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  1. writeronthestorm

    Another gem from Paul Lambert

    He's full of tub-thumping bluster but devoid of tactical nous and coaching ability - a spent force, relying on past glories for which he was a participating factor of a larger movement for which he cannot take sole credit. He is Ipswich and Ipswich is him. Reminds of me of Nietzsche "when you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares into you"
  2. writeronthestorm

    Patrick Roberts & the NCFC model

    He has been much hyped over the years, which at his current age shows how long he has been good enough for first team football. There's definitely a gem of a player in there and I'm certain with the right attitude and the right coaching he can shine for us (if we do actually sign him)
  3. writeronthestorm

    Jordan Roades

    I'd be happy to sign Rhodes permanently or on loan again next season - he obviously fits in well with the squad and can be relied upon to make an impact as a sub or start games and score goals. He knows the system and style of play - something that Srbeny will be more familiar with now too. Comparing previous times he's been in the prem or wherever goal stats can be misleading - I suspect goals scored is one of many things looked at when signing a striker and might not be weighted as much as some of the views on here. In my dream world, where i can speculate as though I know something, I would think that a loan arrangement with a bonus fee and agreed sale fee if we stay up could be enough to get him again next season.
  4. writeronthestorm

    Tricky summer ahead

    I think there are some obvious areas that need strengthening/supporting, e.g. RB, but it's not so obvious where we will do that from, i.e. promote from within/loan/sign I think that our first team is in good condition, so I'd like us to just make sure we have 2 of each position that are capable of competing for their place in the team
  5. writeronthestorm

    you can make four signings. Who are they?

    Anyone know what the Passlack situation is? I'd be happy for us to sign perm/loan
  6. writeronthestorm

    Norwich v Blackburn

    Trybull is out, so I presume Tettey will come in - I'd like to see Vrancic in for McClean too
  7. writeronthestorm

    Timm Klose?

    Godfrey, Zimmerman, Klose & Hanley is a great set of CB's to have. Can Heise play at CB too? I expect Franke will depart on a permanent deal and Raggett to go out on loan/permanent (wouldn't be surprised if Lincoln return for him) Only if Klose leaves do I expect us to sign another CB.
  8. Idah is a great shout at being next in line to break through from the Academy
  9. TBH whomever Farke and Webber sign, I'll be happy - they've been pretty much spot on, so far and very quick and astute to move players on or loan them out when it hasn't worked
  10. I feel that we only need a couple of additions and even that could be covered by permanent signings of Rhodes and Passlack - the only other area is CB depending upon Klose situation and GK if it is felt that there needs to be experienced cover for Krul & McGovern
  11. writeronthestorm

    Team Vs Wednesday

    I think we could bring in Vrancic and push McLean slightly wider on the left and have Hernandez down the right. I think we can cope with a more narrow midfield on the left. Lewis is very capable of supplying width on that side and with Vrancic in the middle, I feel we can pass through most sides. Having said all of that, if Farke goes with Cantwell, I'm ok with that too - Farke is the one that has got us into this position, not me!
  12. writeronthestorm

    German culture applied to football

    I''d take effectiveness over efficiency every time
  13. writeronthestorm

    Club going downhill

    We did invest, but in the "wrong" players (Naismith) or at the "wrong" time (Klose signing in Jan) - poor transfer management coupled with poor game management/tactics did for us in the end.

    I, too, lament missed opportunities - had we kept Walker as manager, Sutton, Fox, etc. we could have already been an established Premiership side for many, many years
  14. writeronthestorm

    Will a defeat next Sunday be the end of Farke?

    [quote user="Rock The Boat"]There was a thread at the beginning of the season asking how many points we would get after seven games. I think I predicted the lowest, estimating just five points. So with just four points from five games, I may be proved correct. This isn''t a ''told-you-so'' post but I thought that we had so many new players, nobody having any idea what our best eleven would be, and not a clue the best formation or system for us, I thought the teams we were facing would mean a really difficult start of the season for us.

    So it has proved.

    I think it is going to change, but Sunday''s game is going to be crucial. A bad result against the team at the foot of the table and he may not recover from the fallout. If he gets through without too much damage, a draw may be enough, then I think we are favouring a more do-able run of fixtures. His best team and formation and system of play is still not settled but I think it is slightly more focused than the start of the season. So I think we will see some improved results leading up to January.

    We won''t challenge the top six this season but I can see us being 9-13th. This won''t be enough for most Pinkun posters, but my objectives would be to see the youngsters being introduced whenever possible plus higher pressing at kick off. No objections to tippy-tappy if we''re two-nil up, just don''t want to see it at the beginning of a game.[/quote]

    Spot on about where we are at and where we may finish