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  1. Villa were AWFUL. Lambert must LEAVE. We are AWFUL. LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY
  2. And there it is FRIENDS. The ugly TRUTH. Will you finally ACCEPT it?
  3. WHY? I still love the classic HOLTY HOLTY HOLTY
  4. Don''t get too excited paul. I see no SUBSTANCE in these rumours.
  5. Ginger cats eh? What about BLUIE AND WHTE ONES?
  6. All this talk of cats and where is the puss? Pussyed out. Please, hold your applause.
  7. HOPEFULLY shitty1st will soon be leaving and bring some peace to this forum. I will gladly FEAST on his remains if need be, and hopefully others will stop TUGGING at his TEAT. Binner needs to go back to TWTD.
  8. Seems like Puss is coughing up HAIRBALLS from his master shitty1st again....
  9. Celtic have taken the lead! Here''s to hoping barca willl bounce back though. [B]
  10. This is so hypocritical. You lot accuse ME of singling out users of the forum (Yes I did, and sorry to all those I targeted) and then you immediatly formulate a thread titled to accusing people DIRECTLY?  Let us all be united as Norwich fans FFS
  11. [8] You hairy bastardsYou ruined our club, ruined our club, ruuuined our club,You hairy bastards, you ruined our club [8]Of course I jest. I love the "Is this what you left us for" one!
  12. I can''t believe this has now resorted to Hero-Worship. LDC was not the only one predicting the win and as he keeps saying there is MORE to go. Such arrogance.
  13. Get rid of Harry broken legs Kane and Chris drunkard Martin and bring pachecho. We need some players who WANT to be here.
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