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  1. Don't be so daft. That implies Gibson got somewhere near his man
  2. They must've been shoite. When I played local league, so long as the ref turned up with kit and whistle you were obliged to give 4/10
  3. Kenny and Angus from an NCFC perspective and there is no such thing as a friendly between England and the sweaties
  4. Yes you're correct it was 1978. Thanks for putting me straight
  5. 46 here, 1st game 1977 at home to Man U, think we lost 1-2
  6. Had the newsagents over there and sponsored a local team Earlham Bridges who played in the Business Houses league
  7. More like Luton coming back down
  8. Who can forget the Doc as a striker. Or a defender come to think of it, both unconventional IMO as he was shoite in both positions
  9. Opened this thread in the hope that it was news of his imminent arrival at FCR
  10. And there was me opening this thread thinking that the OP was offering up his own in depth analysis of the game
  11. Are you Cambridgeshire Canary in disguise???
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