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  1. Thanks PockthorpePete - some good tips there. we actually live pretty close to Reading - parking is OK for evening matches as many of the business car parks let out spaces (not possible for 3pm Saturday matches when their car parks are already in use) One positive - Looking forward to watching Norwich without the almost 400 mile round trip!!
  2. Wow. shows how long it’s been since I last went to away games.
  3. Nah, they’re fine for that sort of stuff - they go to home matches all the time - no issues. Just trying to see if there’s a way they’ll be able to see as I presume we’ll be standing for most of the match rather than sitting.
  4. Evening all going to take the kids (9 and 11) to their first away match when we play Reading on the 4th having not been to an away match for many years, and having never taken little ones, what’s the best advice on where to try and sit/stand? (Know that allocated seat rows/numbers aren’t exactly a thing at away games) is it best to head nearer the front, or nearer the back with them? cheers everyone.
  5. You mean like when Pussetto ‘joined’ Watford from Udinese for £15m a couple Of years ago, but was then immediately loaned back to them?? it’s ridiculous.
  6. jacket now packaged up and ready for its new owner
  7. Cheers. It’s only a small gesture, but my son and I have been helped out by other Canary fans in the past and we want to pay it forward.
  8. Evening all My son has long grown out of this cool training jacket / drill top. It’s small, aged 4-5 It’s in good condition, with plenty of life left in it - would love to find it a new home and gift it to another mini canary fan. Drop me a message if you’ve a little one who might like it, and I’ll pop it in the post for you.
  9. He will likely be back in January, and sent out on loan elsewhere.
  10. Exactly this. Thought he’d be a great option for the number 10 role, slipping passes through to Pukki - they seem to have a good understanding / often on the same wavelength. hope Todd is back soon, I think he could be the missing link for us.
  11. Absolutely - smaller sides (and I am including us in that bracket) will have a pretty sizeable hole to plug, financially. Different for the big teams who's appeal is global, but for everyone else, it presents a big challenge. I am not saying I am against the proposed ruling on principle, but it will further widen the financial field when it does come into effect.
  12. If anyone with the away shirt could post up a picture of the sleeves, I’d be grateful. The Club shop are being difficult, and I’d like to confirm that it’s definitely a manufacturing defect, before I get back in touch with them.
  13. After a little help from anyone who’s bought an away shirt this season I bought my daughter one, and have since noticed some blue colour, bleeding into the black on one sleeve. It’s not on the other sleeve, and certainly looks like a manufacturing defect. I’ve contacted the club, who say that all the stock in the same youth size has the same colour bleed issue on one sleeve. It’s not something I’ve noticed on the away shirts in general, and am fairly sure it’s a manufacturing fault, and not part of the design. could anyone with an away shirt please check the sleeves of their jersey and confirm either way for me? thanks in advance.
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