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  1. Happy to yo yo with perhaps longer intervals at the top level.
  2. We probably didn’t pay for it - used as a loss leader to introduce it to the U.K. market.
  3. Always has a mistake in him but hard working with the occasional good game. A classic mid Championship level player.
  4. Perhaps not being seen as the team to beat will help us for a while. I have never been a fan of McLean and even less so after his howler last.night, and Hernandez must start.
  5. Exactly. All the other teams have to play Millwall and very likely end up drawing with them. If this is our blip then it’s a very minor one.
  6. Yes you have to make your markers work hard, pulling them all over the place and creating gaps.
  7. We have to follow the money as a top 26 club!
  8. That was the best example of good old fashioned man to man marking I have seen for years.
  9. What manager would want to go there. The fans are toxic hounding out manager after manager. They still cannot accept where they are in the football hierarchy and once they do that the rebuilding can begin. ( not too soon I hope).
  10. Surely the whole equation depends on how many s.t. holders continued paying. Those who chose refunds and others will be invited to purchase at whatever the new price will be. No doubt this has all been factored in to the budget planning.
  11. Was one of the best players in the Championship.
  12. Norwich to score in time added on either half. Luton v Bristol City BTTS.
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