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  1. zemas tendon

    derby vs chelsea

    I was hoping the fat lazy barstool would play? See this is what it''s like to follow city, everyone wetting their knickers over super Chris?
  2. zemas tendon

    Lafferty and Grabban!!

    What a waste of money, both duds, should had used that monet to buy a top, top quality striker!!
  3. zemas tendon

    what happens if we lose to derby???

    Do we still get behind adams? I think the lap blanket brigade will fluff there blankets, and give canary call a roight ole buh??
  4. zemas tendon


    Headline says it all? Adams out
  5. zemas tendon

    Have You Met Any Players, Past or Present?

    The fashanu brothers used to live round the corner from me, my dad played against him many times, also this year sat on the train with iwan Roberts? Really top guy? Spoke fondly of Norwich, he now lives in where the old hospital use to be, , lambert also lived there, iwan was drinking becks on the train ready to go to soho for a night out, then commentating the next day for bbc Wales Swansea v hammmers, he said brian mcgovern is a taxi driver in ireland, plentu of other stories but dont want to bore you??
  6. zemas tendon

    Preston away

    That''s us out, shame? ?
  7. zemas tendon

    hallelujah, hallelujah

    How about a slap with a plastic cup round your face?
  8. zemas tendon

    hallelujah, hallelujah

    I think all you plastic must now be in happy overdrive? Adams is the new mourinho?
  9. zemas tendon

    We have the best manager available?

    After all the top brass at the club scoured Europe to find the best, so there you go? We can''t get any better than Adams?
  10. zemas tendon

    Premiership players?

    Out of our current team, which ones would make it in the bottom three teams in the Premiership, probably just Redmond??
  11. zemas tendon

    The ole saying??

    Buy cheap buy twice??? Well done board? ?
  12. zemas tendon

    Fans an absolute embarrassment today

    Bet Hackney sits in the River End?
  13. zemas tendon

    back to the dark ages?

    Be prepared to go back to the realms of hamilton, roeder, grant? This board got lucky with lambert? Even if someone new came in, they would need a miracle? Happy clappers rejoice
  14. zemas tendon

    Carrow Road fans getting what they deserve

    Totally agree with op? Good ole country bumpkins?? Laughing stock, considering the price of our season tickets? How is lennon doing with a piss poor Bolton?
  15. zemas tendon

    Emergency Loan Window

    [quote user="lappinitup"][quote user="John thaw"][quote user="Herman "]How about answering the OP instead of moaning about the manager/CEO.
    [/quote] That is where the problem is not the playing squad[/quote]

    But thread is about the playing squad , not the manager....but you knew that didn''t you Waveney.

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