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  1. Taiwan Canary

    We need to talk about Efan

    If anything I thought he was slightly biased towards us. The four goals thing was just professional footballer's “banter”. He did it for us at the top level and it came across to me through his commentary that he still has affection for our club. Amazing how different people interpret things differently!
  2. Taiwan Canary

    *****Official Match Thread v Bolton*****

    I don't think I've ever seen Norwich play such good football, not under Stringer, not under Walker, not under O'Neill, not under Worthington, not under Lambert...Farke's football is the best I've ever seen.
  3. Taiwan Canary

    genuine question.....is Paul Lambert all there?

    Agree. Why aren't more people (national press especially) talking about the challenge? It was over the top, late and with excess force.
  4. Taiwan Canary

    Derby Day

    Dirty challenge, looked like a red to me.
  5. Does anyone know how to watch the games after the fact on ifollow? The big one vs Leeds kicks off a bit late here in Taiwan and I'd rather watch it Sunday morning (without knowing the score). When I buy the games on ifollow it always says full replays will be available but I've never worked out how to do it. T.I.A
  6. Taiwan Canary

    ifollow full match replays

    Thanks for the info, looks like a late night for me then! COYY!
  7. Taiwan Canary

    Song for the 1p5wich game

    I'll never forget the Villa fans singing this one to us as my 14 year old heart broke: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHcunREYzNY
  8. Taiwan Canary

    Minutes applause

    We should chant "15,000 empty seats at Portman Road every week" in response.
  9. Taiwan Canary

    Exiles survey

    Changhua City, Taiwan. Will be nervously checking my phone until midnight! Any other Canaries in Taiwan?
  10. Taiwan Canary

    Parma's Tactics Masterclass 14

    A great read as always Parma, I see you as the Michael Cox of the Pinkun. The Christmas period will go a long way to answering the questions you pose here. Hopefully our ''superior'' squad will pay dividends as ''weaker'' squads lose players to injuries and suspensions. Thanks again Parma.
  11. I''m gonna guess Ruddy, not really an injury but a ploy to drop him without anyone losing face.
  12. Taiwan Canary

    Jason Jarrett

    Did any one else see him on the B.B.C "Class of ''92" show playing for Salford City? Moaning about the manager and generally spreading bad feeling throughout the squad, no wonder he didn''t succeed at Carra Rud! Interesting insight into the life of a footballer that drops down the leagues though.
  13. Taiwan Canary

    Tbursday Night Channel 5

    I hope none of the saints fans get asSALTED by Danish hooligans. There''s bound to be a streaker at some point in the game.

  14. My dreamteam name this year is Grabbantettysjohnson.
  15. Ever since the "I''ll never sit at Carra Rud" campaign blocks D and E of the Barclay have stood, with many people willing to be thrown out in order to stand up for their principles (pun intended). I think this should continue no matter what as it is important to send the massage out to the authorities that people still wish to stand at football matches. I hope that there is a huge issue with this at tomorrow''s game. Anyone stupid enough to get a ticket at the back of these blocks and then complain about the view is naive. Our match day experience has been watered down enough.I don''t care about fines or reduced capacity, the Barclay needs to stand and sing loud and proud.
  16. Taiwan Canary

    Chris Hughton

    Whilst I loved Lambert''s reign at the club and enjoyed the football much more under him, Hughton is doing exactly what the club needs this year. If you look at most of the teams of a similar size to us in the Premier league, they all have had periods of stability during which they played defensive football. Once we have established ourselves in the Prem hopefully we can go on to play better stuff like West Brom or Fulham (rather than the pap Stoke fans have to watch every week).
  17. Taiwan Canary

    NCFC Canine XI

    Mark Bow-wow-en

  18. Taiwan Canary

    Lincolnshire canaries

    Hi Mungo, I''m a Norwich fan and have been since I was old enough to choose a club, I grew up in Norwich. However, as much as I love Norwich, I now live thousands of miles away and rarely get to attend games but ....... at least I''m not a scummer on the wind up like you, Go back to TWATS or whatever that binner site is called!

  19. I can''t believe how many terrible "new man" posts there have been in this thread. If their dad really cared about his kids then he would have had them with someone he could spend the rest of his life with. Take the kids to Carra Rud and ply them with fizzy pop and and crisps so they end up loving Norwich. If the dad complains, just claim that you were trying to show the kids a good time and be a good ''step dad''. Then watch his tears as his children decide to support a better team than his (safe in knowledge that you pleasure his ex better than he ever could because everyone knows binners have tiny man things)!
  20. Taiwan Canary

    Which is the "loyalest" stand

    Pete, please ban this scummer or at least give his IP address to the snakepit!

  21. Taiwan Canary

    Pardew banned for Norwich game

    With Pardew banished to the stands for our visit, surely our chances of 3 points are increased? Come on city!
  22. Taiwan Canary

    Norfolk N Good

    I''ve still got my copy, what a season and what a book. I think he''s probably better off without the Wolverine, especially considering what happened between Norwich and Wolves a few season after the book. Maybe someone should document next season in a similar book as it''s sure to be packed full of drama.
  23. Trevor Putney- Mango chutney
  24. Taiwan Canary

    100 reasons City fans hate Ipsw**h Town

    The way they used to rip it out of us for being farmers, then when the media started calling them the Tractor Boys they embraced it despite the fact that all they are is just a bunch of second rate cockney dockers! The famous Roy Keane went to Rome to see the Pope.......
  25. Taiwan Canary

    Three Word Player Definition

    Dale Gordon- Shiny hair stepover