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  1. Felixfan

    Top 26

    Realistically our natural place in the football hierarchy is somewhere between 16 and 26.
  2. My view also. Two poor teams befitting their league positions.
  3. Felixfan

    What’s the problem?

    We are missing a licensed thug to break things up a bit - remember Bradley Johnson.
  4. Felixfan

    When is the A.G.M?

    Sorry if I confused with an earlier post. Just realised I had not received notification and wanted to know the date.
  5. Just a heads up for those travelling on the rail tomorrow as there are only hourly trains and replacement bus service from Diss.
  6. Just a heads up for those travelling on the rail tomorrow as there are only hourly trains and replacement bus service from Diss.
  7. Felixfan

    Kevin Friend this week’s ref

    I know Kevin from years ago when he refereed Civi Service games. always willing to help as he learned his trade.An excellent ref. who I believe has a soft spot for Norwich.
  8. Felixfan

    Burnley Tickets

    I am in Australia for Spurs at home. So happy to swap that for Spurs away if one of the 750 or others can get me a ticket.
  9. Felixfan

    £3m or £30m?

    Shows how much I know about wine but you get the point.
  10. Felixfan

    £3m or £30m?

    £30 million is relatively cheap for top players these days.
  11. Felixfan

    £3m or £30m?

    It is a bit like buying wine. You can buy a young vintage and hope it matures into a Premier cru or you can buy the finished product.
  12. Felixfan

    Burnley tickets

    It will be massively oversubscribed.
  13. Felixfan

    West Ham tickets

    I deplore the “I a more loyal than you” debate. Surely all fans are loyal but support in different ways. However for good or bad in a money dominated business those that expend more cash following the team should be rewarded in any allocation of tickets. I suppose you could call that a type of loyalty card.
  14. Felixfan

    West Ham tickets

    I think part of the problem is that the season ticket prices were set before our league status was known otherwise there would have been a considerable increase so we have to balance that against the premier card fees. Notwithstanding that It was badly handled and pleased few particularly the under 10 away match group like myself.
  15. Felixfan

    West Ham tickets

    These packs were nothing to do with the club as they were produced and posted by a private contractor to the club’s specifications. Presumably that is why they need to be returned in pristine condition.
  16. Felixfan

    West Ham tickets

    There is the germ of an idea here. Assuming nobody outside the 7000 ever gets a ticket then and assuming there are for the sake of this argument 3000 seats every away game then that equates to 28x3000 or 84000 seats per season. That gives everyone 12 seats per season. Knowing that some grounds are smaller it could probably work out at about 8 seats per season but you could be guaranteed preference on your chosen grounds (maybe subject to a lottery if oversubscribed) or you could swap or relinquish. The equations could however change if the premier group is not capped.
  17. Felixfan

    West Ham tickets

    The fans who attended less than 10 away games last season have been shafted. The points system worked well and rewarded those fans albeit in tiers so you knew where you stood. Surely the Away Premier membership could have been tiered instead of putting 7000 fans in the same pot. Luckily I managed to get a ticket via internet after being in a browser queue for 30 minutes and having two phones on repeat which did not even make the queue. The system is flawed and badly thought out and one wonders how loyalty will be rewarded going forward.
  18. Only 4 points per month sounds easy - if only! I will however go for 15th.
  19. Felixfan

    New 👕

    Welcome. Hope to see you in transit next season. Agree with you about Felixstowe.
  20. Felixfan

    Josip Drmic signs

    Assuming our medics have done their job and he is now fit he could be a great signing. Looks a very similar style of player to Pukki.
  21. I think you are partially true on the restructuring but my experience in travelling with all ages on the train is that the age groups were fairly evenly split. The bond issue was only of interest to those with available capital and that precluded most young people. I have no evidence on the breakdown of ST renewals. venly
  22. Well said. . I doubt there are many younger fans on this site and the old guard are by nature risk averse.
  23. Surely it is better to plan for he future even if it means some seasons there is spare capacity. The club needs to move on or at least plan to.
  24. See my earlier post re possible funding sources.