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  1. Is Morris that kind of player? Tbh I''ve not seen enough of him to form an opinion or to identify his playing style?
  2. Probably not and tbh I didn''t realise he was that ''old'' - but we don''t want to be turning our noses up and proven Champs players like him if they become available.
  3. P.S. Look at Newcastle. They had him and they had Gayle and they had Perez and they had Mitrovic. That is a hell of a set of strikers to have at your disposal in the Championship. They are all different and they all contributed and we''re getting far too full of ourselves if we think we''re too good for Murphy. We''re really not.
  4. I''m not so sure. He IS different to Oliveira and Cam, neither of whom are the battering ram type target man in the way that he can be. Not unlike Holt actually. We need to get over the idea that we''re too good for agricultural football. We can aim and prioritise good football, and we can play it and do well playing it, but as this last season has shown, it doesn''t always work and to have the option to play with a Murphy and play ugly at Milwall on a Tuesday night is an option we shouldn''t sniff at.
  5. As other''s have said... £4m!?!?! I know they''ve not been actually doing much in the market lately but can someone just tell them what has happened to the transfer market in the last 3 years? £7m for Wildschut, £12m for McCormack, £8m for Pritchard, £12m for Hogan... etc etc If we''re going to sell Howson to finance rebuilding, we just need to put a compilation of this season together and slap £10m minimum on his head.
  6. I''m inclined to thinking along the same lines as Broadstairs BUT, i would find it very hard to say no to a potential new holy trinity of Webber, Irvine and Lambert. I couldn''t see Irvine staying last week but Lambert it one guy he might be prepared to work for in the same or similar role he had with Neil. I think Irvine and Lambert would go together well, they''d be quite the yin and yang!
  7. "inflated expectations and entitlement" - this is the problem. It would happen anywhere. This is the first year in the last 6 where we haven''t either been mixing with the big boys in the Prem or wiping the floor with the opposition in the Championship. So back in the Champs this year fans are waiting for the players to give us something and when they haven''t been able to (as is inevitable at some point) the fans get restless, the players get nervous and the spiral of decline begins, the recriminations start, fans turn on each other, players, off field staff etc... it''s hard to stop.
  8. Snakepit not only failing to lead and generate decent atmos as it has traditionally done, but also managing to boo Russ on his 300th game. Webber will have noted that if he noted Jacob getting stick in the derby. So he knows what he''s doing imo - while it may be a risk to have a go it needs to be said as everything needs to be reset. It happens everywhere, fans get complacent, start expecting things and their attitude changes, their support become more conditional. If fans have had to get used to cr@p and mediocrity, they''re much quicker to back and support the team from a position of expecting little or nothing. Lambert did it when in L1, and Webber/Wagner have done it at HTFC after they had been in L1. Hell I imagine even them lot down the road, if they ever got a team, a manager and a regime to back and to shout about, they might get behind their team and generate an atmosphere around that place. Instead it''s getting like CR in the Roeder era at the Portaloo these days.
  9. Still makes me giggle seeing that guy come flying out of the crowd and going a*se over t*t on the advertising hording!
  10. I don''t think he''s a bad option. It would almost be worth it just for the absolute hernia it would give all the Leeds fans!! They hate us for taking all their best players (even when they didn''t work out like Becchio!) so taking the only recent manager who has been good for them would be the crowning insult. As for Leeds being able to offer more I totally disagree with that. Right now, for a manager, you offer them Leeds or Norwich that is by no means a given one way or other. Leeds have ultimately more potential but that''s only if they actually get up. We are financially stronger with them having been broke and in the lower divisions for years, we have a much better off field set up, they have a trigger happy unpredictable owner whose commitment to the club is questionable at best, and man for man we have a better squad right now. Actually, forget that it''s not a given, right now, today, we are clearly a better prospect for a good young manager that Leeds. You wouldn''t just choose Leeds because of what they COULD be when they are a long way from that and not as well equipped to make them that force that they once were. I think it''s very credible that Webber would have Monk high on his list.
  11. Parama''s Swansea example is exactly an example of what I described in my post on page 3 regarding the importance of protecting a club''s culture, which is very often lost when new owners come in who aren''t familiar with it and don''t respect it. There''s an article in the Guardian form a few weeks back describing the exact same thing as happening at Swansea happening at Palace after their American takeover. Thing is, the club COULD still be successful and may then forge its own, new identity, but which will have very little to do with the club''s history and culture. Man City would be a good example of that. I have a friend who was a huge City fan from the Maine Road days, Sumerbee and Peter Reid etc... that has basically been erased now and what you have now is a completely new global identity. Said friend has completely lost interest and no longer even follows football. Some fans might be happy with that if it brings with it success but their history has essentially been forgotten and swept aside. That''s the good outcome. For the bad outcome, where a new owner comes in and doesn''t manage to be successful, just look at who got relegated from league two today to see where it ends. That situation is an utter catastrophe and I feel desperately for the fans of that club, I really do. I don''t care who you are, no fans deserve that to happen to their club. Not even the scummers.
  12. A few points for the hard of comprehending. Baldyboy - Since you like asking for quotes, how about you quote anywhere on this post where anyone has said the owners are wonderful or great or whatever. I specifically said they have made mistakes, ergo they are far from perfect. But please point to a club that hasn''t made any mistakes. The reality is, all clubs will make mistakes and take the club in the wrong direction at times. When that happens, ask yourself who you want in charge of the club... a Venkys, an Allam, a Yeung, a Gaydamak, a SISU? Iwan''s Big Toe This Norwich and Norfolk folk dun loike furriners rubbish is a lazy cliche, a totally misguided interpretation of the concern about club ownership, and simply wrong. Sure there are folk everywhere who have that attitude but it is nothing to do with football. Football clubs are based in a specific locality and by definition draw on their local communities for their existence, support, culture and history. So to criticise fans who''d like that link respected and protected by the club''s owners is every shade of wrong. Fans aren''t automatically against outside ownership but naturally are anxious for the club''s culture, identity and interests to remain protected when the club is taken over by someone who has no knowledge understanding or reference to that culture and identity. Despite your random list of clubs posted above, you conveniently ignore the total disasters that have been Coventry City, Leeds Utd, Blackburn Rovers, Portsmouth... clubs who have been to hell and back (or are still in hell in some cases) because of owners cutting and running when things turned sour. Foreign ownership can work out, but it can go horrendously wrong. We''ve made errors but recovered reasonably and not crashed to the depths like the above. We are actually about where we can expect to be in the pyramid of the top two divisions. We aren''t a Man U or a City or a Chelsea so we need consistently good decisions, management and to keep punching above our weight to break in to the top division and stay there. We''ve done that and we haven''t done that. People need to recognise this rather than assume we have a divine right to a moneybags sugar daddy who would have given us better years than we''ve had in the last decade or so.
  13. [quote user="Darth Canary1"]This won''t be a popular thread![/quote] LOL - tell me about it. But really, when you think about it, why? I''d love some board haters to make a convincing argument that the board should have sold out to a.n. hinvestor (who!?). Take Fernandes as an example since he was around at one point, and think where we would be now if we had done. Who has made more/worse mistakes since Fernandes took over at QPR? Their lot or our lot? Close run thing. We bother find ourselves in the same position today but we have had longer in the PL and the benefits of that. And would you rather be where they are today, with who they have, or where we are today, with who we have?
  14. [quote user="KeiranShikari"]A man complementing his new employers? That''s shocking.He''d be banging on about ambition and the global game if our owners were Arabs.[/quote] You are missing the point. Which is if we had sold out to Indian Chicken farmers, he wouldn''t be here at all.
  15. *rather than in the home country OF of foreign investor... ...that should say!
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