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  1. True! Yes. But is not Barnes a striker who feeds off of crosses and scraps? That's my hazy memory.
  2. Chiming in just to say I have one major request: Can we please please please try Mumba out farther up the pitch as a true winger?? I'm baffled why we haven't done so given his clear proclivity for carrying the ball and attacking opposing FBs.
  3. Though I do suppose/hope Barnes will bring a lot to the table in the much needed "senior leadership" department. We've been soft and rudderless.
  4. Help me understand this move? He's ... well past his prime, probably will be on high wages, and doesn't fit in with Webber's longstanding approach of playing more technically-oriented football? If we want a bigger striker to lump the ball up to ... why not just play Sargent until he drops each match? Overall ... I just worry that we don't have a cohesive setup/transfer strategy going into this crucial summer window. I fear we still have no identity.
  5. Off the top of my head I'd only 100% keep ... Gunn, Tomkinson, Omobamidele, McLean, Sara, Gibbs, Mumba, Hernandez, and Sargent. Probably. The rest can go. A lot will depend on Wagner's vision. It's hard to know how we wants to set up. It's looking like a very, very big summer for us.
  6. Objectively this has been our worst/most disappointing season in quite some time ... even in 17-18 when we finished 14th it didn't feel this bad ... I think we all kind of knew with a fresh and unknown Daniel Farke at the wheel and an opening day XI that included Marcel Franke, James Husband, Yanic Wildschut, and Marley Watkins ... we were not going to pull up trees. But this season ... we should be top 3-4 without any problem. A shame. We've f*cked up.
  7. Signed in for the first time in a month just to vote "Yes." It's time. Thanks Webber for what you've done—no small slate of accomplishments. But's it's time the club get some new energy.
  8. Some greats thoughts among many, especially Parma, as always and an overall good and dare I say productive conversation. To be honest ... I'm okay with our current state. It's a difficult old game and there are ups and downs for a club of our size/nature. It's okay. We'll have better periods and we'll have worse periods. I'd also argue that if we'd correctly sacked Smith during the WC break we'd be solidly in the playoff spots. My main thoughts these days, the ones that tempt me when we're pissing around with the ball and creating nothing down 1-0 to f*cking Luton, is that ... well, we f*cked up the 1st PL promotion campaign in 2019-2020. Badly. Here are the matchday-level players we brought in either on transfers or loans during the two windows: Drmić, Byram, Rupp, Roberts, Fährmann, Amadou, Duda. That's a travesty. We simply had to do much better. And then those we brought in for the future almost all have failed to make any impact at this point 3 years later: Adshead, Bushiri, Gilmour, Sitti, et al. Sam McCallum is truly the only real success. Under Webber we've been very good at identifying dead weight that needs clearing out (save Carlton Morris and Harry Toffolo perhaps), and while we were quite good early on at exploiting Farke's primarily German connections to unearth some gems ... we're now overall somewhat poor at recruitment. It's a fact. We've pissed the money up the wall, Stuart. Sorry. In hindsight while it was okay to categorize that 2019-2020 campaign as a "free hit" we should have pursued a recruitment strategy that, at least, brought in some potentially promising youngsters who might now be paying dividends. Between ... (a) not chasing most of those listed above (Drmić et al.) and (b) not prematurely cashing in our bond and (c) not giving unilateral new contracts to the entire 2018-2019 title winners (Moritz Leitner I'm looking at you) ... there should have been enough money to bring in a much better crop of prospects. We still would have been battered but we might now be in a much better place. Maybe.
  9. McLean > Gilmour and Kalvin Phillips is 3x the f*cking player Gilmour is. Come on. This is absurd.
  10. You rang? Coming in from the cold to reiterate that Billy Gilmour was a steaming pile of sh*t who offered almost nothing for us. I have a duty. I will not forget or relent.
  11. Great interview! Well done all around. I can’t f*cking wait for Saturday! 7:30 am my time …
  12. Such vitriol by some people over two guys just doing their thing! In case it helps change anyone's mind ... their content over the last few years has been invaluable to me as an overseas supporter to feel more connected to the club. I'm a better and more engaged fan because of them!
  13. Wow! What a coup for them. I'll be very excited to watch. I know a lot around here dislike the TNC boys but I do appreciate them very much and always tune into their content!
  14. True. But it WAS his fault that he looked completely clueless at providing anything going forward and wasn’t willing to tackle. He’ll, he wasn’t even good for a strategic foul managing just 2 yellow cards in almost 1,900 minutes of action! He literally did nothing but accumulate a high % of sideways and backwards passes.
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