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  1. Dont Forget the A14 is closed tomorrow at Huntingdon and diversion takes you through St Neots and up the A1 so allow extra time for your journey.
  2. Depending how many tickets you want you might not be able to get any pairs, but there might still be some single ones left
  3. looks like the club have some signed stuff on their ebay account, anyone tempted to make a cheeky little bid :)
  4. Anyone else having trouble logging onto to this tonight?
  5. Saw there was some Parma fans yesterday, but from where I was sitting couldnt really see how many. Does anyone know? Fair play to them to travel this way for a friendly and they seemed to be singing for quite some time
  6. Yeh go and support your team. Doesnt look like many tickets sold according to the online ticketing office. How many to do you reckon Orient will bring?
  7. Been a great servant to the club and glad to seem stay for another year. I take it he must be due for his testimonial now?
  8. I drove back from Sheffield as well last night and the main roads were fine, just take it sensibly and you will be ok
  9. Yep Northern Canaries is still exists. Search for the group on Facebook, I think they were going to try and do something for the Derby game
  10. Yeh I''m not sure of my plan yet as I''ve actually graduated from Sheffield now, so might be spending a few days back at home, as I''m not dictated by needing to get back for lectures but I will let you know. But yeh I am going to the Leeds game as well, still have my season ticket even though I''ve lived in Sheffield the last 3 years =)
  11. [quote user="Sheffield Canary"]Are you getting the train? I''ve booked the meggatrain back for the saturday, its only £11 quid.[/quote] No I''m driving there and back =). I wish I found out about this megabus website earlier I''m used to paying £30+ to get the train back.
  12. There are quite a few of us Norwich fans in Sheffield =). And yeh I shall be travelling back for the Ipswich game as well
  13. The fox and Duck in Broomhill or even the student union at Sheffield uni will more than likely be showing the games
  14. A quick question for people have been Millwall before or know London better than me. The last train to leave Liverpool street is 11:30, will there be enough time to get to the station after the game before that train leaves?
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