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  1. Anyways........... let’s hope that this second lockdown slows the numbers sufficiently, and that we can look to reintroduce limited numbers of fans after the winter.
  2. And somehow City 2nd wants an apology from me. hmmmmmmm.
  3. You stated here that COVID-19 is a flu virus. It isn’t.
  4. What the hell are you talking about? I am fully aware they are not caused by the same virus. It is you that said they were in your previous post. Yes, they are both respiratory illnesses and share similar symptoms. But they are not caused by the same viral body and are not equally severe in their consequences. in any case - back to the original point of the thread...... yes, Delia’s comments were ill-timed and Mia-judged. Would love to know who she spoke to you about this before releasing.
  5. FFS - stop spreading lies. flu and COVID are NOT caused by the same type of virus.
  6. Skipp totally missed it, Hanley seemingly expected Skipp to head it clear but and stepped into no-man’s-land. very poor.
  7. Emi storms up the tunnel after being subbed Then thinks again and is back in the stands not a happy boy
  8. Hugill to come on - but who’s gonna cross it to him???
  9. Wesley Fofana (19 years old, playing in Ligue 1) is heading to Leicester for £30m whilst not a BAD fee, I think we could (maybe should) have been looking for £30m+ for the captain of England U21’s that said, if it’s the only offer on the table AND the player desperately wants to go, we are a bit screwed.
  10. So ifollow worked then - Mac to TV, via hdmi cable? others above seem to say it doesn’t work. confused.
  11. Maths isn’t your strong point, is it
  12. Clear as day, he’s angling for a move this window. Saying a lot by spouting the obvious - he’s basically saying he wants out, and would ratheR move on in this window than wait a year and see if Norwich get promoted.
  13. Friend of mine is a youth coach at Spurs - he says there are rumours they’re after Buendia, and not Aarons
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