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  1. Is there a reason we are the only club with a soccer bot or has Delia done a deal with the Germans to promote Uk.sales.
  2. Wear the same underpants for the rest of the season.
  3. We have no players of Premier league quality. It’s that simple.
  4. As I have said earlier if balancing the books is the number one priority (the self sufficient model if you like) then the club will never take a risk on buying one or two quality players and we will be reliant on loanees and assorted second string European club players who fancy getting Premier league on their CV. We bought into the plan and the consequence is that we will never be a sustainable PL club. The fact that it makes us pointless in both meanings of the word as some pundits are saying is hard on fans and it is difficult to see where the future lies - a bit like Groundhog Day.
  5. What he should have said is that we have no players of Premier league quality.
  6. The self sustainable model is always to balance the books hence journalists and pundits asking “What is the point of Norwich City”We could be an accountancy firm with a football team - totally risk averse buying gimmicky training toys,low cost loanees and aspiring players from European leagues with no PL experience. Nobody is saying go massively into debt but surely investing in a player or two with PL experience would be worth a gamble otherwise this cycle of built in failure will continue but we will always balance the books whatever league we are in. As many reporters have said “The fans deserve better”
  7. Williams looked like a boy in a mans world. Can’t risk him any more.
  8. At last a licensed thug. Maybe a young Bradley Johnson.
  9. Lots of commentators say we play the system and a short time ago I reproduced an article from the Times feeling sorry for our fans and asking “What’s the point of Norwich” - We seem trapped in this top 26 spiral playing beautiful football in the Championship but unable to compete in the Premier League. Wouldn’t it be great to prove them wrong.
  10. We never seem to learn that a strong defensive unit is the most important feature for a promoted team. Some of the goals we have conceded (albeit against top teams) were very poor.
  11. Why sink to the lowest common denominator. Perhaps all concourses need upgrading.
  12. A subject I have raised for many years is the bleakness of the South Stand. It resembles the ground floor of an N.C.P. car park in that it is a vast expanse of grey concrete. I realise it cannot be converted into a lounge area but surely there could be some seating areas where people could sit and eat,drink and chat. A solution would be to have continuous seating round the walls even if this is “concrete” I realise that fans are not there very long but as we are being urged to come early and we may not want to go straight to our seat and commune with people from other areas. I raised this several years ago with David McNally and he promised to look into it but nothing happened. It would not be the greatest expense to improve the ambiance and match day experience. (Maybe Banksy could pay a visit)
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