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  1. I would think, over a season they should even out. 1 or 2 would be within that sort of range - when you are getting 4 or 6 for or against you, it is hard to not sense a bias.
  2. I didn’t think we should have sacked Farke, but getting rid of Smith wouldn’t make that right. Let’s give him some time, and hope he gets some input into our recruitment this summer.
  3. An observation - not a stick. He was the only member of that squad to do it. I can’t imagine any fan not wanting to see him desperate to play for Norwich, and giving 100% for the club. The question is, does he? Only he knows his view of any issues. If he pulls a Norwich shirt on again, I’ve no grudge and will back him as I would any other player.
  4. Looking back at the Championship celebrations at Villa Park - only one player put his shirt on back to front so that his name was on the front and not the team badge.
  5. Always enjoyed my trips to the North East - Newcastle, Sunderland, Middlesbrough, and Hartlepool. Nice people, and a beautiful part of the country. Good luck to Newcastle, I hope they hoover up trophies and annoy the previously super rich. It does mean some of the previous big clubs will six struggle for Champions League success - let’s see how the loyal overseas support holds up after a few seasons with no trophies.
  6. No massive fan of Webber, but I think he and his wife put long hours into doing their best for the club. He must be as disappointed with the signings as we are - not only poor, but decreasing in value. Let’s hope they develop in the Championship next season. I wish we had kept Farke. We didn’t, I see little benefit in asking for new owners, Webber or Smith to leave. They know what we have and what we lack, they are best placed to build back for next season. I don’t think the club can’t manage without him for a few weeks, and it is probably better for him and the rest of the board that they learn to do so.
  7. I believe it is more about mentality than physicality. Lots of excellent small tenacious midfielders over the years - but they were up for the fight and wouldn’t be bullied.
  8. Thank you to those who responded. I knew it wouldn’t be a yes / no answer - but interesting views from everyone.
  9. Does it incentivise ground development for us?
  10. I do notice a fair few of our fans can’t handle their drink. Sadly, people often laugh at these idiots making them think they are funny. Name, shame and ban, what a disgrace. I hope your daughter gets over it, and keeps faith with the majority who despise these low-lifes.
  11. I didn’t agree with letting Daniel go - but letting Dean go would be making things worse. He needs some time, at present how we play is dictated by the players at his disposal. Hopefully he has some input into the summer recruitment, and last summers who stay gain some confidence. Tough supporting the team at the moment, but let’s hope they can dig out a result somewhere.
  12. A matter of time until the same happens with China. The West sucks up to them for trade, they also own football clubs, time to massively reduce trade with them.
  13. Poland - players and FA stand strong and refuse to play Russia, English FA turns a blind yet again. The timing of this speaks volumes about how those titles were paid for - meanwhile we get slated for not competing with them.
  14. I believe Alyson Rudd would find this humour unbecoming for an annoying Premier League Club.
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