulldozers in? No additional loss of income as the ground is empty anyway, that is presuming there is a plan ready to go.
  14. Alex Neil has done well at Preston with a limited budget.
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