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  1. Poor Bradley. Just got us 6 points from 2 games. He made an error of judgement today but hey ho.
  2. Was a great away ticket but also enjoyed the wigan hospitality a couple of years back. @morty. The concourse was superb loved the younger kids with the bounce in a minute, almost wanted to bounce! An older geezer trying to override the youngsters with a we beat the scum but totally getting blanked, he had them singing that in the end made me lol. Oh to persistence. Loved the Amex and the after game party, Brighton are a ''nice'' club who we hopefully won''t play for a couple of years.
  3. Pleased to see QPR go down, don''t really hate them but there is something about them so good news. We need to help Villa out of this league too, that for me would be the 2 teams I really wanted to go down and go some way to make up for the dross that we have been playing and onwards and upwards for next season.
  4. @Marty I generally agree with what you say and do on this thread I would have been happy with a point alas we did not get that.
  5. Yes agreed I would like Becchio to have been given a chance but sadly I don''t think he would have scored any more goals than Kamara.
  6. As much as its annoying I work in London with loads of gooners who were happy to brag today which after the match at Carrow road I deserved. Argued as I tried we probably didn''t deserve the free kick that Turner put away. We shall move on and a Reading home win is what we need don''t you think?
  7. Good post We were the better team for most of the game and maybe if we had taken it to them a bit earlier we would have bagged 3 points. They were there to be beaten and Hughton waited till 85 minutes to try. I like Bennett but he hasn''t taken the chance, shame. On to Swansea, we always beat them!!
  8. You just seem to have a pop at anyone that makes a comment on anything. You are at work so you aren''t 15 or 75 so are you over 16 and under 65'', that surprises me suspect you are close to one of those. Where you working a petrol station? I am actually quite loving that wickham is crap whilst you are wanting him to keep Sunderland up. Are you a binner.
  9. City first you truly are a nob. I can''t decide if you are 15 or 75 but is very apparent you don''t have a very happy life.
  10. Shiould we not worry about other teams or ex Ipswich players? Conor wickham ex Ipswich who gives a fcuk
  11. Totally agree with you Smooth, really looking foward to this one. Partly as I haven''t been to Wigan before but am also very hopeful we will come away with 3 points. Where does everyone go for pints at a sensible price ? Always like a well priced beer or 2 before a win.
  12. Absolutely. Thought Bennett was value and Snodgrass was as good on the left, he is immense with enthusiasm. I''m not sure that hoot would have chosen that if pilks was fit tho
  13. Ricardo I disagree, they had little chance when he arrived and that hasn''t changed too much. I really wanted Lambert to go down but am starting to get over that. Villa or QPR , Harry or Paul ? My biggest concern is they both blooming stay up
  14. Pains me to say that I largely agree with your post city first. However, am confident things won''t be the same next season the man has an eye for a good signing, defence won''t be his priority this summer. He is coaching the team so we stay in the league IMO I am enjoying being a Norwich fan this season, I expect to cheer a lot more next!
  15. Thanks for your input City first, appologies for mistaking you to be be a bright enough bloke. Anyway shame we didn''t get the 3 but at least another point on the board today...
  16. Exactly Herman. I was just wondering what the feeling was for next season. I am kind of assuming we will stay up, we may not still. But as GP said lol and I agree. When we do, what are the possibilities, NCFC with a good manager and good team and plenty of money is not something I have ever seen. Even back in the day when money wasn''t so important but mattered Norwich had f all next year it all changes. Theae are exciting times.
  17. If QPR win tomorrow I think the boat is rocking, if they lose they are down. Reading for sure Villa could stay up, big shame. Wigan I think it''s probably their time Southampton. If we beat them tomorrow I think we will that''s them gone. So Reading Southampton Wigan or QPR Big day tomorrow.
  18. [quote user="Icecream Snow"]17 points in 10 games seems highly unlikely.Meanwhile in Lawro''s prediction table of the season, QPR are 6th!![/quote] Lol. And he has decided to start predicting wins to for us to correct the table as we were bottom 3 in his table last time I looked. My predictions had us 3rd, we are all human eh?
  19. Norwich 2 Southampton 1 GH both goals QPR 2 - 1 Reading 3 - 1 Pborgh - Ipswich - Who gives a ... 1 all
  20. City first. I did not realise it was a pre requisite of this site to post many thousand of times. I tend to view and enjoy some of the discussion rather than post but if posting is the requirement should I try that if only to challenge some of the nonsense you post? It''s your kind of response that ruins what could be great discussion about a common passion. You are a bright enough bloke but really you should post your patronising nonsense on some other site and stick to Norwich FC on here. Did you have a view on the topic? If not feel free not to reply to my post its OK and won''t damage your post count. Here''s for 3 points tomorrow
  21. Ok just for fun. Will we be 8th, 14th, 17th or 1st in the championship. Where do you think next season will go and why?
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