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  1. Just in case anyone is still in and doesn’t know the rules https://whamageddon.com/#rules
  2. You don’t get a goal for hitting the woodwork Hernandez has tapped it straight at the keeper in the first half Gibbs fires wide when he has to score Duffys header is somehow cleared off the line by their defender Dimi also has a great chance he fails to control We didn’t lack chances, We just didn’t take them
  3. That isn’t the reality though. Hernandez, Gibbs and Duffy all missed sitters
  4. It’s been a thing for quite a few years now on absolute radio. I’ve gone out in the first week..
  5. Pleased for him. It would be in everyone’s best interests if he turned this around. 3 wins in 4 with players now coming back.
  6. Perhaps you can then also get some space in the ground for that golden pedestal you so clearly desire…
  7. The two clubs current positions are not comparable. Do you think the atmosphere there was as “electric” when they were stagnating in league 1 and we were winning the championship…
  8. “Here for the **** up, she’s just here for the **** up, here for the **** up…”
  9. The interview smacked of a we’re just here for the **** up attitude. Embarrassing at any professional level of football
  10. Imagine having the arrogance to slag off 20% of your customers { realistically it’s far closer to 50% or higher ) At any other club or business they would be forced out
  11. The day can’t come quickly enough for them to leave
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