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  1. Already two wins from safety and they have only won once all season and the worst GD in the Division. [:D]
  2. Agent Lambert already doing a fine job [:D]We couldn''t ask for anymore. Defeat against a fellow relegation candidate.
  3. Oh hum. Can''t believe he is that desperate for the money.Still if his last few jobs are anything to go by, it will see Pisswich relegated.
  4. [quote user="ricardo"]If they get relegated will they have to remove a star?[/quote][:D]
  5. Don''t think he will be at Leicester for long. Future England regular and the player they should be building a team around.Could even see him at one of the big Spanish clubs. He is that good IMHO.
  6. The days of new stinking rich Chinese owners might well be over.The Chinese Govt is trying to prevent money leaving the Country in this way.
  7. Sadly football is no longer a sport in the way it used to be.Its now about who has the wealthiest owners not about who can bring through the best players or manager. Even if you can find a gem or two in terms of players or managers, by definition they will end up at the clubs with the wealthiest owners.At some point no doubt the financial bubble will burst and those who have been prudent will come out on top but when that might be nobody knows.
  8. Glad to see that the rule of Ipswich losing in the first round has not been changed.[;)]
  9. At some point the money bubble will burst.We are already seeing issues with Championship clubs attempting to buy they way into the Premier League.Derby have broken Fair Play rules. Villa are on the verge of administration. QPR are now nowhere.Wolves plan worked but they have spent multi multi millions doing so. It will be interesting to see of the owners of Wolves have the wherewith all to continue that in the PL. The cost to buy your way into the top six must be mind blowing.Its no longer a sport.
  10. Good luck to Josh.Still think its a cracking bit of business for the club though. £10 million + for a player who only ever showed real talent in very brief glimpses.
  11. £11 million is a good bit of business on our part to my mind. He has never looked like he has the mental strength to be a top player.On occasion he has looked brilliant. Most of the time he looks average. Some of the time he doesn''t look bothered.
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