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  1. fleckfan

    Team for spurs...

    really hope Ruddy and Bassong start!
  2. Just lots of hugely loud support behind our team, to help us get the win...beating them is revenge enough, then Lambert who are ya...otbc
  3. fleckfan

    I'm pleased for Simeon...

    Hopefully Ruddy at the next world cup...non-relegation permitting.
  4. fleckfan


    Nice to see Bassong doing his bit for local school children....what a great signing for us, i am sure he is going to become a fan''s favourite, hopefully for a long time to come
  5. fleckfan

    Lee Croft accused of racism

    [quote user="Nuff Said"][quote user="hogesar"][quote user="Nuff Said"]Innocent until proven guilty.

    Unless you''re Jimmy Saville.[/quote]I think after touching 60 kids its pretty much a given people are going to assume guilt.[/quote]I don''t disagree that it looks pretty clear what Saville was, but he was actually ACCUSED of touching 60 kids, and without a formal process, it is premature to assume guilt. Otherwise it could become a field day for making accusations against anyone dead.[/quote]

    He was accused when he was still, alive, hence major inquiry into BBC cover-up.
  6. [quote user="norfolkchance1"]I don''t dislike him I just think his teams don''t seem to score enough. Especially true when he was at Man City.[/quote]

    Neither do we at the moment :(
  7. Why would pearce be a terrible manager? i would happily welcome him.
  8. fleckfan

    No Walcott on Sat

    Just Giroud, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Gervinho amongst others to contain then...OTBC
  9. fleckfan

    No Walcott on Sat

    One less goal threat to worry about with Theo injured, hope it keeps the goal difference down.
  10. fleckfan

    Hughton here to stay

    Clearly by not winning a game as yet, the terrible goal difference and the opinion of many fans, Hughton is definitely under pressure.
  11. fleckfan


    Whittaker can''t come back soon enough, really hope to see him in the team soon.

  12. fleckfan

    Darren Bent

    I would love to see him here....have a feeling Liverpool will go in for him if he does become available.

  13. fleckfan

    Darren Bent

    could send chris martin in the other direction

  14. fleckfan

    Bradley Johnson vs...

    Herbie Hyde would be bound to take him on!
  15. fleckfan

    Darren Bent

    it''s the reality that worries me, one can but dream