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  1. [quote user="TIL 1010"][quote user="lappinitup"] [quote user="Ha ya got a loight boy"]Ah yes, multiple personas.   Something I''ve been accused of, several times.    To put my record straight - and I dare others to do the same - I''ll come clean, not that there is much to come clean about.    I had one LDC account and the email provider started charging £4.99 a month, just for emails (check out supanet if you don''t believe me).    So I started  another one and let the first one go.  That set in motion rabid accusations  about multiple posting, despite my protestations.  I once set up a silly character, just to see what happened "Captain Haddock''s Fish Supper" which was just for a laugh and attempt at humour, but that only lasted afew weeks until I got bored with it.  Apart from that - nothing.   So there you are, those are my misdemeanours - now go on -  I dare you.....................no-ones looking......[/quote]   So you ARE LDC.   We know you had two LDC accounts...   And now this one "Ha'' ya got a loight boy?"....   And "Peak District Canary"...   And "Rosie Saunders"...   And "Captain Haddock''s Fish Supper" (by your own admission).  And.....anything else you''d like to tell us? [/quote] This is a first Lapp as you and you alone appear to have the power to prevent LDC having the last word but of course he cannot argue with the truth. [:D] [/quote] The truth is there for all to see.  But I have not been any of the characters you name.  I had one messing about account which started out as Cap''n Haddock Fish supper, because got bored with the silliness of it and changed it to "ha''ya got a loight boy"  and tried to be a reasonable poster with it and not to wind anyone up with it,  as LDC I am a marked man.  But I don''t use it and was just checking it was still there, hence his appearance.   But LDC is who I am, like it or not and I will stick with that come what may.     Whoever parodied me with "Peak District Canary" was very poor at copying me and I am quite insulted that you could think  I could write so badly as he did.   "Rosie Saunders" I''ve never even heard of.   My dare is still out there.  Anyone else care to divulge their other characters?    From the way this board goes it is clear there must be loads of you that "dabble" with other characters.    So come on - where are you??
  2. Ah yes, multiple personas.   Something I''ve been accused of, several times.    To put my record straight - and I dare others to do the same - I''ll come clean, not that there is much to come clean about.    I had one LDC account and the email provider started charging £4.99 a month, just for emails (check out supanet if you don''t believe me).    So I started  another one and let the first one go.  That set in motion rabid accusations  about multiple posting, despite my protestations.  I once set up a silly character, just to see what happened "Captain Haddock''s Fish Supper" which was just for a laugh and attempt at humour, but that only lasted afew weeks until I got bored with it.  Apart from that - nothing.   So there you are, those are my misdemeanours - now go on -  I dare you.....................no-ones looking......
  3. Can we forget the lack of goals and think that we are capable of scoring?  Goals will come.   A  goal drought can only last so long.   I thought that we created more at Wigan, looked more dangerous.   Goals will come.   We have scored from all over the pitch this season.  Turner, Bassong, Martin, Pilks, Snod, Johnson, Hoolahan, Holt, KK, Jackson.    The goals are there.   Hughton is not just a defensive manager.   He just isn''t.  Look at the matches away at Everton,  Swansea away 1st half,   Sunderland at home 1st half,  last ten minutes Everton.    All the match home to MU.   All the match home to Arsenal.  Spurs home and away.    Examples of what a Hughton team can do.    Well organised, solid, good defence combined with ability in attack.   That is what we aspire to under Hughton.   But if the chips are down we can grind out results and that is the sign of a good side.   Goals will happen sooner or later, as sure as eggs is eggs.
  4. Good post!Martin, Bassong strong contributors and Turner too. All we need is a Garrido free kick to go in  (if he can get the ball off Snodgrass[:(]).  
  5. [quote user="Vanwink"]What a foolish post[/quote] Just trying to lighten the mood,   Vanwink.[:P]
  6. Vanwink: "That''s what''s worrying me, the fans are getting more and more disillusioned and are not seeing anything to inspire them on the pitch, this has been noticeable at home games and sounds like it is happening away too.  We really need to get it going on Saturday and play our part!" CR almost feels like a library these days.  Weird.   It used to be just at MU where people said the fans just sat back and waited to be entertained and just moaned if they weren''t.   Where has the singing gone?   One of the best things about where we sit is watching the Barclay End in a sea of colour and noise before a match.    Most of the time it is quiet, half empty until two minutes before kick off.    It gets noisier when we are competing well, but why can''t we start a match with some enthusiasm anymore? The best atmosphere I can remember before a match was at the start of the league 1 season.   The noise and atmosphere before the match was fantastic  (spoilt by what followed).   These last two seasons there is an air of almost apprehension before matches.   Why is that?   Why can''t we get up for these games without feeling the tension?     I don''t like harping to years gone by when things seemed better, but I agree with the sentiment we should be enjoying the football more than we appear to be.    It should be a great match on Saturday.   Lets hope we as fans can make it a hostile place for the Swans.
  7. We''re never going to win again!!!! We''re never going to score another goal!!!     We''re going to get beaten 7-0 every game until the end of the season!!!     We''re going to be in League2 in three season''s time!!!!    Holt is going to play for us till he''s 46!!!!!      Hoolahan will disappear into a hole in the pitch he has made with his running around in small circles!!!!Johnson will join  Wigan (RUC) as he is so good at putting the ball over the bar!!!!We''re going to  buy a dutch player called  Vrouwelijke Delenkat !!! Oh, things have got so bad!!!!!!!!!! Meanwhile, in the real world..........................
  8. [quote user="Davo"][quote user="Yellow Wall"]Perhaps this could be taken a step further when no points are won if no goals are scored. Therefore the only change would be no points for either team for a 0-0 draw. If you want to win at least one point you must score.[/quote] I get your point but how would you feel if we go away to Arsenal in just over a week, we create two good goal scoring chances. One falls to Bradley Johnson who shanks it wide and the otehr falls to Hoolahan on his right foot which gets tipped round the post. Meanwhile at the other end Bunn produces 5 top class saves on a similar level to Banks against Pele. Does neither team deserve a point? It''s been an entertaining game but two missed chances and a series of world class saves means no team gets any points. Dosen''t seem quite right to me. Davo[/quote] If the ball ever falls to Wes on his right foot, he would turn and turn and turn and turn again to get the ball on his left, before shooting into a pack of defenders who had half an hour to get back - after sitting on the halfway line for a cup of tea first - to get back between him and the goal.     
  9. [quote user="Ketts Rebel"]Now the dust has settled.. My post was simply making the point that the points system is designed (since 1981) to heavily favour a win as opposed to a draw. I know this is an obvious point, but think about it..playing not to lose, or playing for a draw, immediately puts you at a disadvantage.The system favours attacking football. The points are weighted, to encourage aggressive attacking tactics. If it was still 2 points for a win, there would be more of a reason to be more defensive. Basically, I think that throwing some of our cautious tactics into the wind, being more attack minded (even losing more) would over time give greater reward.  10 draws. (no loses) = 10 points. 4 wins  (6 loses!) = 12 points.  Chance it, go for it, attack, attack.... the SYSTEM is waiting to reward you...........     [/quote] As has been pointed out many times, we are not purely defensive minded.   Hughton is known at previous clubs for his teams producing good football at both ends of the pitch.   The problem is that we don''t yet have the players to fully make the most of  the way it needs to be done.   Hughton has tightened up the defence and has succeeded in making us very hard to beat and we are still in a good position to stay in this league.  He has to stay strong and carry on his brief - and that is to develop the club and make us more competitive over a period of years in this league.    You don''t create an Everton over night.   The defence was the first problem and we simply have to be patient to allow the team to develop.  Goals are an issue, obviously, but it is not complete doom and gloom.  We are still picking up points and the team looks strong in many areas.   3 points for a win, yes, one point for a draw, yes.    The medicine is hard to take, I know, but we were always going to have a battle this season.   Yes, the system favours those that attack...............but only if they can defend too.   Learn to defend first, then you will be hard to beat, then add potency in attack on to that..... and that is a work in progress.   Next season, will be the time to judge. 
  10. Perhaps we could get Gary Lineker to recommend four points for a win.   That would have the same effect as when the three point system came in. Attacking football is what we all want to see, after all. 
  11. star_manic "Quite telling given how deep we play is that we have not scored a single goal on the counter attack all season. I really like Hoolahan as a player, but given his position in the side, his goal return of 3 is slightly disappointing.  Then again, we create little as a side, so perhaps not surprisingbut surely it is Hoolahans job to create goal scoring opportunities, so the lack of these reflects that he is not up to the job any more. as far as i am concerned he needs replacing in the close season with a player able to be more attack minded. Wes''s mazy runs across field are great to watch but end in lost possession or a backward pass in the majority of instances." The person that would help us in the regard to playing well on the counter is Fox.   Able to see a pass and deliver it at the right time.   All our players have their deficiencies at this level, otherwise we would already be in the top ten, but at least Fox can pass.    The balance of the midfield must be wrong as it is at the moment.   Snodgrass - dithers and lacks pace and fails to deliver a pass often enough, usually trying to do too much on his ownHoolahan - one footed, controls the ball skillfully but doesn''t deliver a killer pass often enoughJohnson - unreliable passing, you never know if when he passes it is going to go where he wants it toHowson - not seen the best of him yet.  I suspect he can do the business but so far hasn''tTettey - Still in his first season here, looks to have the potential,  but we have not seen the best of himPilks - looks quality from time to time but just seems to go missing a lot of the time. Fox- not really featured, but as has been says, has the passing ability, maybe lacking in other areas.Bennett - Can be good, but often looks under confident at beating his man.   One gem of a goal in two seasons is not enough.A harsh round up you may say, but it does show why the midfield is maybe not functioning as well as it could.    To do well they need to be on top form, lets hope they can find that in their next game.  
  12. [quote user="Salopian"]We certainly have to show more to survive. The defence has been generally sound, and might even have got away with a point on Saturday, apart the slip and keeper error which led to the only goal. Until we ran out of steam we looked good, until the final third.   We have to face the fact that we are not creating good chances, and of the few we do create not many result in an attempt at goal. We must have one of the weakest strike forces in the division, and one of the worst midfields.  Can we improve and deserve to stay up? I think so. Earlier in the season goals were coming from virtually every player in the side, which covered up the striker limitations. This source seems to have dried up, apart from Wes. It could be reversed.  I hope that the return of Pilks will make a difference, both in shooting and in creating chances, but you can''t rely on one man. They all have to step up. Otherwise, I fear that we are doomed. [/quote] There is some truth in your post.   However, imo, the strike force is good.  The simple fact is that the team do not get a decent final ball in often enough or quick enough.  The midfield looks good passing it around, but they need to get the ball in early.  Both Wes and Snod have not been doing it enough, both dithering around.    I sometimes think they are trying to be too clever when a simple ball in to the box could pay dividends.   All the skill in the world is pointless unless there is an end product.   As you say, they need to step it up. As for the OP, its simple, if we stay up we deserve to stay up, if we go down we deserve to go down.   Will we stay up? Imo, yes, but there is everything to play for and it won''t be easy.
  13. Interesting post PT.    For the Holt thing, I still think its a confidence in front of goal thing. He is not getting enough chances to feel confident.   Its a bit like the chicken and egg.   You need to have something there to latch on to.  The best position for a goal in recent matches was at home when he was free on the right charging in on goal and all it need was a simple ball to him and Johnson kicked way out in to touch.   It kind of sums things up for me.  Holt is not getting the service so how can he score/keep his confidence in front of goal?    Its the same for any striker.As to being realistic, the realistic view imo, is the one you mention - we are hard to beat.     This means we are competing against all the clubs in the league and are there to get points off any of them.     Hence the points against MU Arsenal and Spurs.    We are not there to make up the numbers.  If we are going to progress as a club in this league it has to be like this.   If it means we stay defensive for the rest of the season then so be it, as long as we pick up enough points.   Next season will then be the development season, with improved midfield play, with hopefully the addition of some pace and better movement off the ball.   We are all frustrated by it at the moment, but patience has its virtue and I hope the vast majority of our fans understand the bigger picture.   Those that don''t appreciate it probably never will.
  14. [quote user="ron obvious"]Many times, ROBFLECK. The first movement in particular knocks me out - the ''bolero'', starting with an innocent, silly little tune, as if heard in the distance from an approaching travelling band, builds up to the most horrific climax, like some hideous, inhuman army trampling everyone, men, women, children, in its path. I sat next to the snare drums at the Barbican, & my hair was horizontal (or would have been if I''d had any!). The 10th''s my favourite though - like a fantastic journey through the soul. Gustavo Dudamel''s young orchestra performed it unforgettably; fortunately I taped it so will be with me forever. Difficult to compare the suffering & slow starvation of an entire city to the fortunes of a football club I feel! Possibly the 8th? At least the strident voices & panic evident in (I think) the 3rd movement would echo the activity on this board!![/quote] Talking of Shostakovich, how about the start of the festival overture for the players coming out on to the pitch?  Its one of the most rousing of fanfares.                   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gDZTah8J2A   
  15. [quote user="Jules"]RVW looks like a very good buy, but he received some great service to score his hat trick last night. I''m not so sure that he''ll get that at NCFC as things stand at present.[/quote] This is the point.   Holt is still a good goal scorer.  Becchio is a good goal scorer.   Kamara is a good goal scorer.    How many chances do they get a game? Very few.  You can only score if you put the ball in a dangerous area.  Imo the creative players (main culprits Snodgrass and Hoolahan) are not delivering.   If our two so called most skilful players can''t provide then RVW won''t score many here either.   The midfield simply have to start providing.
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