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  1. this is likely to get a roasting, probably grind me down just filtering through it.
  2. Lets see if I''ve got this correct, We signed Turner and Whitaker We let O''Neill go. There''s not a place anywhere or a time or circumstances which can justify this!
  3. Dorrans to Villa? I''ll drive him there! Villa''s takeover might not go through yet, looking doubtful, sending them Dopy Dorrans would be a double kick in the gut for them.
  4. i cant do linky things, but on you tube there is that Timm Klose song being sung very slowly just after the war. Its quite dramatic.
  5. He scored 3 goals against the scum......
  6. It''s always someone else''s fault isn''t it, take a good look at yourself rather than pointing the finger at me! :-)
  7. Listen to Big Sam on media channels, he sounds doomed already whilst AN sounds positive and in control. That has to feed into the players minds. The bums on seats come Saturday lunchtime will make a big difference to our players if its positive wall of noise.
  8. Updated SAFC L3 D6 W1 -9 points NCFC L6 D2 W2 - 8 points CPFC L6 D3 W1 - 6 points NUFC L8 D1 W1 - 4 points AVFC L9 D0 W1 - 3 points If we beat Sunderland it must be nearly over
  9. Thanks Parma, I''ll be in touch! Your last sentence made me laugh, we''re on a reptile spotting holiday so there will be a lot of walking, but I''ll remember your advice Need to be looking in Stevenage, surely?
  10. Mr Morty, the stats reveal that we win more when Wessi plays, however, that could be skewed because Naismith hasnt been here long.
  11. Palace haven''t won this year and have amassed a massive 3 points from their last ten games. With 7 games left, I suspect the buttocks are squeaking a bit. A draw wouldn''t be the end of the world for City, but, I reckon 3 points for us Saturday again.
  12. Update that! Safc: L3 D6 W1 - 9 points NCFC: L6 D2 W2 - 8 points NUFC: L7 D1 W2 - 7 points VILLA: L8 D1 W1 - 4 points CPFC: L7 D3 W0 - 3 points
  13. Probably should have said - CPFC: L8 D2 W0 - 2 points
  14. Looking at current form, as per the last ten games - SAFC: L3 D5 W2 - 11 points NUFC: L6 D2 W2 -8 points NCFC: L7 D2 W1 - 5 points Villa: L7 D2 W1 - 5 points I''m thinking we have turned the corner and beating NUFC this pm will make this particular table look better, but more importantly will give us 6 points over NUFC and an enormous psychological advantage. It does show the precarious nature of our position though.
  15. If you want he sausage rolls sorted out, there''s going to have to be meetings!
  16. [quote user="AJ"]Branston, I think the idea of the development squad was for three main things; increase development of youth players, decrease squad sizes and provide a platform for injury comebacks and game time for reserve players. For those purposes it does well, but what we''ve seen with PL teams is an increasing tendency to loan out large quantities of players due to the squad size limits. This also includes us loaning out or selling our best prospects to get first team football. I''m sure if the Murphy''s, Morris, Toffolo etc were playing last night the result might have been different. Instead we played a group of very young players against the likes of Memphis, Jones and Janujaz! Whilst that alone results in one way traffic I''m sure it''s a good experience for those players to have played against that calibre of players[/quote] Correct, our best U21 players have been loaned out & the very young players are getting valuable experience.
  17. Grabban said going to Wolves was a dream come true, his fav English club as he grew up and looking forward to playing against Championship League players each week. #iamwolves
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