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  1. There was a Norwegian poster on here who was saying that but when a PL team comes calling would he have turned it down? I think Smiths sacking at Villa made him the easy appointment. Would he be tempted by the championship, who knows but with respect it’s still a massive jump up from the Norwegian league and to a team that should really be pushing for a return to the PL
  2. This is the championship ffs. We have a team and budget that the majority of this league can only dream of having. We’ve spent millions on players and have parachute payments. There will be plenty of coaches capable of getting this team competing at the top
  3. Results and performances in his time here would suggest he is a bad management
  4. Slight problem in that he’s landed a much bigger job since our mistake in sacking him
  5. Should have been the man we approached last season when we sacked Farke. I just wonder if he was the preferred option when Webber sacked Farke but when Smith became available he was seen as the safe appointment
  6. He’s done absolutely nothing since he’s been here and now that’s 1 point out of 9 in the championship and bottom after 3 games. He should be under massive pressure now to keep his job
  7. Only team getting the second goal here is hull. Smith is utterly clueless edit. And there it is. Get Smith out tonight
  8. Get Knutson in from Bodo Glimpt if he can be tempted
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