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  1. Yes about 900 of which have come in two particular threads.
  2. Well of course I wouldn''t want to spunk £10m on him, I think he''s worth £4m though considering the reasons behind his poor form.
  3. "our manager and scouting team think that RVW is worth £8.5M" So it has been a confirmed as a signing then by the club then? And the fee has been confirmed as £8.5m? Or are you jumping the gun and treating that figure as gospel? What odds would I get on "undisclosed fee"? "so how come you believe you are a better judge of a player than they are?" I assume that if I had instant access to all of your previous posts there would not be a single one which puts question marks on a new signing? I just thought that the fee was high, then I took into consideration the big pool of Sky money which is going to push all prices up, and with the crazy fees that we are likely going to see in summer, it may just end up looking like a bargain. "you have flown out to Lisboa to watch him to make a definitive assessment?" Have you?
  4. "With an extra £35m in TV revenue coming Norwich''s way this summer" You what? Thought it was more like £20m extra.
  5. "Do you really think Charlie Adam would be that much less than £10 in the summer?" I assume you mean £10m, but of course I think he''d be less than £10m. A minute ago you said he was crap, now you are saying that he''d cost £10m. They only paid £4m for him.
  6. "Why are people still going on about Hooper? I really wouldn''t want him here, so he''s scored 20 odd goals in the SPL, most half decent forward could. But if he does end here, Id love to be proved wrong" What makes you think that the Portuguese teams are any better though? Your argument is crap anyway because Chris Sutton never reached 20 goals in one SPL season but during that time was a UEFA Cup runner up, had already won the English Premier League and scored 25 PL goals in one seaason. Nikica Jelavić only scored 16 in his full season in the SPL, even Henrik Larsson failed to reach 20 in his first season. Clearly Sutton, Jelavic, and Larsson are all crap players for daring to score less than 20 goals in one season.
  7. Bethnal, If we''ve spent £8.5m on Van Willy and we were to spend £10m on Kiyotake, then how much do you think that would leave for a.... Left back (possibly even two) Centre back Left winger Defensive Midfielder Another striker (if Holt leaves) I think that by seeing this big transfer as a sign that we can suddenly spend £10m on every player you are being way too unrealistic. This will be our big flagship signing, and Hughton will have to pull a few more bargains like Kei Kamara and Alex Tettey out of the bag. And yeah sure, some bargains to be had, and bargain shopping is what Hughton will have to be doing. I do think that we missed a trick with Majeed Waris though. Disagree with Park Ji-Sung though, never rated him at Man Utd, always looked out of place in a team full of class and the only thing that he brought to their team, knew immediately that it was another crap QPR signing.
  8. QHCanary, I was a bit freaked by the £9m but then worked out that if next season is worth £60m instead of £40m, then really he''s a £6m signing if we take into consideration the inevitable sharp price inflation. There are tonnes of non-Norwich fans on twitter who are flabbergasted that we''ve managed to sign him, so I hope that I''ve completely misjudged him and that he turns out to be top drawer. But I''ve just found out that he is absolutely class on football manager 2013, so that might explain it.
  9. It would be incredible if we got Hooper as well, could form a classic partnership. Never know, could even become as famous as Shearer Sutton.
  10. "Why does Holt have to go anywhere? Or even drop to the bench?" He doesn''t, the question for most people is whether he wants to be here. He has previously said that he''d love to play for Celtic, his wife and kids have moved to Carlisle (not far from Glasgow), and he is not getting any younger. He often retweets Celtic stuff, showing a fondness for the club (or possibly even dropping hints). I''d personally be pleased for him to get a move like that, and I think if he does leave and it is to a club like Celtic then we should all be delighted for him, its one of the best places a player could play, and Holt would get to play in Europe. I''m saying that I''d be delighted for him because at 32 he''d get to play in the Champions League, that would be so incredible that I almost want it to happen for him.
  11. "Bringing in someone like Kiyotake from Nurenburg would probably be cheaper than the millions Norwich would need to spend getting Adam out of Stoke and paying his over inflated wages" Yeah right good one, because we would have a great chance of signing somebody that the entire football world knows is probably better than Shinji Kagawa. I''m sure Foulger has £20m spare. The place to sign these talented new breed of Asian players is...... Asia. As for your conclusion on Charlie Adam''s wages... maybe he is on big money, maybe he is not. Stoke are only 15th in the squad salary tables. We definitely shouldn''t sign any players from mid-table Premier League teams of course (like Michael Turner), and definitely not players involved in a Premier League relegation (like Sebastian Bassong), and we can forget about the Championship (Robert Snodgrass & Mark Bunn), because we can buy the next world class Japanese superstar - apparently Man Utd have missed this one, and Kagawa forgot to tell Ferguson about him. You are going to be disappointed when our new centre back is Curtis Davies, because by the sound of it you are hoping for Pepe.
  12. Only one person appears to want him out Skerrit? Not me, I''d be delighted if he stays, but I think he''d be stupid to turn down a move to Celtic if it is on the cards.
  13. Being bang on average this season is pretty impressive considering he has been devastated by the sudden death of his 50 year old father. We need a ball playing centre midfielder, I can''t really think of any others, and he is wasted in a team which just misses out centre midfield completely.
  14. It''s 2013 now Bethnal, Downing and Henderson are good players again, and Charlie Adam is playing for Stoke where he gets bored watching the ball being launched over his head. Hope you enjoyed being asleep since May 2012.
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