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  1. 0-0 or 1-0 Swansea for me. I'm not at all convinced the Swans have the offensive/goals to challenge us for the title. Brentford, on the other hand, scare me a bit ...
  2. Wow! It will be interesting to see how his career develops. At that price he was never going to be available to us but so far this season he has 14 goals and 6 assists in 16 games ...
  3. Absolutely f*cking criminal. Shameful. Worst I've seen in years from a "big" EFL side.
  4. It's difficult to know, isn't it? Still a lot to play for. We'll know soon though. I think by the end of the day on February 6th we'll have a much better picture. This gives us a 73% chance currently of promotion in some form: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/soccer-predictions/championship/. It's usually fairly accurate by now. Here are their past predicted probabilities on the date closest to today: 2019-2020, January 22: Leeds = 79%, Brentford = 62%, WBA = 55%, Fulham = 30%. 2018-2019, January 19: Leeds = 68%, Norwich = 60%, Sheffield United = 48%, WBA = 38%, Villa = 8%. 2017-2018, January 20: Wolves = 89%, Derby = 51%, Villa = 38%, Cardiff = 35%, Fulham = 22%.
  5. I mean ... after James Husband a cheesburger would have looked brilliant. We were desperate in that position AND to see some promising youth. In hindsight, we and everyone else probably overvalued him a bit?
  6. Just signed in specifically to note how much I like this post and think it is 100% spot on. Well done. And, truly, that's no disrespect to Lewis. A great lad a solid footballer. But we robbed them at £15m. And it wasn't a great move for him. And we now have better options. It happens.
  7. Krul Aarons, Hanley, Gibson, Giannoulis Skipp, Rupp Buendia, Cantwell, Hernandez Pukki I want this XI and I want it now!!!
  8. Fully agree! I really want to see what Hernandez can do with a good run of matches. He starts at LW for me and with an attacking four of him, Cantwell (CAM), Buendia (RW), and Pukki (ST) I think we can do serious damage in the Champs and compete in the PL.
  9. Great lad, very good athlete, solid footballer. History will show that we got an excellent price for Lewis. He’s quite overrated and will likely find himself back in the Champs next year in some form. Which is fine really. I remember him fondly and wish him well.
  10. With the caveat that I know next to nothing about Greek football ... a comparison between Giannoulis and the young LB Liverpool signed in the summer: Kostas Tsimikas: 24, 5'10", 27 apps in 2019-2020 in the Greek Super League, 6 national team apps, £11.75 million Dimitris Giannoulis: 25, 5'10", 34 apps in 2019-2020 in the Greek Super League, 11 national team apps, £6.2 million
  11. I like the move for Giannoulis a lot on paper. Effectively selling Jamal Lewis to get Gibson + Giannoulis would seem to be excellent business!
  12. The Greek fellow looks promising! Definitely of a lower PL standard based on his CV and still only 25. Farke must not be totally convinced of Quintilla and, with the injury spell, we now have the option of not hitting the required appearances clause so we don't have to sign him.
  13. Do you have inside information or is that just a guess? I think their chairman (Webber equivalent) is on BBC Derbyshire right now ...
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