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  1. 100% agree with this sentiment. I am so sad for Farke. I have never wanted it to work out more. After the final whistle today I was so pleased for him. It is an emotional goodbye. The prem performances weren't there, but he has done so much good for the club and the way he developed our young players should never be forgotten. Saying all that, the first 45 minutes of football today was the first time we have looked like a premier league team in 20 games. That just isn't good enough for a head coach. Could this have been the turning point? I guess we will never know. I truly hope we get to give Farke a good send off at CR one day.
  2. This isn’t correct. You can’t judge a manager on future performances he won’t get to participate in. In a parallel universe we could have sacked Farke and you would have said “For Farke it was over after 10 premier league losses in lockdown”. We kept him and he won the championship title. I understand your point of “enough is enough” but no one really knows whether he can or will turn this round. Some people still think he can.
  3. Judging by how often he gives the ball away at CB I think CDM would be a disaster
  4. Would love to know why he’s not in Farke’s thoughts when our midfield has been in dire need of a DM since Skipp left.
  5. Krul Max Hanley Omabamadele Williams Sorenson Normann Raschica Gilmour Tzolis Pukki If Cantwell is half fit I’d play him instead of rashica. Young back line but kabak has looked very error prone. Gianoulis useless as a LB
  6. He’s correct. Most pundits on social media are idiots. Myself included. I personally find it refreshing we are not over reacting everytime we lose a game and have a longer term outlook. This is being severely tested at the moment though.
  7. I’m torn. 1st prem season he gets a pass from me for the lack of recruitment and lockdown etc. 2nd prem season I’ve been a lot more generous than most. He’s had a lot against him still, late recruitment, awful fixtures, no time for players to gel, loosing emi & skipp. Wouldn’t have been easy for anyone. Saying all that we have looked dreadful all season and a long way off competitive. I’m still waiting for it to all ‘click’ and we actually look like a decent outfit. The talent is there, just not the performances. Preseason I said we have to give him at least 10 games. It’s all about fine margins and Brighton could have easily been a win and Leicester a point. All of a sudden the table looks a lot rosier. I’d give him another 5 games and see where we are.
  8. I actually think forcing a game to be postponed is a quite effective method of protest. As a one off all it does it draw attention to the problem, but multiple postponements and delays will cost the club money. This high profile game will now have to be played midweek with less of an audience so presumably worth less to everyone involved.
  9. Tricky one. Skipp is the best player in that position I have seen in a Norwich shirt in a very long time and would love to have him. However, Aarons has the potential to become one of the best right backs in the world and I think will most likely go on to be challenging TAA for RB/WB at international level in the future. I'm not sure if I see Skipp getting to quite that level. I would probably say yes for me, but I would like cash / or a sell on clause. As most have said Skip's position seems harder to replace / recruit for (for us at least) and we have decent backup options at the club already.
  10. To be fair it was almost unbelievable we managed to keep him this season.
  11. Great job from those guys. Staying up for any reason for 24 hours is hard to do! Would definitely deserve fan of the year title.
  12. Comes across as a bit of a "twit" I think. Moves for the money and finds himself unhappy, quelle surprise. Can't imagine many fun loving northerners enjoying quiet Norfolk. What I find surprising is that he knew that's what he was signing up for, but seems surprised when he found what he expected. Shame to hear that he suffered with depression and fair play for giving it up for a move to happiness. At least he learnt something.
  13. Does anyone know if this is being streamed live anywhere?
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