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  1. Would anyone like to see our attack line up like this, one more time...(diamond) Hoolahan C. Martin Holt Good times! :)
  2. Always a player to split opinions down the middle is Chris Martin. My opinion is that I would like to see him get a chance under Hughton. I remember the Stoke game last season (our first home game of the season I believe) and he looked very comfortable on the ball, linked up well and got a couple of decent half chances on target. In League 1 he was fantastic, in the first half of the championship promotion season he was very good. Now I would never underestimate the massive gap between Championship and Premiership but he is a player I still have faith in.
  3. Cheers Crofts ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMQikh_dQD0 All the best!
  4. He''s been brilliant. 5 goals (including 2 absolute crackers) and some MOTM performances!
  5. Great post. Have a great Christmas everyone!
  6. The reason I barely read/contribute to this site anymore is the feeling of people not being able to handle a difference of opinion. There''s certain people who feel the need to resort to name calling if someone dares to disagree. I''ve always said it would be a boring old state of affairs if we all agreed on everything. What has happened to Norwich City since Paul Lambert and McNally took over has been nothing short of unbelievable and I have enjoyed every minute of the past 2 and a half seasons. Go easy on each other, yeah? We''re all Norwich City fans in the end...
  7. * sorry don''t know what happened there.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhWN6LgRgic
  8. I''ve really never known a City player to divide opinion so much, I''ve enjoyed reading this thread and it''s good that we all have different opinions, it would be a boring old world if we all agreed on everything. I would love to see Martin in the diamond role, but as someone stated, that would be at the expense of Wes. I think Martin is a good player and there''s no way i think he should be singled out when as a team we weren''t great. Also i''d have to say I think Martin performed better than Holt today.
  9. Thought the lad played well. I think his performances in the last 2 home games have been solid and deserves his place in the team.
  10. I think keep up the hard work and the spirit from the first 3 games and we could be celebrating our first 3 points.
  11. Some of you lot amaze me. I''m sure you were all aware of what the Premier League was all about when we were fighting tooth and nail to get there last season. When Jackson headed in that goal against Portsmouth, were there any of you thinking ''oh no, it''s all money and cheating refs and international breaks from here''. Try enjoying it for crying out loud ! 2 years, League 1 to The Premier League, and you still have to pick everything apart and make your dated negative comments. Yes, Football has changed, that''s just something you''ve gotta deal with.
  12. I absolutely LOVE being in the Premier League. It''s an unbelievable achievement when you consider the last few years. Walking to the ground before each match feels so exciting because we''ll be up against fantastic players and so far we''ve matched them for the most part. I believe we are back in the big time because we deserve to be for all the hard work achieved over the last 2 years, so we may aswell enjoy it while we''re here. Also, if we carry on playing like we have done in the 1st 3 games, we''re gonna do just fine! =]
  13. [quote user="Chelmsford Canary"]Does anyone know where you can find out the team sheet for this game?[/quote]   Gunn, Culverhouse, Bowen, Butterworth, Linighan, Crook, Gordon, Fleck, Rosario, Phelen, Townsend.
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