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  1. Ipswich fans interested. Are we really shopping in the same market?
  2. How about using this opportunity to redevelop the ground. Play behind closed doors and give ST holders new shares and a streaming pass?
  3. They do not have to have a purpose they are simply fans who own a football club and share in it’s successes and failures.
  4. Delia and Michael probably don’t make the decisions as these are delegated to Weber. The board sets out the strategy and the budget and the “professionals “ deliver it. We must realise that we do not have the finance or infrastructure to be a permanent PL. team so destined to yo yo.
  5. Need to bring them on for their win bonus!
  6. As long as we all know that is the plan then fans can decide whether they buy into it.
  7. I wasn’t really complaining about lack of money just saying there is a pattern emerging - the ultimate yo yo club.
  8. On reflection I wonder if the only point of us reaching the PL. is the money. With our financial resources we will never sustain a prolonged spell in the PL. So if our rightful place in the football hierarchy is 16-26 we will have many more instances of ecstasy followed by agony and humiliation and a rebuild. Our stadium is too small and our major shareholders although well meaning are paupers in football terms so we rely on our academy and the occasional astute buy to keep the Ferris wheel turning. We are a small mutually funded club seemingly trapped in this cycle of events and in October we start the cycle again.
  9. McLean out of his depth in the PL. Would not want to build a Championship sound him. No comparison with Russ.
  10. Why would you sell Hernandez? Will rip the championship apart again.
  11. He was bullied in the Championship.
  12. How about a spitfire with a Love Delia banner to shoot them down.
  13. We need to walk in others shoes to experience their reactions.
  14. We do not have to sell anyone unless we can buy better with the money.
  15. Happy to lose McLean,Klose and probably Tettey although he has arguably been one of our better players.
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