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  1. [quote user="lake district canary"]  I  would have to question why you quite like him.  [/quote]   He''s honest, simple as that. Tells it like it is and isn''t afraid to upset anyone by doing it.   He did an interview recently with GQ magazine in which he''s almost too honest, speaking about the incident the final day of last season openly. Admits he''s not proud of it etc.   He can be an idiot yes, but at the same time I have a layer of respect for his refreshing honesty in a sport now dominated by liars & cheats.
  2. Surely this isn''t a serious topic?!? It can''t be.... I refuse to believe someone can be this idiotic...
  3. Shame but this is why Bunn has been brought in despite the move being slated at the time. We''ve been very lucky over the past 3 1/2 seasons that our 1st choice GK hasn''t picked up injuries til now. Rudd & Steer need time out on loan before they''re ready for a sustained spell in the side.
  4. Collymore is probably my favourite pundit, generally speaks a fair bit of sense and spent a lot of time praising us last season.
  5. Haha Barton''s on a wind up, nothing more nothing less.   For all his mindless moments I actually quite like Joey Barton, far more entertaining than most footballers who spout the same old generic garbage.   *put''s tin hat on*
  6. Don''t see the logic in that... Austin''s scoring at Championship level but that''s not to say he''s definately going to score in the Prem. Graham proved last season he''s got goals in him at this level which IMO makes him the safer bet if we''re gonna part with £5mil on a player.
  7. No thanks. Hasn''t hit double figures in 4 seasons, not exactly a spring chicken either and would arguably cost more than someone like Danny Graham who IMO is the better punt.
  8. Why would he leave Vitesse who are having a decent tilt at the title & likely to be in Europe next season to come here for a relegation battle? Especially when clubs that will be a far more attractive proposition are sniffing round him.   It''s a shame cos he''s been a top striker for a couple seasons now but it''s never gonna happen
  9. As much as I love him I don''t see Foxy still being here at the end of January and if Villa come in with a good enough bid then I see no reason not to let him go there.   Lambert will value him higher than other clubs will as he knows him better than anyone else, other clubs are gonna see him as a player who simply can''t get into our side.
  10. Of course we can win, unless there''s some new rule added i''m not familiar with that says teams must lose to Man Utd.
  11. If Zlatan had scored it against us yes.... he''s by far my favourite footballer that''s not associated with Norwich. Get''s written off by fans over here as being over-rated but he''s one of the most naturally gifted footballer''s i''ve seen. When he wants it (and thats the key point) he''s absolutely unplayable. Last season was the first time in about 9 seasons he''s not won his domestic league but not that aside from his year at Barca he''s been the reason his side has won the league, I remember at Inter he''d been injured and it was a final day decider between Inter away at Parma & Roma. At half time Inter were losing and Roma Champs. Ibracadabra comes on, scores twice, Inter win the title. His Champions League record goes against him, especially as the following season after his departure Inter & Barca won it. However at Milan & Inter in particular their tactic was "give it to Ibra" you can''t win the CL like that. Have a look at his goals on youtube, one for Ajax against NEC is arguably better than last nights effort.
  12. Like others have said I''d prefere to see him here over Chris Martin, nothing personal against Chris but he''s a Championship player at best IMO, capable of coming into the side when needed to do a job but that''s it. Pacheco has the potential to be a good PL player, however his best position is off the strikers, a role that already has Hoolahan, Butterfield and Howson competing for it.
  13. Off topic but Sunderland? Really?   On paper they''ve got a half tidy side but they''ve been poor this season, Demba Ba is their 2nd highest goalscorer and he plays for their biggest rivals. Don''t quite understand how they look so toothless. In McLean & Johnson they have two quality wingers, Sessegnon (SP?) looks a shadow of the player he was last season, if Fletcher hadn''t been so clinical in front of goal they''d be really struggling.
  14. Disgusted he was booed before KO.   Our fans are morons at times, the second a player has a few bad performances they get booed and slated endlessly (Morro last season being a good example) it helps nobody, yes Turner hasn''t had a brilliant start but he''s played more PL football than most of our squad for a reason, he''s not a bad player, infact I think him and Bassong have all the makings of a good CB pairing.   "Supporters" should support our players when they have a dip in form rather than kill their confidence more than it already probbaly is due to said loss of form.   Rant over.
  15. 7. Thought we might get a point at Craven Cottage and then like most others I thought we''d beat QPR and West Ham.
  16. What will be interesting is how our travelling fans act on the day (and it could also be decisive) if they go there with the sole aim of abusing PL I think PL & the Villa fans will thrive on that, it had a massive effect when we played Col U away, I sincerely hope our fans simply focus on supporting our manager & players rather than giving all the attention to our ex manager.    
  17. I think personally Agbonlohor will be the dangerman for them, his pace killed us at Villa Park last season.
  18. Pathetic this, from both sides... a bunch of (i''m assuming) grown men bickering like teenage school girls. Grow up, Man up & just enjoy our first win of the season instead of playing games of petty point scoring.  
  19. Snodgrass never has or ever will have the pace to be an outright winger, he''s better playing centrally in the hole between midfield and strikers, His best form at Leeds came from that position, however with Hoolahan & Butterfield to come back you have to wonder how much game time he''ll get in that role.Reminds me of when England persisted with trying to play Joe Cole as a left winger, it doesn''t work because their natural instinct is to cut inside and get involved in play. They''re not disciplined enough to play as a winger.
  20. [quote user="nutty nigel"] What made Kris Renton crap then? [/quote] Was it Renton that had the horrific double fracture and dislocation, otherwise known as an "Eduardo"?   *Not saying he was crap for the record, if I remember correctly he had an exceptional goals record in our academy*
  21. Favre & Guidolin would both have been great appointments but there''s no way they''d leave CL football for a relegation battle in England. (I''m aware you did add if they''d have come here) Dutt i''m not so sure about, didn''t do much with a tidy Leverkusen side.   Completely agree with the rest of it though, Hughton was the best british based appointment we could have made IMO. He''s still learning the team and the players are still learning his methods. I firmly beleive both will come good, if we can add a out and out goalscorer (Charlie Austin perhaps?) I think we''ll stay up.
  22. ^ That''s far too sensible a post for this forum mate.   Give Hughton time, things will come together, we are where we are at the moment but the potential in this set up is there.
  23.  I genuinely think given time Mourinho could turn any club competitive.   The work he did with Leiria in Portugal before joining Porto was ridiculous. Turned them into Champions League contenders, admittedly an easier task in that division but no mean feat still.   The loyalty he evokes from players is unlike anything i''ve seen in managers, there''s a video of him leaving Inter''s training ground after announcing he was going to Madrid and Marco Materazzi is literally sobbing his heart out on Mourinho''s shoulder (and he was very much a bit part player during Jose''s tenure there) and Materazzi isn''t exactly the friendliest of people.
  24. Can''t wait to see Cazorla play in the flesh again, IMO one of the best players in the division. Got to see him play whilst he was still at Villarreal and he was a class above anyone else on the pitch.
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