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  1. Nicko


    He''s been excellent but it''s time to move on at the end of the season.

    One of the reasons why we got relegated last time is because we stuck with players who we knew weren''t good enough.

    He''s been a great servant but there''s no prizes for sentiment.
  2. Nicko

    Declan's future

    I''ve had it up to here with these tinpot pre-teen ''writers''. They''re all over Twitter. "Editor-in-chief" - do me a favour.

    I remember one line from an article that read something like this:

    "I sincerely believe that the hiring of Chris Hughton had a lot to do with Paul Lambert leaving"

    The trouble is, all these articles offer about the same level of analysis.

    Welcome to 2016, the year 16 year olds actually think writing an opinion piece on why Hoolahan isn''t great on the left is cutting edge journalism.
  3. Nicko

    James Maddison

    They''re a passionate set of fans. The soul has been ripped from their club, now this. I feel for them.
  4. Nicko

    James Maddison

    Having lived and worked in Coventry for 7 or so years and having family who are Cov fans, I''ve seen a lot of this lad.

    I saw his debut and I''ve seen him several times since then including his last game. All I can tell you is that this kid is the real deal. He is technically gifted and dictates the game even at 19 years old. Very skilful and a dead ball specialist - he takes a decent free kick. All this nonsense about not being strong enough is utter garbage, he''ll be ready next season for first team action IMO.

    £2m will be an absolute snip in years to come.
  5. Nicko

    Lamine Sane

    Alex Neil said we''re done. Give it up.
  6. Particularly disrespectful preview thread on the Spurs board.

  7. Nicko

    Alex Prichard

    Would only be interested in a permanent switch at this stage. Got plenty of options in these areas; Wes, Howson, Naismith, Vadis, Redmond, Dorrans.
  8. Nicko

    Spurred On By Eriksen

    haha this is funny
  9. Nicko

    Milos Raonic anyone

    Fair enough. I''d say that''s the measure of you then!
  10. Nicko

    Milos Raonic anyone

    Did it make you laugh then?
  11. Nicko

    Mile Jedinak anyone?

    [quote user="Bethnal Yellow and Green"]Norwich aren''t really in the position to sign first team players from Palace at the moment - a reflection of their rapid rise and Norwich''s steady progress.

    I''d say Jedinak is a better player than Mulumbu and as good as Tettey, if not a bit better. He is a great defensive screen but also has a good rage in passing.

    Defensive midfielders have a slightly longer life span than many other positions, especially if just being asked to hold the area in front of the defence, so his age isn''t a huge worry for me. I reckon he has at least a season or two left in him and would certainly provide the experience and leadership that many people have been calling out for.[/quote]

    So we can''t sign CP first teamers, but they''re Captain is easy pickings? I''d say it''s less to do with them being first team and more to do with how the club feel and how the player feels. And what the offer is. No player is really off limits. Shelvey is a good example of this.
  12. Nicko


    We could maybe even get Jerome out the door for 7m to Boro and I''d be happy with that.
  13. Nicko


    Why not get both in? Bamford on loan with a view to a permanent. Gayle in permanently. Grabban & Hooper already out the door and hopefully Lafferty on his way.

    Mbokani, Jerome, Bamford & Gayle, with Naismith providing cover should we need it. That''s a mid table strike force IMO.
  14. Nicko

    Milos Raonic anyone

    If you get any other urge to be the comedian...don''t.

  15. Nicko

    Mile Jedinak anyone?

    No thanks. Don''t really see him as an upgrade on anything we currently have. Seems quite limited as well. Would rather one of the other chaps they have in CM - McArthur or Ledley.