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  1. anonamoose

    Liverpool Match Thread

    Understand why DF wants the more defensive Rupp instead of Emi against the runaway leaders. I've always wondered how Emi would do in the number 10 role, he always ends up there even from starting off the wing
  2. anonamoose

    Match thread - Newcastle

    Glad I'm not a newcastle fan. They were dire.
  3. anonamoose

    Manu enquire on Pukki

    100 million! I know he's priceless but I think for that I'd sell him. I can't quite tell if DF is being sarcastic or not
  4. I'm with you on this. I'd like to see VAR overturning/give these ones though. VAR seems to only overturn the most blatant of mistakes.
  5. When I was about 15, after a game at Carrow road my Dad took my sister and I to pizza hut. Guess who turns up about 15 minutes after we did and sat next to us? Darren Kenton and Clint Easton. They kindly signed the back of the kids menu my sister was scribbling on. DK seemed quiet and reserved. CE was loud and chatting up any female in the area (except my sister).
  6. anonamoose

    Fantasy Premier League?

    It's for this one: https://fantasy.premierleague.com/ Pretty sure its the one run by the actual premier league
  7. Is there a PinkUn FPL league that everyone plays? I couldn't find one in the forum. I have made one if anybody wants to join. Code is xk25sl Apologies if this is posted somewhere else. I couldn't find it if it is! Can't wait for the start of the season!
  8. anonamoose

    Stream for the game?

    Thanks guys. I can make my peace with the commentary, especially if we are winning!
  9. anonamoose

    Stream for the game?

    Anyone have a working one? All my usual places aren''t working!!!!!
  10. anonamoose

    What will you do if RvW scores?

    [quote user="Bor Bor Bor"]Listening to the wireless and Mark Rivers''s impression of Johnny Vegas.

    If Ricky scores, I will neck a pint of my own piss.

    What will you do?[/quote]

    Video footage of this please
  11. anonamoose

    Grabban gone AWOL

    Apparently Grabban has just got to Victoria Park and is warming up ready to come on for Bournemouth.
  12. anonamoose

    I was quite hopeful for RVW tonight...

    [quote user="Ian"]Thought he was quite decent tonight. Felt terribly sorry for him when he slipped over and gave away the hand ball.

    For all those who are saying he''s not good enough - Hooper played alongside him tonight and didn''t even get the chances to miss...[/quote]

    Have to say that Hooper looked a lot better than Ricky tonight. His link up play was great and he showed some nice touches and real class spreading the play. He had a couple of blocked shots, but no clear cut chances like Ricky.
  13. anonamoose

    I was quite hopeful for RVW tonight...

    Felt like it was a fresh start for ricky tonight, he got a really good reception and everyone was excited and hopefully when he got the ball. I personally was hoping he would do really well.

    However, he really just seemed out of his depth. Did some occasional decent play holding the ball up etc and a few good runs down the channels but in front of goal he was not good. The one on one miss which was straight into the keeper then the edge of box shot that wasn''t even close to the goal summed his night up. One positive was his looping header that almost caught the keeper out.

    Found it really hard to take any positive from the game for him. He is still getting chances I guess, but surely unless he is going to start putting some away he won''t be getting anywhere near our first team this year.

    Hope he can bang in a hatrick on Saturday!
  14. anonamoose

    Free scoring strikers

    These are the statistics for our strikers before signing for Norwich.

    Beccio 190 games 75 goals. 2.5 games per goal

    RvW 55 games 28 goals. 1.9 games per goal

    Hooper 95 games. 63 goals. 1.5 games per goal.

    Grabban 87 games 35 goals. 2.4 games per goal.

    Average 2.12 games per goal.

    After signing

    Beccio 11 games 0 goals.

    RvW 25 games 1 goal. 25 games per goal

    Hooper 32 games 6 goals. 5.3 games per goal.

    Average 9.7 games per goal

    If we can get the best out this crop of strikers we should be banging them in this season. There is a huge amount of potential there.

    Personally I think at least one of Rvw or Hooper will be off, so I would be doing everything I can to sign Rhodes. I would just stump up the $10 million. It is very rare to find a big man that scores as many goals as he does. As well as him being very young and his value only going to go up. I am also a firm believer that (unless you are arsenal or man ute) you need a target man to hit long to.
  15. anonamoose

    Hughtons tictacs today

    Things that I was surprised at before todays game. Who knows if it would have made any difference.

    1. Ruddy captain - Goal keeper as captain is always a mistake for me. Very hard to lead from between the sticks. Howson or bennet have both done it before and howson in particular appears to be a natural leader.

    2. No Wes - The ONLY player to look decent attacking recently. Especially along side Hooper they have actually looked like they can score goals.

    3. No Redmond - surely our best chance of scoring is with him.

    His in game decisions were very poor as well for me. I have never been keen on changing managers too much and I always like hughton, but I am done. Can''t take anymore of this. We will go do with him in charge,