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  1. Let's have some perspective here, Hull are top
  2. Better record than DS though, with less money to spend. Can't be any worse surely
  3. Even now, I still don't get what brand of football DS is trying to promote. No guile, no creativity, no confidence. He has to go tonight irrespective of the result
  4. Come on Cambridge, you're missing an open goal here. You can tell us all the first match at Carrow Rd you attended
  5. Can't see Ramsey starting, I'd start Gibbs in front of him but no doubt The Mayor will get a pick
  6. Have you got Cambridge's permission to start a thread such as this?
  7. Actually think this is just a public kick up the ar$e
  8. Really? Where? All I've seen is a regurgitated story on SSN saying Aarons may be the answer to their RB problem. Nowhere has it said Manure considering signing him
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