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  1. It was peculiar, the way I could dissect a Chris Hughton loss, but then after watching his post game interview feel completely different. His softly spoken demeanour, friendly attitude and never once challenging had an almost, perverse, way of winning me over. His ability to instill confidence in me even after a loss was always frustrating to me, and I wonder how many others were own over by his silver tongue. I''ve listened, more than watched, this season from behind the walls of Carrow Road - my last game being almost a season ago for our 4-0 win at this very fixture. I won''t deny, I began my Norwich City support with lambert and this is truly my first experience of a ''bad season'' (I know it could be worse). I truly couldn''t get behind Chris Hughton this season, the football bland and the players shot. I''ve been waiting for this news for a while now, and with it my full support of Neil Adams and the players. OTBC.
  2. WC has instructions on how to deal with WC in his avatar, I suggest you all oblige the bitter fool.
  3. I was shocked to even see something like that on the front page of this site. Totally embarrasing. However, he makes one comment which I agree with - it is a mindless march to mediocrity and I am *bored*!
  4. Apparently it was on an unofficial facebook page for Norwich/ipswich "banter" - reads as if it was one of our own. Completely appauling, I''ve not got confidence in him as a manager but if that is what brought the person to racism then they really deserve everything headed their way.
  5. Exhibit A - Luton Exhibit B - Hull Exhibit C - Tottenham Exhibit D - Villa Now I would like to draw your attention to the following Exhibit A - West Brom Exhibit B - Man City Exhibit C - Everton (in which Hughton admitted the players ''just went for it'') Case closed, your honour.
  6. I''m not being funny but, I don''t think whatever Hughton had to say at half-time mattered... Whether the subs were there or not.
  7. But I can''t... I physically and mentally cannot be bothered to spend my weekend watching rubbish and coming away dissapointed whether that be on the telly, on a stream or at a game. I don''t want to do it, I can''t be bothered to do it, I won''t do it. I do however want to have a reason to, and Hughton getting gone would be that reason.
  8. Damn, if he isn''t sacked now then a loss to Stoke probably won''t see him sacked and two losses later a loss to Cardiff is out next best chance of getting rid...
  9. I believe it''ll be longer than ten games with A) Cup rotation B) Injuries C) Hughton''s moronic selections
  10. I was excited for the season, given how we closed off the last one. I put the dross out of mind and forgot the whole affair. The season kicked off and a fair 2-2 draw and I looked forward to the next game, confident our signings would change our away mentality. I was wrong, and since Hull - maybe even Luton - I''ve had no interest in football. I''ve only checked the sky sports app once when we played Spurs and saw we were 1-0 and gave up. My sudden lack of care for football stems from the horrible football we play and the blatantly stupid touchline instructions. I saw the team sheet for yesterdays game and laughed. I laughed even harder when I heard who took our penalty. Until Hughton is as far from the club as possible I dare say I will be uninterested in following football because it''s one of the most boring aspects of my life. Chris Hughton is to blame for that, and I hope the OP is correct.
  11. I just.... I should have taken a look at the starting XI before putting a bet on us.
  12. How Snodgrass is in the starting XI I''ll never know. Must have had a god week in training...
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