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  1. Are we not at risk of being a feeder club to ensure Benfica can gain access to Champions League money? Should the European Super League ever gain traction again, Benfica could have a good shout for membership with their European History - and we wouldn’t get close to matching their profile then.
  2. It all seems a bit pointless to me. Miserable for a weekend if we lose the playoffs, or miserable for a season if we go up. Noticed a fair number of empty seats as Brighton were on TV yesterday. I wondered if the malaise is spreading. If you support, Brighton, West Ham, Fulham, Palace - what is the point. Maybe a cup run, but you’re really in a League you can’t win. You can’t build a team, as like us, your players will want more and be picked off by the super rich clubs. Those that come up, go back down. Leicester go up again with some financial shenanigans around them and no consequences. Time the EFL treated the Premier like the breakaway league it is. If you choose to go into the Premier, you can’t come back
  3. Whatever the strengths of the Championship, it is a huge gulf to the Premier League - and that gap is growing.
  4. Definitely “Swords of a thousand men” by Tenpole Tudor.
  5. Will be housework and decorating. He’s got some making up to do at home, and won’t be earning a wage any time soon.
  6. I presumed all young players got media training nowadays - presumably Webber could have sat in on a few sessions? This isn’t going to help him back into employment. Zoe always comes across as very hard working and professional, he doesn’t have to look far to see how to behave.
  7. It’s the cutting little holes in the socks that irritates me. If it helped I’m sure the sportswear manufacturers would make the socks with holes in them. I would ban it, and now I’m ranting, I’d make any kind of hairband have to match the kit. Also, players have to wear mittens to stop them grabbing shirts.
  8. HMRC statistics for 2021/22 show a tax gap of £739.3 billion. Given most of us pay tax through our wages, or purchases, I consider it hopeless. That is also assuming the tax liabilities after HMRC have been negotiated down.
  9. HMRC are hopeless. If you’re wealthy there is always a deal to be done.
  10. I had to Google to find out the date, but last time I went to Rovers was in 2010. The last match of Lamberts Division One campaign. What a fabulous season that was. I recall much of the second half of the game was spent trying to get Fraser Forster to have another season on loan with us. I won’t be bothering for the replay this time, to be honest I’d struggle to cross the road to watch us at the moment. My experience was that the Rovers fans were a friendly bunch, having been through a lot, and if we were to lose the replay I wouldn’t begrudge them a good cup run.
  11. Are you sure that isn’t the defensive midfielder we have been crying-out for?
  12. Knapper is a novice and has inherited a complete mess. A board happy with stagnation and missing his predecessor, a squad of ageing, overpaid, unmotivated old pros. Young players with few role models to learn from, and an expensive academy that isn’t producing quality young players and where the best get poached by other clubs anyway. Fans who have lost any connection with the team and club, not helped by criticism of them from the board, and apathy amongst many. In my opinion he can only get in a Coach he can trust, and hope for time to rebuild the playing squad and the change in ownership. If we keep Wagner I hope we don’t waste more money and sign anyone for him in this window. Forget the playoffs, imagine, by some miracle, sneaking into the playoffs - and then going up. This squad and manager wouldn’t reach double figures in points in the Premier.
  13. Apparently BBC reporting on the game at the time said it was a Wagner out protest. Probably someone just told them that though.
  14. I’m probably in a small minority, but I view Ipswich as Rivals not Enemies. As football fans we have all witnessed real tragedy when things are taken to far, and I don’t think referring to any teams fans as scum is necessary. I think the behaviour of those Ipswich fans involved is abhorrent, and I don’t see why the club couldn’t comment as such. As a community club, I would hope we would speak out if roles were reversed, and if children have been impacted at a game I would hope we would try and find a way to keep them interested in football.
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