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    Paul Heckingbottom...

    When Heckingbottom was a Norwich player I asked Worthy about him as I was thinking of recommending him to a club. Worthy told me that Heckingbottom hadn''t settled and wanted to leave to go back to Yorkshire. I thanked him for letting me know and passed a tip to him in return... to sign Dean Ashton.
  2. "ll give you a stat Tom....

    6 of the last 7 managers haven''t lasted 2 years in the job......

    Fan impatience? Bad luck? Or lack of knowledge/competence/support from the top?"The average tenure for a football manager is about a year and 3 months. The average in the Championship tends to be less. Therefore managers have tended to last a bit longer at Norwich than the average. That is understandable considering there have been a some promotions.I have been saying for years, I think the main problem at Norwich City has stemmed from the recruitment of players. The board have made money available to spend but a lot of it has been wasted.
  3. "I am however mystified why Cavendish won''t answer his own question, he''s

    very good at banging on with repetitive questions to everyone else with

    points he doesn''t like, presumably expecting answers, but when the boot

    is on the other foot............silence."

    I have already answered your question.
  4. "What do YOU think she gets out of NCFC?"I have established that Delia certainly isn''t in it to make money nor to gain publicity for herself.  I therefore conclude that Delia is in it for genuine reasons as a fan helping the club she and her husband both love.
  5. "Have to agree with that Tom. If anything its the club that is getting free advertising out of this link up."Some businesses only get involved with NCFC as they like to be associated with Delia because she has a good public image.
  6. Do you not realise how utterly absurd your claim is?Delia has been one of the most respected famous people in the UK for decades and has put millions of pounds of her own money into the club... and yet you seriously think Delia is involved with NCFC for "Publicity worth hundreds of thousands"?

  7. "And of course Delia gets nothing out of NCFC, does she"What do you think Delia gets out of NCFC?
  8. What do you mean by "move with the times".  Do you mean to sell the club to an investor who would want to make money for themselves out of the club?
  9. Thanks, it''s a good read. I am still not sure what MWJ and Delia have done wrong.

  10. I''ve already read that and it is only a preview.
  11. I can''t see the full interview but the EDP says that Delia and MWJ said they don''t want to sell the club, they would like a long-term manager, and they spoke up for fans being messed about by fixture changes and the cost of tickets.What is wrong with that?
  12. [quote user="JF"]See the times interview to begin with[/quote]I don''t subscribe to the Times but can see the preview which says "Delia Smith and Michael Wynn Jones have voiced their fears for the

    future of the game they love and want the government to intervene in the

    running of English football. They believe that supporters are being

    betrayed, that the Premier League has warped priorities" etc. It is their opinion and it seems fair enough. What have MWJ and Delia done wrong?
  13. I have never even met Delia.Same question, can you or anyone else be specific as to what you think Delia has actually done wrong?
  14. Can you be specific as to what you think Delia has actually done wrong?

  15. Can you be specific as to what you think Delia has actually done wrong?