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  1. Would you take any of these free transfers from villa? Albrighton yes for me.
  2. No one has given a constructive point as to why not. Why do People think he is a bad manger? Best win percentage as spurs boss in the premier league era.
  3. Just watched tim sherwood on goals on Sunday with les Ferdinand. I think he would be a breath of fresh air. He said himself he is his own man, wouldn''t take any nonsense from the players, he would get them playing with passion and desire. I don''t see why people are so against him for the managers job. He could do a Sean Dyche in my opinion.
  4. Not a moan an observation which is sad to see. We don''t look confident at all moving forward. We just pass sideways and backwards. So frustrating. I remember the days we used to have players giving everything to get on the end of a cross in the box. No ideas or urgency in attack. Something I am sure our new manager will address. Looking forward to a new era.
  5. Today has been so awful and sad. This season has felt like the slowest season ever, just seeing the team devoid of ideas, passion and creativity is hard to take. I wanted to see the back of Hughton before Christmas and so did many others. Many fans were viciously criticised for being Hughton outers on this board but have been proven right with wanting him out. This season has been painful, the players have to take a large amount of responsibility. The summer will be a new era, a new dawn and a time of huge changes. Many fans will have unanswered questions and this will be a season of regret for the board. Not ditching Hughton sooner. I think tonight has shown that none of the players are definite to stay at the club apart from snodgrass who has given his all yet again. Which might be bitter sweet as he is our only valuable asset. The summer will be an interesting period and let''s hope we buy young, hungry, passionate players and have a manager who is bold, demands hard work and won''t settle for less than a 100% from the team. OTBC
  6. I''m listening to the canary call and hearing so much positive. Canary call is enjoyable to listen to for a change! Neil Adams has done so much in the short space of time. Who thinks he should get the job full time regardless of what league we are in next season? OTBC! I''m now excited about watching the united game next week and not expecting the usual boring predictable rubbish under Hughton. Under Adams anything can happen!
  7. Regardless of whether we are a premiership or championship team next year does anyone think we need a complete revamp of the squad. I feel we will go down now and believe the following players will depart, 1. Ruddy 2 bassong 3. Johnson 4. Fer 4 becchio 5. Fox 6. Snodgrass ( all our loan players will return to their clubs)
  8. Really hoping for a win today as I always do, but today we need one badly to almost guarantee safety. As I turned over my Norwich city calendar to the player RVW, for the month of April I''m really hoping he gets a goal or 2 today. He is not a bad player, just under the wrong management team. He wasn''t on Manchester United''s radar for nothing! Also, a summer in the gym would do him good! OTBC
  9. This season has been absolutely dire and I don''t think Hughton will be here next season even if we stay up. I''m my opinion there is something terribly wrong at the club. Behind the scenes with some liking Hughton in the boardroom and some not. On the pitch we are woeful and our management team seem to be responsible in part for serving up some of the most inept performances I have seen in a long time. However the summer, WILL usher in a new, fresh start. A new manger, a clean slate for players like RVW. A chance for them to gain some confidence. I do not think they are bad players, just look lost and need help. The summer of 2014 will be a huge one, regardless of which league we are in. Let''s look forward in hope.
  10. No consistency. We beat Tottenham but can''t follow it up into the next game. Story of our season. Also we can''t score more than one goal. I want to say we will stay up and I think we will but I think a manager change is necessary because we need to move forward and Hughton can''t take us to a new level. He hasn''t been able to get the best out of the players he has brought.
  11. What a quality post. Great read and very interesting points on Lennon.
  12. Yes we are. He says we need the same atmosphere for the last 6 home and away games as we had for the man city game. Who thinks that the fans need to see some excitement on the pitch before the players get the atmosphere they need to spur them on? Or is the building of the atmosphere part of the pre match routine for fans getting hyped and ready for the game?
  13. Spurs smashed Newcastle we could be in for a beating too. I wonder how Hughton will approach this one?
  14. This season we have not had 2 decent performances back to back. We have to pick up points, score goals to stay in the league. Robbie savage is right when he says that it''s our lack of goals that will cost us and I do hope that we can score goals before we reach the horrible run in.
  15. Anyone think we should put the same team out Tuesday? It sounds like we played a lot better with pacey Redmond and Fer playing more advanced role today.
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