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  1. Proud to read that our club is topping up the government’s 80% payment to ensure workers are not financially penalised.
  2. Know it’s a long - shot but anyone looking to free themselves of two tickets, one each for my boy and I ? Cheers.
  3. Sold out online - and can't get through on phones
  4. Morning All, Was after tickets for me and my young son (both premium home members but not away members) for the FA cup match at Spurs, but no luck this morning in the General Sale. If anyone who opted for the 'Family ticket for £50' has a change in plans in the next week or so, and fancies sharing their ticket, please let me know! Thanks in advance CanaryNath
  5. Kick it off.............. my sentiments exactly. (By the by, my children’s favourite song currently is also Buendia’s!)
  6. CanaryDan23, do you have children of your own yet? Its an awesome feeling when your young son or daughter want to support the same team as you. I’m an exile, but my kids are big Norwich fans. We love going to Carrow road, supporting OUR team together, and their passion and support has made mine grow even more, i believe.
  7. Looks like Nice are preparing a new offer. Expect him to stay in France if that’s the case.
  8. I presume the thought here (assuming ACM signs) would be to free up Buendia to be a pure number 10? Now THAT would be exciting!
  9. Chalobah played just 267 minutes of premier league football last season. Did he go on loan to the Champ or anything?
  10. The heat must have gotten to you, LDC
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