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  1. More interestingly, I understand that it followed a game with Plymouth, who our under 23s recently played. Any cause for concern???
  2. I always remember a pre-season friendly against Spurs, lost 5-1 from recollection. Anyway, they had a young and very quick Gareth Bale on the pitch and I remember Jon Otsemebor giving him 5 yards and the look an Bale's face when Otsemebor put on the after burners to beat him to the ball. He was pretty rapid
  3. Oh dear, Tettey at the back again then. Good job we got Gibson in then
  4. Exactly this. I'd be less worried about Murray than Deeney
  5. Having a medical ahead of a season long loan apparently. In the twilight of his career but ought to score for fun at this level. Deeney on the way out perhaps?
  6. How does he compare to another Spanish left back we had, Victor Segura?
  7. Decent shout, but good enough with his feet for DF? On McGovern, the first time I saw him was pre-season when we got him and all I remember in the warm up was that he dropped the ball more times than he caught it! Never rated him, had one outstanding game for Northern Ireland against Germany and pants ever since.
  8. Perhaps Farke has named 2 keepers, hoping that if he subs 2 outfield players and brings them on as well as Krul between the sticks, nobody will notice and that will keep the score down???
  9. Just seen the team news. 2 goalkeepers on an 8 man bench, no Tommy T. Where is he?
  10. I'm pretty certain that we'll get nil. As for Citeh, pick a number between 1 and 10
  11. How is it a Becchio syndrome? Every time Idah is on the pitch, even for a shirt time he looks and is far more threatening than Drmic
  12. What does Idah have to do to get a start. Absolute joke playing that useless clown Drmic
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