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  1. Football is cyclical and we are on a downward trajectory. At some stage we will bottom out refresh and go on an upward curve. I don’t think we are near the bottom yet and when that is recognised we will rebuild. - Remember Colchester 7 -1
  2. Any team down to about 11th could go above us if we lose.
  3. Just sent my £10 in case there are some places left.
  4. The best teams always have someone who can run with the ball and whether or not there is always an end product it does raise the crowd. Onel does this on the wing but that’s about all.
  5. Being chair is not a promotion. It is a prestigious role only remunerated by expenses and token shares.Nobody from inside could bring the detachment needed for the role.
  6. Surely Delia could find one of her influential friends to be her Chairperson.
  7. Exactly. Can you imagine any other P.L.C without a chair. No leadership off the field has been mirrored on the field.
  8. I think it was Ed Balls who left in Dec. 2018 and never replaced.
  9. It has struck me that our decline has coincided with our lack of chairperson . A wise head not necessarily a football person who can provide focus and bring the disparate board members together. Not sure why we dispensed with a chair but they can bring the various parts together eg finance,recruitment,training,publicity, fan involvement,club ethos etc. Ed Balls fulfilled this role and he provided a figurehead that acted as a link between the owners and the rest of the board. We have seen Webber being virtually autonomous and also the sponsorship debacle.The AGM was chaired by Stefan and it was a bit like it was “Buggins turn” I think we desperately need a world wise high profile chairperson and preferably but not necessarily one with football knowledge. Any ideas?
  10. There must be a reason why we are the only club in the U.K. to buy one unless we were a loss leader. Perhaps it made players think they were better than they really were.
  11. Like it or not with our resources we operate in a narrow margin between 16 - 26 in the football hierarchy.
  12. I forgot that I also worked with John Greatrex a great goalkeeper who also kept wicket for Norfolk.
  13. Edward Worlledge primary school with Dave Stringer and Gt.Yarmouth Tech. High with Sammy Morgan.
  14. Really spooky watch as I am unable to attend at the moment because of ill health and the blog from 7.28 showed my empty seat and the fans normally around me. I realised how much I miss the whole match day experience and had a lump in my throat as I watched it.
  15. Is there a reason we are the only club with a soccer bot or has Delia done a deal with the Germans to promote Uk.sales.
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