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  1. I agree with the vast majority of it, however I thought Ward had a incredibly fantastic game and he isn’t mentioned. Without his 2-3 last ditch tackles we would have been 2 down at half time.
  2. JESUS. One game. Beaten by ONE goal with two of their goals deflected and we’re DOWN!?! Have you forgot what happened in 2009.
  3. Phew. I guess any other game League or Cup, they would have started. Holt has never missed a game throughout injury yet. But very sore ankle or blisters or something...No point in risking anything further.
  4. Oh my goodness. How strange... It oddly happened to me yesterday. I had my NCFC top doing some gardening and I was ATTACKED in seconds by a billion lil flying gits.... One second, I was fine, next, I was swamped. I had to punch the air around me and run there were so many of them, I was choking on them.    
  5. Dear Mr 1st Wizzard, Thank you for your well constructed thoughts and opinions. If you could, please look at your PC, Monitor, keyboard or mouse. I am betting one of those was invented and built by one of those naughty ''japs''. So may I kindly suggest you throw said object out of the window and never ever visit the internet again. Other objects you might need to chuck out if window include your TV, Microwave, Mobile phone and hopefully, your good racist self. Signed. Me.
  6. Nelson, Doc and Drury have done more enough in the past 2-3 months to be considered starters. One poor game and they are awful...not so.However, Martin has had 2-3 poor games on the trot now, so only fair to give Spillaine a go.
  7. Not trying to sound awkward but who gives a.... We''ve got 3-4 the best players in the league.  We know that.  We dont need a suit in London telling us that.
  8. I was sat against the nets on Jarrold stand...It was hard to enjoy the start of game as I lost count of the number of Leeds fans who walked up the steps into the open...and first thing they did, was look at Norwich fans in Jarrold and call them C''s and show us how our throat would be cut. Lost count...20/30 times...There were so many elderly and kids along the barrier looking bemused and rightly, scared.Police arrested some chap and got attacked by 10-15 Anyway at the end of the game....There were policemen who linked arms to stop fans going down into the Jarrold stand depths, but they were rushed...and dragged down the steps by people above them.In the end there was such a violent push, they stewards and Police were getting crushed and looked like a superior ordered them to let the Leeds fans through.  Thing is, there was a middle aged woman who started it, and nearly crawled through a cop''s legs.Outside the Jarrold, dreadful atmosphere.  The highlight being a skin head trying to headbutt a 70-75 yr old with grandchildren. Bad policing sadly...not enough, no organization and not enough of a presence. There were fights going on around them and they didnt do anything.  I think something needs to be looked at.
  9. OK.  I have worked it out.can u sit down please is/or source is Darren Huckerby.Davide Somma is good friends with Hucks as they both played for San Jose.
  10. Pete - you could have killed this circus an hour or so ago or at least slowed it down. Bit irresponsible of you, personally.
  11. Let''s just say a one way ticket from the USA was booked a week ago.
  12. To start in Aug for Norwich... Archant, time to email your best buddy and find out...
  13. Our chairty game is now on the same day as the Reading game. Who is more important? Them or us? FootballAid will be in contact apparently.
  14. I''ve actually spoke to a ballboy on Facebook and according to him, Roeder has completly lost the ballboy dressing room. 100% true.
  15. I''m playing this year I''m No. 11.  Up front.  Excited. I''ve got a few quid in sponsorship but still looking for more...*hint hint*.[;)]
  16. [quote user="Sports Desk - Pete"][quote user="Be Smart sell to Cullum"] [quote user="Sports Desk - Pete"]Norwich City isn''t just Delia Smith.[/quote] Thats a bit cryptic Pete! Are we doing the crossword now? [/quote] 1 Across. Objects needed for the stage production are toys. (10) [/quote] Propaganda?
  17. [quote user="Old Boy"]Quote from Cullum in that article: “I don''t know the state of the finances but they can''t be in great shape. When the published results are made available the trading results will be negative. Whatever business you are, if you have got a negative trading result you go down the toilet.” If he''s after a good business prospect he won''t be investing in a football Club - any football Club. He must realise that, surely. I think he''s playing his business-world games (same as last time), when what we need is immediate action. Last time the existing Board members were playing their own short-sighted game, but hopefully that won''t happen again now reality has hit home. It''s also interesting that Cullum says he "had a good report of the Birmingham game" - why didn''t he go to the game or listen on good old Radio Norfolk like the rest of us? Some fan... [/quote] So after days and days...we finally agree then Mr Cullum... Please, I have said, call me Peter. Ok. Peter, we finally agree. £102 million, you take 45% of the shares of Netcom Ltd and beocme main shareholder,so if you would just sign here and here...and finally here. Certainly...may I borrow your pen.... Of course! So...Here, here and.....Oh wait!!! Canany Call with Neil Adams is on!! Wait there.  Ooh we drew 1-1.  I hope Stupid Barry rings up.  He nevers reads my texts you know!   It''s why he is a billionaire and you arent Old Boy.
  18. I agree there has been little money spent but...you''ve missed out signing on fees and wages for Dejan Stefanovic and Clingan. Evans, Gibbs, OJ, Berty, Lupoli, Kennedy, Omozusi all cost money too...there were all from top flight clubs.  
  19. [quote user="Hooleyfan"][quote user="Lord Snooty"] [quote user="king canary"]He scored a bloody overhead kick![/quote]   Did you see Shax try and do that on Saturday !!! Strangely it didn''t come off !! [/quote] If nothing else, you''ve got to admire the confidence and audacity of the lad. [/quote]Especially when it was Kennedy.
  20. [quote user="djc"] [quote user="Songwriter"]8-1 Look on official. Google it. Dunno. Doubt it. That isn''t a question I wish you weren''t You don''t work remember. You fail to have the capabilities. [/quote] Thanks for the reply. Fish & Chips was actually a question btw. You''ve also left a few people on here paranoid by the looks of it. So well done. [/quote] Ooh was it?  Ok.  Yes  then.  Fish AND Chips. Paraniod you say? To be honest, it doesnt take much does it. High Five?
  21. 8-1Look on official. Google it.Dunno. Doubt it.That isn''t a questionI wish you weren''tYou don''t work remember. You fail to have the capabilities.
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