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  1. Can see Watford getting a morale-boosting 4-0 win - gulp.
  2. He doesn’t score many goals. but the rest is accurate - industrious CM that links play well.
  3. It’s difficult to try him out as a winger when he’s on loan at a different club ; - ) if we sign another RB then yes, would be good to see. If we don’t, then he’ll be our RB and that’s that.
  4. It’s a pretty easy to understand strategy…… he’s a battering ram and we don’t have one currently.
  5. That’s literally what the Pinkun does. Repeat stuff that is available to read elsewhere. No exclusives. No ITK. It’s basically a central repository for NCFC related reports/stories from journalists around the country to be echoed.
  6. I like the fact that we are signing that talented lad from Galatasaray. Great addition to our squad.
  7. I told my ten year old this after the game as a joke today - he cried.
  8. So where’s he going, who’s he joining? what rumours have I missed ??
  9. Yup, but only to allow son to say goodbye to Puuki. Looked very much like goodbye from Krul, too. Wagner (sensibly) stayed safely nearer the middle of the pitch during the walk around.
  10. With real wide players coming in on loan / returning from loans, should mean we’ve seen the last of Sargent being played out of position
  11. Ignorance or optimism…….. the cheaper MA can purchase a controlling share of NCFC, the more ££ he has left for the stadium expansion / player purchases / wage bill etc.
  12. Thanks PockthorpePete - some good tips there. we actually live pretty close to Reading - parking is OK for evening matches as many of the business car parks let out spaces (not possible for 3pm Saturday matches when their car parks are already in use) One positive - Looking forward to watching Norwich without the almost 400 mile round trip!!
  13. Wow. shows how long it’s been since I last went to away games.
  14. Nah, they’re fine for that sort of stuff - they go to home matches all the time - no issues. Just trying to see if there’s a way they’ll be able to see as I presume we’ll be standing for most of the match rather than sitting.
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