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  1. ...he means the team for sure, or has he hacked in to AN''s team talk........for the last 50 games..
  2. Anyone able to confirm or deny that NCFC board met this morning away from CR?
  3. Cameron, like all politicians, knows his days are numbered....he just doesn''t know what the number is yet....and he doesn''t care now as he''s achieved his original objective.
  4. Not a bad performance from him considering he had no pre-season due to injury and hasn''t had game time since.....missing a couple of chances is very understandable .... good job Wayne Rooney doesn''t play for NCFC is all I can say if we have zero tolerance after a couple of missed chances.
  5. Winfarthing Ladies FC are talking to his agent about a season long loan and offering sponsorship from Trans World Airways technical division .....TWA t''s
  6. It was a strange comment for AN to add, I''m guessing he wouldn''t say it if he had the edit option.
  7. Think he''s a decent keeper but I also think he''s carrying more timber than most Prem keepers ....are there stats for players weight?
  8. .......maybe Watford but the again maybe it''s another prem club impressed during a recent friendly game.
  9. Hull are bidding for both Gray and Moses Odubajo of Brentford but an un-named Premier League club is apparently also in the mix for Gray only......wonder who that could possibly be?
  10.  How about Dec 25th, they might be a comfy 10 points adrift by then and Santa could bring them Glen Roeder for Christmas!
  11. To be fair he was a half decent player after a very long run in the team that most players wouldn''t have been given,  but when he first came in he was dreadful....
  12. I freely admit my memory from back then isnt great but I''ve got this really vivid recollection of glimpsing Best (I wasn''t very tall back then) breaking through in the centre forward position towards the old River End stand but the best I can be sure of was that the game was definately at Carrow Rd and I really thought it was before 72 - maybe it was a cup game but if the great man never played there then I''m really confused - I''ve told that story so many times ''feet off the ground due to the crowd press'' etc.... oh well its still a good tale!
  13. Was the Kevin Bond regular selection by his Dad at fullback the biggest most blatant display of nepotism in football ever ? - he would certainly have been in my worst 11 for the first half of that season, after that he mastered running in a straight line occasionally so might just not have made the worst 11 after that.
  14. I watched Man U at Carrow Rd in the late 60''s with Best, Charlton etc in their side and stood in the South Stand - I wasn''t very old at the time and can remember that my feet were off the ground a lot of the time as the crowd surged up and down the terrace - I think it was an evening match but I''m not sure - getting to the point I was told the crowd was 46000 - I would love to know what this game was, I don''t think I was actually able to see much of it!
  15. Hopefully Lambert can sort the defence out and get the midfield thinking defensively when necessary - we looked good going forward last night but everytime we lost possesion you could see another Sunderland goal coming - can anyone think of a recent ex Norwich CH who was with back with us on loan last season who would make a difference again if we could get him back??
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